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I Am The Wind

I am the wind
That blows through your hair
I fly with the trees
I float in the air

I'm high with the clouds
In the blue sky
I wave through the birds 
That pass me by

With my dreams by my side
My soul in my heart
I am the wind
I will never depart

Hello everyone. Unlike most of my poems this one was not written by me alone. It was also written by one of my best friend Alexandria.

Copyright © Emily Leistikow | Year Posted 2013

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A rose in the garden

A Rose in the garden 
I love with all my heart
I had given it life 
Now I hate to depart 

Winter is coming 
The season of snow 
Where kids will play 
And hearts will glow 

Everyone is happy 
Except for the rose 
That rose in the garden
Under the snow.

Copyright © Emily Leistikow | Year Posted 2012

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The flower

The flower that grew 
Brightens in the light 
It was given to the princess
By the brave knight

Copyright © Emily Leistikow | Year Posted 2012

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The birds call

I hear birds fly above
I listen to their call
It's like music to my ears 
When there's no music at all.

Copyright © Emily Leistikow | Year Posted 2012

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Future and past

Don't be afraid of the future
Don't look back on the past
One has yet to come 
And one went by fast.

Copyright © Emily Leistikow | Year Posted 2012

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Hey so I didn't write this poem... At all. My best friend did and she asked me to put it up on here. Her name is Arabella Arnell and you can read this poem and more on her writing sites. Wattpad (bandhoez9194) and archiveofourown (ArabellaHorayne). Please feel free to comment what you think, and I'll show it to her.

I've talked about darkness
I've talked about pain
I've talked about demons
and I've talked about bloodstain.

but the thing that sheds light
on our bleak and painful world
is the beautiful sound of life
which makes our pain unfurled.

A single peal of delight
a flow of steady sound
an escape from the demons
in a world we can't be found.

It makes my heart race
It makes my heart hurt.
It makes my soul shudder
It makes my soul avert.

People don't understand
People don't really care
They don't see the warmth
They only see the flair.

This magical world of sound
This warm place of hope
It always gets skipped over
Just like a child's jump rope.

Music is my home
Music is my red.
Without music today
I would probably be-

Copyright © Emily Leistikow | Year Posted 2017

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This poem is written for a book that I am currently writing, and I just thought that maybe I should put it on here to see what y'all think. 


Screams in the night
as flames filled her sight
escaping the fire 
the flames growing higher

Burnt walls all around her
scorched with pain and fear
Rooms filled with smoke
as her heart slowly broke

One right after the other
Father, sister, brother, mother
Nothing worse than losing family
the greatest heartache for any

scarred and remembering 
figures of black not moving
Memories of the taken
and forever broken...

Copyright © Emily Leistikow | Year Posted 2017