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what is love

I ask myself what love is, never 
seem to find an answer
Was plato right to say that love is a 
disease like cancer
Is love a myth, an emotion we make 
ourselves feel to fill a void
Or is it stored in us and we choose 
on who we deploy
Perhaps I am just  a cynic and 
Thou could it be that I am simply 
Consequently my opinions dont 
mirror that of my peers
Even thou we're not differed by 
I dont amplify everything that i hear
Nor can I imagine ever sheding a 
At least not for now, but my future 
still unfolds
And I admit my way of thinking has 
froze me cold
Regardless of that, I refuse to play a 
In letting the words I love you 
become a cliché
Not everyone means what they say
For that is what i believe
So in conversation I retrieve what I 
conceive because I am not naive
Not enough to believe that most 
people listen to reason
At the end of the day, who in your 
life is truly worth pleasing?

Copyright © abubaker m.zain | Year Posted 2012

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Why should i change if those 
around me won't
Am i arrogant or do i know 
something they don't
We might all be sheep but i 
choose to walk alone
What doesn't kill me can only 
make me stronger ,so solitary 
i roam 
Whats odd is that i am older 
now & Ive grown tall
But now girls don't seem 
interesting to me at all
Their faces, walks & smiles do, 
so do their thighs
These are the things that 
please my eyes
But my mind wants class, 
poise & substance
So in my approach i am 
always reluctant
Can my eyes & mind ever 
come to a unanimous decision
Because someone to love is 
exactly what my life has been 

Copyright © abubaker m.zain | Year Posted 2014

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i once was a dreamer

I once was a dreamer
Meaning i once was young
Feeling like the world was in 
the palm of my hands
Nothing could ruin my well 
thought out plans
I planned to be rich and 
have a beautiful wife
Oh how i loved this thing 
called life

Then i got to that age where i 
started to realise that beauty 
is not all that the world shows
See the eye sees what the 
brain knows
I did not know the evil this 
world beholds
So i started seeing the evil in 
peoples souls

Studied hard and got into a 
good school
Expected my peers to be 
passionate, influential, 
outspoken great thinkers
Oh how i was played the fool
Aweful lectures, long hours, 
boring people but it was too 
late, the seeds were already 
So i started to regret the first 
big disicion ive ever made

Unfortunately im not any 
jollier but i decided to suck it 
Cant throw a temper tantrum 
if i cant drink from a silver cup
Although experience has 
thought me not to follow 
something i dread
I have to be patient & have 
hope, for hope is the reason 
we get out of bed
Unrealisticly hopeful dispite 
being a pessimist, am i insane
Well we humans were built to 
endure agonising pain
On the cycle goes and 
another child is born
My question is how do you 
expect them to prosper when 
the world has always left you 

Copyright © abubaker m.zain | Year Posted 2014

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the will to life

What makes man love so 
Why does man love so blindly
What makes man love at first 
Why does the sight of her fill 
man with delight
What can man do to try to 
Why does man do things he 
will soon regret
What can man do to stop 
getting annoyed 
Why can't love be something 
man can 
What makes this will to love 
so strong
Why does man only find 
women to which with them it 
feels so wrong,
and never right

What is the reason why I 
can't find the one for me
Why am I so particular, what 
isn't there that I wish I could 
What makes me complicate 
this innate, simple, organic 
Why couldn't she be a little 
darker, lighter, skinnier, fatter
What makes me think that I'd 
be settling for less than I 
Why did I only decide now 
that this issue should be 
What is life without love, for 
love is essential
Why does the 
fact that it's essential drive 
me mental
What made me love so blindly
I have no idea

(according to Arthur 
Schopenhauer, 'the will to 
life' is a primitive and very 
superficial force that makes 
people create hopefully well 
balanced offspring, not the 
more complex notion of love, 
love is the hoax)

Copyright © abubaker m.zain | Year Posted 2013

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some days

Some days I sit alone, misery 
doesn't always love company
I think about things I will never 
touch and will never see
Life & death love & hate
These are the things my mind 
Again & again my mind goes
When will it stop, who knows?

Some days I sit with people but I 
can't stand
When they do or say things they 
haven't planned
Haven't thought of, minds at their 
minimal function
They don't see much in 
conversation with a fruitful end
It's all how's your weekend & how 
much I like to spend
Not that I'm the deep minded, 
serious type
But how is what they're talking 
about worth the hype

Some days when it's sunny I want it 
to rain
For some reason I will always find a 
reason to complain
Nothing is ever good enough, 
passive self destruction
Feel like I could be happier without 
this self obstruction
I know this all too well but...
I cannot explain, so in this state I 
shall forever remain

Some days I start to see
Why there is no place in this world 
for a person like me
I am rigid but mellow, brave but 
I go through phases where I feel 
like I am in mazes
Just like other people
But I am not like other people

I believe this world could be better 
but there's no future for mankind
Truth is it cannot be better; this is 
the way the world was designed
A design of paradox & contradiction
No wonder there will always be war 
& affliction
Someday I will get peace of mind
And put all the stress of this world 
But not today.

