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I am a seed

I am a seed, sown without reason
But one thing i need, thus my season
i am hardly crashed and bruised
totally dampened with hate to the ground
but i wont give up
for i know my time will surely come
see the beautiful trees
they all had to pay price the same
to blossom as see themselves
so therefore i refuse to give up
because i know i aint going to die
for to sprout out bountifully
i will have  to succumb to pain
so that i can be refined glittering as gold
this is my lot in this life,
if i want to enjoy, then i will have to endure
so as i endure the twine of pain
i only have one hope that
i am a seed, sown without reason
and one thing i need, thus my season
and in the brightness of this
i will  be whole and be full of bliss.

Copyright © Jacob Osae | Year Posted 2013

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Now picking up the pieces, 
From a heart full of bruises 
Dementia, pain and depression, 
Saturate my heart extension. 
She was a walking rainbow, 
I saw when the sun went low. 
She was a rare specie around town, 
Which I did not realize until now. 
Just like a sugary fleeting vine, 
Made she my life a tasteless wine. 
Every night I sit and ask the moon, 
Why did she have to leave so soon. 
I wish I could turn back the clock to gain; 
Her, I will be willing to take a bullet, through my brain.

Copyright © Jacob Osae | Year Posted 2014

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In a city of light

where they go off  suddenly

then a hissing thunderous sounds

of creatures ravage the streets

pa pa pa... fear summons

the hearts of the inhabitants

like the doomsday

people seek their gods favor

they wail bitterly and anguishly

since there is just a moment

for them to depart

a world that is lifeless

they await the ancestors crown

which has slain them

from time immemorial

but this time the anticipated

turns into the unprecedented

their faces drop and crawls

their hearts fades and shrills

the end is certain who can tell

suddenly its a clash of titans

where the vampires mortality

is restored with the ancestors crown

who ever thought

it could have been possible

for a vampire to show love.

Jacob Osae 


Copyright © Jacob Osae | Year Posted 2013

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Let the stars explode,
Let the drama unfold.
The unraveling of a code,
Is all this Christmas hold.

A season  is over;
Our hopes and dreams,
May stay stronger,
Though we feel no steam.

To this day we celebrate a years end,
Peace and love to all humanity.
Let love grow without a bend,
And make this season a velvet memory.

Merry Christmas!!!

Copyright © Jacob Osae | Year Posted 2014

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A Country Girl

She was clothed in leather and gold
A blond beauty twenty- one years old
But I lost her so bad in the cold
I do not know whether on this country mold

And now she is left alone somewhere
In the street country lonely out there
How could this be, it’s so unfair
But this is how I got to meet her

Little miss perfect sitting at a country bar
Going to the country in my X5 car
I see her so bright from afar
Sparkling and shining so bright like a star

I then stopped the car and gave her a ride
But she beckons no because of her pride
So I then ask her to please be my guide
Into the city, into the country side

So she got in and I moved the car so mad
She then said I slow down before she gets sad
So we got to the country exhausted so bad
And I begun to buy all the things I never had

But suddenly she disappeared into the market terrain
But I did not notice I as I kept on to bargain
I then realized and started to weep in pain
Were are you country girl, will I ever see you again.

A country girl  


Copyright © Jacob Osae | Year Posted 2013

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The Stench of A broken Heart

When I looked in to her eyes,
In it I saw a prospect of a paradise.
A paradise whose entry was not 
contingent on my righteousness.
My days of startling agony, still battled my
hope of finding true love.
Like the Battle of Armageddon,
I always came out a looser.
But meeting her... yea the Vault of Heaven,
was like proximal to the Book of Leaves.
Her countenance and demeanor, 
whispered melodic symphonies.
And her meekness and charm,
transited me into a world of ecstasy.
Covered In fine linen and sapphire,
she glowed than a continuous spectrum.
Her beauty was an Achilles hill,
that all men that saw her failed to vanquish.
Just like my maiden father Adam,
In her I saw the hidden part of me.
As a woman, as one I will be spending my life with.
I have never felt this conflagration before,
It was apparent she was my dream woman.
What can be compared to the taste of crimson honey,
The more it reddened the more it sweetened.
I have never loved like this before.
For her I was willing to exchange my soul,
To be with her till eternity.

