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My Beautiful Kenya

A nonchalant summers breeze seeps silent through a window 
Left ajar 
Carries soft memories scent of 
Warm kenyan musk air 
Which rests in a deep dark corner 
Faint distant scratching of 
Grasshoppers seranading 
The cumbersome
Boa-bob tree 
Which wavers gently 
At the now noir sea...
As the tiny cream crabs rest their 
Oh so suspicious eyes 
Whilst there's still no peace for the wicked
Damn mosquitos
In my mind to the heavens door 
Tiwi beach 
Once stroked its soothing sand 
Through my course 
Comforted feet 
And I know this place 
Tis beautiful
My very just delight
By the Indian Ocean on a balcony
In the dead of the night x

Copyright © Karen Deeks | Year Posted 2012

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Bubble Wrap

Do you think it inappropriate? 

To exchange ones husband for some perfectly devine
Time consuming
Playfully popping 
Bubble wrap? 

You see, Friday night with at least one square meter of the stuff
I could be amused
I could not be bored
Not lonely.......
Un angry

That yet again he has failed to bypass the Public House 
His Friday home

Hense yet again I'm stuffed....alone
Twiddling my fidgeting fingers and mind
Creating all kinds of scenarios which are
Far less than kind

Like murder beneath the patio
As battered fish upon the floor
Like turning up uninvited
And creating Mary Hell by pubs door

But if i had some bubble wrap
I am, so easily entertained
I'd twist contort the compliant material
Imagining twas his remains ....

Copyright © Karen Deeks | Year Posted 2012

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Southend pier me ole lady


Of the glory days long gone
The train rumbles on as a confused old lady
Unsure of her destiny yet still she travels on

Young faces embrace with baited breath
Peering anticipation pressed on smeery glass
Wooing and cooing as objects roll by
Parents smile in adoration as their little ones ask 'why?'

And it's all so reflective, the sheen of the sea,
Glass thoughts imagination as we
Watching faces, aging lovers, flowing dresses, flip-flops
Baseball caps and the odd few shops
De-board to stretch and sigh, relish the visions which greets the eye

Chips on the promenade an absolute must
Rossi ice cream to flourish in lust
Just sea and breeze with breaths and smile
To stop take time, enjoy (our) while

Lean on the piers aged frame,
Whilst fishermen reel
Young pollacks play games
Streamline they race
Against the incoming current
Side flips cause amazement
As to why? Unapparent
Thousands in the shade of the aged old pier
Return to same spot year after year

Just like us and our forefathers before
An irresistible meeting ground
We cannot ignore

(love the old pier)

Copyright © Karen Deeks | Year Posted 2012

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The Privvy, Toilet Trolls

Twas sordid that thought
Midwinter handed a lit 
Oil lamp
Showing the way outside to the shiny black paint of
The toilet door

Lift the latch....clunk! as your eyes scoured the darkness the bushes
For bogey men, trolls and murderers

Place lamp on window sill
Put small buttocks on the winter chilled toilet seat

Heart beats at a quickened pace
As a small scared face gazes 
Eyes foraging the white painted walls
For spiders and daddy long legs
Anything that crawls
And flys 
And eats small, small children

Eyes down on two chubby little legs 
Distant from the floor
And go girl go! 
As quick as you can
As the sounds and rustles blown outside are
The bogey man
He's coming after your guts and gore
Push little lady and try to be gone
The doors ripped off its hinges
And you are dragged into the abyss
And they will all read about 
The little lost Miss.... 

Copyright © Karen Deeks | Year Posted 2012

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Roast Beef and Yorkie Puds


Each street sounded of
Lawn mowers, laughter, bicycles and bells
The odd car being revved up
And oh my! The heavenly smells
Each towns aroma was roast beef
Gravy and yorkie puds

When hungry tummies with baited breaths
Sneaked to the shops for sweets and other forbidden goods
Latch dogs roamed free in packs or joined in with us kids
Depositing delights, creating awful smelly skids

Ken Dod and his Diddy men, duster in his hand
'isn't it a nice day!' as he skipped through Diddy land

'eat up all your Brussels now!'
What a ruddy shame
That dog hates them as much as me
Traitor! Should be his name

Sneak off down the brick fields for some fun a fight or swim
Come home filthy and lie
About 'where on earth you've been?'

