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A is for atom, the smallest particle of an element which we could observe
B is for B Physics, the study of particles containing the *bottom (b) quark, which swerve

C is for colour, a property of quarks and gluons – but colour as we can see, it is NOT
D is for dark matter, a name given to matter with gravity, but luminous  it is not

E is for electrons, along with protons and neutrons, they are the building blocks of atoms 
F is for flavour, leptons have three generations and quarks have six labels, one being bottom

G is for gravitational lensing, the presence of matter which warp space-time – an effect on light-rays wield 
H is for Higgs boson (H): A particle that appears when sufficient energy is imparted to the Higgs Field

I is for IceCube (sic), a proposed extension of the AMANDA experiment which will be 10 times larger
J is for jettison, is to abandon or ditch any experiment which might jeopardise life and try harder

K is for K-Meson, the exotic strange (s) quark, sometimes also known as Kaons
L is for light-year, a measure of distance and not a measure of time, such as aeons

M is for mixing angles, the parameters that quantify how likely this is for flavours to transform
N is for neutron, one of the ingredients of atoms in the nuclei, and having no electric charge, the norm

O is for oscillate, to move back and forth, move to and fro, or to swing - not barge
P is for proton, one of the ingredients of atoms in the nuclei, and having a positive charge

Q is for quark, one of the main ingredients of matter and posses spin and come in six flavours
R is for radiation, which is emissions, energy, waves and rays, and could possibly devour

S is for spin, a number that labels the intrinsic angular momentum of a particle rotating around its axis 
T is for teraflops, a trillion floating point operations per seconds, in physics a measure or basis

U is for Uncertainty Principle: In quantum mechanics, there is an intrinsic uncertainty – a predicament
V is for veto detector, is a detector which is used for eliminating possible false signals in an experiment

W is for weak force, the most common manifestation of this force is beta decay and a proton arise
X is for Planet X, a term used for a planet, its existence about which is being theorised 

Y is for Yahoo Search and other search engines made possible by physics
Z is for Z-boson, a gauge boson with no electric charge and it mediates the current basics

Nobel Prize winner for physics, Marie Curie, was 4 when she taught herself to read and write
Quantum physics is a branch of physics that uses quantum theory to get things just right

* See the About section for a picture of a Bottom Quark

Contest Name	Z is for ZARIA: An ABC Couplet 





I have no idea what  level of literacy was intended for this contest. It varies from country to country - school to school.... I did these abecedarian poems for FUN :-)

Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2013

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The rose colour of your mouth stirs something primordial inside of me – I smile along with you. Plump little hands reach for my face. I hold still while you explore my heart with a feathery touch.
When you are asleep, I look over the papers of your college fund. We could make it if we would forsake frivolities. It will be no hardship for me to do so. I smile contentedly. The boxer puppy lying at my feet; quite content– its stomach pink and extended: he ate too greedily (as usual). You will grow up together and share our unconditional love. The cricket bat, signed by the national team, takes pride of place in its brackets on your bedroom wall – a pale dove blue (matching the colour of your eyes). A gift from your dad – sure that you would follow in his footsteps. A rainbow of possibilities prostrate at your feet.
I check every now and again whether you are breathing. Sleeping soundly, neither a frown upon your smooth face, nor a care in the world. Your long, black eyelashes quiver slightly, as though following a dream – a dream we all shared: a dream of boundless expectations …
************** Exhuming long forgotten memories; mingling with my fevered tears – echoing my breaking heart. They lead you away. Assaulting the arresting officer had sealed your fate.
Mildewed expectations best laid to rest together with the memories of you.
The sky has lost its colour, as I step outside the courtroom. Inspired by: Closer By Chris Aechtner “If frozen within caged snapshots of mildewed expectations” 3 July 2013 Sponsor Debbie Guzzi Contest Name Referential

Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2013

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Run freely, easily, bare feet in field. Flowers smelling sweetly. Many a treasure lies concealed. Only on close inspection it will yield sun drenched nooks and crannies of unexpected fun. Under craggy rock, verdant glade revealed flora and fauna sceptre wield. Satisfaction barely. Weary soul healed completely. Merely run! I am in a trance Pont Neuf Allons-y! Bises-moi, monadorée! jangling amulets sold at market moths flit in the gathering dusk – a belfry of bats feasts the smell of the sea is overpowered by the watermelon fragrance of newly mowed lawn the cherry blossoms wither in morning sun – green buds appear bowls of chipped enamel singing loudly - rain brought us huddling together for warmth. My heart rips as in an icy gale while your joyful smile melts the pale. spring blossom lavender scented morning flowers are nodding in breeze at window Cherry blossom stones reveal core beauty, reminder of transient spring. trees laden I have yearned the last colour Pink Lady encapsulating autumn milk bottles in a huddle on the step – a blue tit pecks the foil dusty windowpanes protect against the wind chill – raindrops streak the view The lit candle flickering in darkening room, casts shadows formerly unseen; amplifying the sinister darkness around me, which makes me wonder if it is the light I’m seeking, or the comfort of ignorance? blush gazing out at gilded statues flashing heritage The City Of Lights reflected mesmerise the Seine is sparkling like your blue eyes I can’t tear my gaze from your sensual kissable mouth My thoughts gallop in a sea of confusion. Reality swims at the ocean’s edge of consciousness.
A collage of my poetry over the past 3 years. Happy Christmas to PoetrySoup. ~Su

Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2014

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A Twisted Tree

a twisted tree casts a single shadow - mirage on horizon

Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2013

Details | Suzette Richards Poem


her gray hair bridges the slate sky and tawny tide -- uneven footprints

Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2013

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It’s dusky and smoky in the room. People are talking too loudly, laughing at a joke of which the punch line was lost in the din. I shift my weight on the stool – the dimensions not quite fitting my shape. My skirt rides up my thighs. I leave it there and pick up a stare from across the room. Not quite sure if it was meant for me, I notice a slumped punter lift his glass in a salute. I nod and turn reluctantly back to my half empty glass on the counter. A cautious tap on my shoulder quickens my pulse. It is late and my head is fuzzy from the G & T’s, but this attention is most definitely meant for me. He mumbles sweet nothings. Well, that is what it sounds like through his whiskey breath slurring. He picks up my flimsy wrap and drapes it over my shoulders. The touch from another human being feels good on my naked skin. I let him kiss me on the lips and do not protest when he calls for another round. I cannot remember when last someone has sweet talked me. It is getting very late and the prospect of being alone fills me with dread. In the dark corners of the bar people are trying to expel the mutual fear of being lonely.
****************************************************************** GLOSSARY Persona Literary Term refers to the narrator or speaker of the poem, not to be confused with the author - a narrative voice other than the poet tells the entire poem. The expression derives from the Greek word "persona" meaning mask. When the poet creates a character to be the speaker, that character is called the persona and the poet imagines what it is like to enter someone else's personality. This is an example of a poem where I have used persona. It usually reflects the thoughts of the speaker and they are not necessarily the personal experiences of the poet, ie the poet places himself in the shoes of the other person and comments on a scene observed. It is a difficult format to write in as as the poet needs to keep in character throughout the poem and it tends to deviate from the usual voice of the poet.

Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2013

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Andrea Dietrich

Andrea Dietrich In talent quite rich The queen of prose and classic sonnet A lady every inch, deserving her coronet

Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2013

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death's breath is warm

death’s breath is warm a welcome reprieve in the winter of life

Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2012

Details | Suzette Richards Poem

WHEN THE FINAL BELL TOLLS - Inspired by the RUBAIYAT, of Omar Khayyam

[BASED ON THE FIRST 18 STANZAS out of the between 200 - 600 stanzas 
attributed to Omar Khayyám, depending on the source.]

Where once the vainglorious hunter held sway,
is now frequented by the frail of mind and body.
I resolve to repent and hold temptations at bay,
but anew succumb to Bacchus’ nightly toddy. 
I might as well feast at cornucopias immeasurable.
Don’t concern myself ‘bout the woes of tomorrow
and give over to love of all things pleasurable.
For when the final bell tolls, it heralds much sorrow. 

Fresh to this world, we learn as a child all things new.
As an adult, we pass on these life lessons learned.
Chasing windmills of your mind, you should askew,
as death sneaks up and gives us the rest earned.

In truth, by choice, I would neither have been born;
nor tarry on this mortal coil a minute longer.
Never can we twice step into the same stream lorn:
Steeped in wisdom imparted by those stronger. 

With promises, we cannot survive the daily struggle.
Best to grasp current opportunities with both hands.
God has ordained our destiny - let us time juggle
our allotted secular presence, relinquishing our bands.

Life moves on, without any influence from us
and to live in the Now, is the only recourse. 
Love and Joy are our birthright – no need to cuss
or writhe in guilt and reproach others in discourse.

When the winds of change blow into your life,
go with the flow; do not kick against the thorn.
This place we call ‘World’, is but an illusion of strife
and we rule until the final day, when we are shorn.

Inevitably, when the final curtain call is made,
the secrets that we now argue over and debate,
will be made clear and astound us; bring a tirade.
Settle now to live a life of renown and be first rate.

Pious or not, of the same cup of Life we have supped - 
some have lingered longer, void of any concern.
An innate desire for infinity, despite how life rubbed - 
eyeing the Finishing Line is only true for the kern.

Lorn: adj. Desolate, forlorn
Kern/kerne: (historically) Light-armed Irish foot-soldier; peasant; boor.

RUBAIYAT: Rhyming scheme = a,a,b,a; My rhyming scheme = a,b,a,b

Please see the LITERAL TRANSLATION OF THE FIRST 18 STANZAS, plus the MEANING and also the verses written by Fitzgerald:-
PLUS the original script in Farsi [for the doubtful Thomas or two ;-) ]
© Shahriar Shahriari   1998, Vancouver Canada, 1999 - 2003, Los Angeles, 

Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2014

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the sparkling window reflects the setting sun - snails glide
I dedicate this haiku to the very patient Debbie G. Thank you :-)

Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2013