But cunningly she unmasks her real face.
Beneath her could not be compared to an iota of grace.
She was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Who entered my life to distort and annihilate,
My hope of bliss.
All these while we paddled and flew high,
In the crescendo of our emotions.
It never crossed my mind that it was all a hoax.
A calculated sham just to make away with all I ever had.
Now am left with nothing,
Since her angelic face and docile pace,
Which I thought was the elixir my unending conundrum,
Was rather an emotional and psychological torture,
That has rendered my life defunct.
When I imagine her driving around town,
Adorned in my hard earned luxury,
There is only one moment I wish ,
I could re-write.
And that was the day I met her.
I always tell myself that sometimes,
It is better some people don’t come into your life.
But here I am know,
Wishing to right my wrongs and alter the past.
But it is so sad that I cannot have my way.
I know in the annals of time,
When my saga is being told,
I will be know as the moron,
Who killed himself because of a girl.
Though it may sound and look stupid,
I deem it a befitting penance,
For my obsessed illusion of love,
Thus love is an illusion that,
Emotionally disrupt sober discretion. 
What can be compared to the stench of a broken heart.

Copyright © Jacob Osae | Year Posted 2015

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No one will tell you it’s my time,
To come back and make people smile.
I am an occasion that comes ones a year,
When the whole season has been full of fear.
I come to drown away the sorrows 
of men; and give them hope for tomorrow.
25th December is my mandated hour,
When I flood the whole world with my power.
The power that binds, love and don’t destroy,
But rather fill all people and races with much joy.
It's by this same power that able to bring,
All distant relatives back home and sing,
All the Christmas carols and songs,
That lifts up our spirit and make us fill young.
Mostly I appear at winter,
Where all hot clouds have turned colder.	
I believe it is a big sign that all,
Life’s predicaments will disappear and get small.
It is very fascinating but we can see it in all our homes,
When you decide to do a survey or roam.
You will see everywhere with Christmas tress,
Which beautify homes and make viewers glee.

Now to the other side of the same coin,
I like to introduce a best friend of mine to join.
He is popularly known as Santa Clause,
And is regularly seen carried by his horse.
So as a good and caring friend indeed,
He also carries out the wishes of people in need.
You just make known to Santa you heart desire,
And you will see Santa will give you more than you require.
So at this point of my biography,
I like to ask you why people are crazy.
When it comes to me as a festive occasion,
That people will do all it takes to partake of my session.
I guess you do not know the answer,
So I will spill out something which is much nearer.
I can say for a fact that there is other criteria,
That can fill the whole world with such euphoria.
And also I am celebrated all over the world,
And that is my ardent way of casting my spell.
So until I come your way, next year again,
Just remember this is a season where joy rains.
So finally I say this is Mr. Xmas,
And have a merry, merry Christmas. 

Copyright © Jacob Osae | Year Posted 2014

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This Christmas I want to be,
The symbol of a Christmas tree.
The symbol of love, hope and goodness,
As the past years have been full of darkness.

This Christmas I want to be,
The joy brought by a Christmas tree.
The joy that fills the emptiness and pain,
The joy that saturates the exosphere as rain.

This Christmas I want to be
The togetherness brought by a Christmas tree.
The unity that knits families together,
And the bond that keeps families stronger,

This Christmas I want to be,
The smile brought by a Christmas tree,
The smile that radiates people’s faces,
And inundates families and different races.

This Christmas what will you be?
I hope you can also choose to be something to me.
Be to someone a Christmas tree,
And at least this Christmas, let’s fill people with much glee.

This Christmas I want to be,
The salvation of a Christmas tree.
The birth of a sacred virgin’s child,
As the future savior so meek and mild.

This Christmas I want to be,
The optimism of a Christmas tree,
Putting all the bad things behind us,
We can look forward to a future were love will always find us.

This Christmas I want you to be,
The special thing you will like to give to me.
Be the gift and the nicely adorned treasure,
That can surprise my heart without measure.


Copyright © Jacob Osae | Year Posted 2015

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Oh ye mortals open
your eyes and see,
An ancient secret
obscured is now
The true saga of
Christ, the Holy
Wrongly foretold as
a sacred cup tale.
As enmity heighten
against GOD’s
One thing was aimed
the Vatican to fetch
To govern and
control the Church
Which they did
succeed to render in
In order to sustain
their devious rule,
Pagan worship merged
they with Christian
Altering the true
documents of the
Branded Christ as
divine, an idol
On she, was who
Christ’s Church was
to be built,
But she branded they
a harlot, as filth.
A royal blood she
was from, as He
So he loved her as
she bore their love
The Holy Grail as
told is not a cup,
If we follow through
the royal blood map.
The sacred feminine
that bore Christ
Is the Holy Grail –
Mary Magdalene.
Copyright © 2003 by
Dan Brown,

Copyright © Jacob Osae | Year Posted 2014

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I was eagerly searching for an affection that  i could cherish
Make all the days of my life full of passion
The flame and taste of this nature
Could not stop me from yearning from your inner soul
But unfortunately i was tender and could not taste well your love
As i struggled to attempt i really felt bamboozled
The bloom of my action seemed an abomination
So i ended up dejected hopeless and felt scorned.

Copyright © Jacob Osae | Year Posted 2012