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A natural beauty you will love to see
Boracay Island is a place for me
For the 'sick' that needs relieving
For honeymooners perfect for loving  

If you need to stay in a solemn place
Just sit and relax in an open space
Very alluring and captivating  
Those Fascinating scene, so breathtaking

Have some tea or coffee in morning dew
Looks like the sea is waving at you 
The white sand so smooth and so refine
Dare barefooted nobody will mind

Get yourself tanned in 12 noon
It feels  like you are in  blue lagoon 
Get naked do it at night time
Choose a place that no one can find

There's night clubbing and fire dancing
By the beaches there's eating and drinking
Some were grilling or fire camping
You'll enjoy singing while night swimming

Take a few rides on a banana boat
With your friends just enjoy the float
With jet skiing or island hopping
In puka island many shells for picking

Hotels or cottages there's a lot to choose
Feel comfortable you have nothing to lose
You have  to stay a few days more
There are places you still  need  to explore!


Copyright © Leila Mijares | Year Posted 2012

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Army suits they wore at war.
Butterflies flying at the bar.
Change their colors like cheetahs and cats.
Dark comes i'm scared of bats.
Easy for them on hide and seek.
Find them not, i'm getting weak.
Giant trees you see in the forest.
Hidden with dangerous beast. 
Iguana and giraffe are endangered species.
Jaguars are strong can't torn them into pieces.
King of animals they are lions.
Like leopards they are union.
Makes me sick, makes me confuse.
Nothing i can do makes me anxious.
On that wall a beautiful woman.
Pink and silver she's holding a fan.
Queen Elizabeth looks not for me.
Reminiscence of Helen is what i see.
Teary eyes, you can't refuse.
Unidentified, i'm confuse.
Very concealing but amazing.
With your color so exaggerating.
Xenon is weakly interacting.
You beautiful creatures get some rest. 
zebras and tigers are the best.

Copyright © Leila Mijares | Year Posted 2012

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Sweet Mango

here i am lying
trying waiting for something
your shape and smell i'm loving

i need you so bad
only desire wish i had
Girl come down i'm going mad

sweet and delicious
color of gold you're precious
come closer don't be anxious

Copyright © Leila Mijares | Year Posted 2012

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Tsunami attacked
Japanese were in great pain
They have recovered

Traditional Haiku (5/7/5)
Disaster in Japan

By: Leila Mijares

Sidney ~ LeeAnn's Haiku From The Heart Contest

Copyright © Leila Mijares | Year Posted 2012

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Finish This Verse

Roses are red
violets are blue
diamonds are forever
but your love not true

Copyright © Leila Mijares | Year Posted 2012

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A Single Tree

Lurking, reaching, twirling your calling. 
Shaking, waving saw you smiling.
Look so happy, you look so strong.
Stand up tall, then sang a beautiful song.

The wind was blowing north to south.
Staring at you as i sat on a couch.
Gentle and grace you danced like swan.
Like ballet dancer, what a man!

Felt so envy I closed my eyes.
Dreaming of something, can't think twice.
Flew in the air up above the sky.
Like nobody can, i felt so high.

Swinging and swirling up and down.
Aren't you get tired? I really frown.
Can't you stop? I'm resting here!
Open your eyes, do you care?

One evening, you said to me.
The Lord has spoken he whispered gently.
The time has come, it's time to go.
Are you coming with me? But i said, no!

That day you said, i went away.
Your tears were fallen, looked so astray.
Did not look back,  as i left. 
I am nothing... but like a wanted theft.

Days had passed, all were empty.
All were sadness and loneliness in me.
Can't forget a friend who gave me home.
I have to go back, i'll never be alone.

Excited and overjoyed, i rushed.
Far from a distance, i crashed.
Can't see you clearly, you were not there.
Oh my dear friend, have you flown in the air?

Your leaves withered and dried.
Can't forgive myself... i really cried.
I lost my dearest friend,
I had no one to lend.

I flew and flew up to heaven.
I beg you my lord, don't let it end.
Down on my knees, i prayed and bend.
'I'm so alone, please bring back my friend'.

The clouds went dark and there was lightning!
The rain was chasing while i was flying.
The place so dim, saw it's glooming.
Can't figure it out, where i'm heading.

At the end of the sky i saw the light.
So bright, so clear didn't knew what it might.
Flowers and trees  looked so lovely.
I  reached the heaven... i flew slowly.

From the distance, i saw a single tree.
So sad and still he didn't see me.
My friend forgive me, please don't be lonely
I will never leave you. I'm here to stay.

Copyright © Leila Mijares | Year Posted 2012

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I remember the day we first met
Those pinkish cheek. How can I forget?

Like flowers in spring that bloom
I heard my heart beat like drum, boom!

Together we climbed the highest hill
Together we shared each others chill 

Everyday i felt like we're in paradise
Each day of my life you gave me surprise

When i was sick, you never left
Through thick and thin, you never rest

Through all the sorrows and pains
You held my hand, help me kept movin'

You never gave up, never surrender
Stayed by my side you made me better

Gave me your love unconditionally
Always there enlighten my way

You're the brightest stars i looked upon
The shadow that covered me from the sun 

Thunders, storms and even tsunami
Nothing departed us still you and me

Many years passed, many dawn and dusk
Your sweet smile and love? No need to ask

Thank you god for this wonderful blessing
The man of my life i had been longing

The precious one i have ever hold
Highest bidders or kings can't afford

Each moment I treasured and cherished
The warmth of your love never ended

Forever valued this gift that i have
Forever kept and locked it in my heart!

by: Leila Mijares

(This poem is heartily dedicated to Arthur John Gruvman from your ever loving wife Mimi)

Copyright © Leila Mijares | Year Posted 2012

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Your Tiny Hands

Your Tiny Hands

Sweet smell of flowers in the garden
Just like perfume scent of jasmine
in between winter and spring
To you my Lord I thanked
This baby you bring
his sweetest smile
i rejoiced

Copyright © Leila Mijares | Year Posted 2012

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Mother's Voice

The moment you came into my life,
I felt joy and full of delight.
I sang you song, a lullaby.
My baby you sleep now, do not cry.

You're so light and so tiny.
So fragile and delicate to carry.
Can't speak a word you want to say.
My little angel, don't look at me that way.

You screamed, when your hungry.
where is my milk, you hurry!
What took you so long my stomach is empty.
Stay by my side, don't ever leave me.

You're so soft and so smooth.
Like a baby pillow i bought.
You're my fruit, you're my flower.
Everyday, you smell like new shower.

Oh my baby, I LOVE YOU SO!
You're so sweet, i adore you!
Promise that i leave you never.
Forever and ever will be together....

Copyright © Leila Mijares | Year Posted 2012

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Love Never Ends

Love Never Ends

You were the stars that light my night.
You made me complete, you made me right.

We're deeply infatuated with each other.
Whatever the outcome we did not bother. 

One night i waited for you to come home.
Morning i woke up, i was still alone.

Saw you lonely, looked so blue.
You've met somebody, you said adieu.

I beg you to stay, please don't go.
Honey i need you, I love you so.

I have to admit, it's hard to accept.
Memories of you only things that were left.

When there is dusk, there is dawn.
I deserve to be happy, I have to move on.

Love is never ending, it's really true.
I've found a new love, i'm no longer blue.

By: Leila Mijares

For Michael J. Falotico's "How To Fix A Broken Heart"

Copyright © Leila Mijares | Year Posted 2012