Copyright © abubaker m.zain | Year Posted 2014

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 What is time?
Sound rhetorical but it isn't
Ill try to explain with sentences that 
It is something we take for granted, 
something divine
But how much better would it be if 
you could just press rewind
Time is a part of everything as water 
is part of the living
When you have so little you don't 
know what to do, when you have 
too much you resort to killing
Time is a virtual stock market, how?
How can i compare time to NASDAQ 
Its simple, you invest in life like you 
invest in stocks
Risks and reward is the name of the 
game, but this market is regulated 
by the clock
Goals and achievements make life 
worth enduring
Spending it searching for wealth is 
not a life worth alluring
Time can only be controlled by god 
that's why i called it divine 
Trying to find the way to paradise 
with no metaphorical finishing line.

Copyright © abubaker m.zain | Year Posted 2012

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Love letter

Why does the heart want when the heart wants?
One of the questions logic cannot explain
So In this state I shall remain and write to numb the pain
Pain that could one day turn into bliss, but who can tell what lies in the abyss

Only God knows my intentions are pure, as pure as the driven snow
What can stop the wind that blows through the gap that no one knows, that remains hollow
We could stay in our separate lanes or we could collide
But know, when I gaze into your eyes, I cannot tell whether seconds or minutes go by

Who knows what the future holds, it could be everything or nothing at all
I am content with both, towards you I can never feel loath
What’s written is written, it unfolds how it unfolds
I accept what destiny beholds, even if the fire inside me is forced to turn cold

Copyright © abubaker m.zain | Year Posted 2016

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 You plot and scheme but things 
don't always fall into plan,
I know now what most men might 
learn in a life span,
but all my knowledge of philosophy 
cannot spare,
the rare yet paralyzing storm of 
my life of mediocrity was traded in,
for a life full of agonizing doubt yet 
one free of sin,

I often wonder how people get 
moved by sayings so plain,
and how do you find the meaning of 
life when life is so mundane,
Nietzsche was supposed to teach 
me how to deal with pain,
Aristotle was supposed to cleanse 
my soul and brain,
how could the pursuit of simplicity 
drive me insane,
perhaps I overestimated what I 
stood to gain,

So I adopted the infamous
Schopenhauerian concept of love,
claiming conspiracy over something 
so rosy as the above,
a life based on rhetoric, a life devoid 
of all romance,
the possibility of which I passed 
when I had my chance,
we the blessed modern beasts claim 
that instincts are for men of the 
"except when it comes to love", a 
paradox my head cannot grasp,

I spent my time of recreation in 
admiring intellectual creation,
which lead to hesitation, stagnation 
and later self-condemnation,
but I stopped fearing the 
gratefully, profound discontempt 
gracefully unraveled,
I don't promise that you will find 
bliss in midst of the abyss,
but if somehow it's my point that 
you've managed to miss,
its simply the unexamined life isn’t 
worth a drop of piss.

 (From Apology (by Plato) 360 B.C. 
"The unexamined life is not worth 
living" said Socrates before his 

Copyright © abubaker m.zain | Year Posted 2012

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the cynic

"Every generation has its flaws" is 
my opening quotation
Among them is love and its absurd 
Unjustly women are labeled 
materialistic with imperialistic views
And guys don't give a s*** about 
the type of your lip stick we're not 
unrealistic tools
Not always but increasingly the case
So I respect anyone with ambition 
but still knows their place
So who's to blame for making the 
middle class act bourgeoisie
And why does no one find this 
disturbing but me
Why do people find concepts like 
the American dream a goal to aspire
That's what the elite say to keep 
people chasing ghosts to get what 
they desire
You can call me a cynic for not 
believing that all people are 
essentially good
Then why are we manipulated into 
getting what we should instead of 
what we could
I wanted to talk about love so the 
above was to prove my point
What ever happened to the days 
when love was not just a commodity
We're the product of the TV. era
So what happens when life and 
romantic movies don't mirror
Love is not for the mentally 
aristocratic its for the conceptionaly 
What I am simply trying to say is
Genuine love seems like a myth to 
me nowadays

Copyright © abubaker m.zain | Year Posted 2012

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I often think what it would be like 
living the life of an aristocrat 
And I wonder what life would be 
if I was handicapped
I think a lot because even thou 
ignorance is bliss
Life is too short to not give a piss,

I am the product of destiny and will, 
my outcome is contradiction
Both try to dominate inside me 
causing friction
So sparks fly, I try to extinguish the 
But I’m only human, hardwired, 
misguided by instinct and desire,

Man is nothing but a soul, with 
little to no control
Trying to avoid a fall into the 
You wake up in the morning then 
sleep again
Breathing machines increasing 
tolerance to pain

Copyright © abubaker m.zain | Year Posted 2012