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Use my name with conscious
I love care and safeguard all
Those of the opinion 
And those of the contrary opinion

I unify tribesmen from different tribes
Advances interests for all
I cultivate culture of unity and harmony
Truly, a mother for all

Slaves can’t insult kings
But they will never be slave’s eternity
As time to usher new will come
I guess you are because they are

Honesty is source of pride
We are tired singing praise
Even when you fail
Use my name to build not insult 
Yes mother is supreme

Copyright © Hodges Zacharia | Year Posted 2012

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I pledge my love to no one 
But you and you only
For I will care and cherish you 
In sorrow and happiness
You will remain my shining VIP
A hub of sweet memories
Come rain or sun shine
I will fight to see you in high spirits
For that makes me complete 

Copyright © Hodges Zacharia | Year Posted 2012

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The time you were born
People were happy for sparkling son and daughter
Your father stood cheering by,
But home shoulder high you came.

To-day, I never forget,
When shoulder-high they brought you home,
And set you at your doorstep down,
And alone you were left

You are my shining star
Though you weathered quicker than the rose
Silence is what I hurt
As it reminds me when earth stopped your ears.

As people flocked to gaze the strengthless dead,
Courage I gathered to take up your fighting spirit
And without gazing I said my last prayer
You remain my hero and heroine.

Note: The poem is Dedication to my parents Evelyn and Baxter Kamwiyo

Copyright © Hodges Zacharia | Year Posted 2012

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Another tsunami for the warm heart
Another heart-rending chapter
After saying bye to her ill-fated dictator
After years and years of tribulations

The 1890 treaty has been invalidated
The obvious has become hazy
For our longtime neighbors
Unfortunately have become greedy

We the down-trodden watch innocently
Unaware of what will happen to our Chambo
And to us who drink from this thing
That has become the bone of contention

 Still, we hopefully await 
When this fiasco will be sorted out amicably
When again without fears
We will fish our Chambo joyously

Copyright © Hodges Zacharia | Year Posted 2012

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You humbled yourself to a lot of demands
For you to get basic needs
Which you did just for my sake
So that I see the world and know
The real meaning of life

You were a heroine of sleepless nights
Whenever my health was faced with danger
For you to observe every minute change
Either improvement or deterioration 
So that you make proper decision

You never minded what dad did
His selfish plan you persevered
For you had big plans
To elevate the innocent soul
So that it’s potential is realized

You kept praising my father
Who for sure need no recognition
For alone the burden you shouldered
Without complaints you whispered
All is well my dear

Copyright © Hodges Zacharia | Year Posted 2013

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Malawians are feeling the pain 
Interest rates at banks jigged to 40%. 
Cost of living demands a lot to survive 
Our salary tranquil 
Robbers terrorizing us 
Wives spending time at water holes
 Instead of caring families
Subsidy is sand 
Instead of fertilizer
Pay in toilets charging exorbitantly
Just for a visit.
These are worthy going on streets

Copyright © Hodges Zacharia | Year Posted 2013