Four in a bath to stew and wash each others backs
Waters at a shortage now, unlike the dreaded smacks
Off to bed cross Lino floor to reach the bottom bunk
Can't wait to grow up now
And be a rebellious punk

Copyright © Karen Deeks | Year Posted 2012

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The Lynching Party

The tree stands limp, dormant within a garish black unheard sky
Innocently displaying
(Mans inferiority complex)
Light reflects white which lays in leaf and dried blood
Which once flowed as two, then, young men
The dark is lost time..yet again
Angelic sprites hang as christmas baubles for those
Who seem fit to smile and point
So much white, in teeth and flesh
The shirt reflection is good and oh so good
And angelic and dark are ne-er the twain
And what a party! we would believe them say
With their bobbed hair and smile as bright as they
Could muster for the camera
The gaggle
The beast 
Who in their filth and ignorance
Once believed
To lynch a man is a fair mans game
To smile with one pointed finger
(have you no shame!)

Please note... this is a competition entry based on a picture i found disturbing but wanted my say... when we are young angels are always (as far as i know portrayed in white and the darker side) well that speaks for itself... in the picture the goodness seemed the calm dark sky and the two poor souls,where as the foreground where most of the light is reflected seems all that is wrong with this world...

american lynching in the south 1930s

I won a gold for this.

Copyright © Karen Deeks | Year Posted 2012

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Rosie Cheeks

When did the children stop embracing
The wind in their hair
Downhill racing, bright orange skies
With no due care
When did they all go home and scrub up their smiles
No longer free spirits to roam
With hours to while
Away with friends down by the railway track
Find a new hiding spot
Sharing cheap wrappered snacks
Whispering secrets
And a fight for their space 
What happened to good ole fashion dirt
Smeared as a memoir, now
By sterile little ones
Squashed within dry stone walls
Electrical wizardry
Beats, muddied deflated balls
Why did the children decide now
To stay at home
No longer free spirits
Til dusk out to roam
No longer bicycles skipping ropes
And girls chewing gum
High heels on tiny feet
Impersonating mum
No longer unkempt hair pursing their friends
No longer blood brothers
Promised to the end
Poor little ones gaze at a two dimensional spot
Wish they'de step outside
Rosie cheeks the vision that time forgot 

Copyright © Karen Deeks | Year Posted 2012

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Lego Hair and Knicker Elastic

Mum..Why did you give me lego hair.?
To upstage my Alan Carr teeth
And stretch that grey nylon pinefore
To ridicule my chubby young knees
And why dear mummy
Was my elastic bands so tight
As they struggled around my chubs
Was Battleship grey 
The fashion
Of socks those days..
Dear mummy
Me thinks not!

Copyright © Karen Deeks | Year Posted 2012

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Bad Bunnies Confession Time mature

Within the silence that's witching hour
And the sweet smile of....dawns crack
Two very giggly bunnies
Lacking inhibitions
Stole within the moon
And stars....To roll within a sack

Birthday suits
Within cahoots
Not a carrot to hide said pride
Beneath one itchy blanket
Creeping side by side

Both had fluffy heads
And very fuzzy tails
They giggled down the garden end
Avoiding, shovels, spades and snails

It was fun, they felt rebellious they hushed each other so
Fearful of the stealth night fox
(Spirits high)
Yet kept their hushes low

They then did as most bunnies do
As almost a profession
Silent smiling adoringly
A fantastic little session
After whiles and giggles they


Bad bunnyette kissed his cheek
He pecked her on the nose

Back down the rabbit hole, two cheeky little grins
Joyous of their secret
Of where on earth.... they'de been! !

Copyright © Karen Deeks | Year Posted 2012

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The Difference in daffodils

I step out... Between man made Amber street lamps
And natures midnight blue, still life.... crisp, dampness
Not a soul to hamper, mood nor thought.
Moments before witching hour... Solitude
My bitter twisted mind plus soul...

Waltzing internally through thoughts fields
And daffodils
Barely a murmur

They shiver softly (as I do)
In a
Mad march air

Negative heads bowed, both they and I
Are as night time hoodies, shrouded within

Noir prison bar petals

We are akin. The nightime daffodils and I
Skulking in the shadows unnoticed by all that pass
We like it that way... The only difference between I and them

They shine outside, tempt bees and eyes
Then smile in the glory
Of day...

Copyright © Karen Deeks | Year Posted 2012