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How I Would Make A Sweet Revenge Poem

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
What the h***
Happened to you?

Copyright © Samantha-Jane Smith | Year Posted 2012

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May 22, 2011 Joplin Tornado

A path of destruction it left.
It went through the town,
Like a car fly's down the high way.
Destroyed almost half the town.
Home gone.
Family dead.
The High School destroyed.
A time of devastation,
On that dreadful Sunday night,
On May 22, 2011.

We are strong,
And we rebuild.
New schools.
New homes.
Pride building back up.
Old friends and family we lost,
Were never forgotten.
We all remember very well,
And now were ready to Rebuild,
The town we grew up in,
Joplin, Missouri. 

That day we'll never forget,
May 22, 2011

Copyright © Samantha-Jane Smith | Year Posted 2012

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Pain, Pain Go Away

Pain , pain go away.
Please don't come back another day.
For if it stays,
I might just pass,
And their would be no more mass.
For the pain i have.

Copyright © Samantha-Jane Smith | Year Posted 2012

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Why I'm Alive

First started with an attention disorder.
Then the medication started...and escalated.
Fixed my behavior, but not my grade.
It wasn't good enough for them.
So higher the dosage, the lower my personality.
Soon I had no personality, and I was becoming sick.
Later my mother left my family.
The medication went higher, and so did the depression.
Finally off the medicine for my attention deficit disorder.
But the depression got worse, anxiety was getting horrible to stand.
Stopped eating. My body dying.
Few years after, I was in the Hospital with ulcers, my stomach almost ripped open.
Surgeries started, fixing the problem.....and different medication.
More doctor appointments started up, my immune system weakend.....medication for that.
Getting sick and having blood tests done...they dont know whats going on...more medication.
Several more hospital trips, from heart murmurs, and the pressure beating in my veins.
Regular doctor appointments....medication.
Broke my foot, high medication.
Failing school from it and sleeping more.
Attention medication came back, getting higher.
Bone spur surgeries, more pain medications.
        How much could one kid do in there life?????
Pain meds go on for months, then finally ending.
A month later, I get a contusion, severe swelling causing severe painful headaches.
Pain meds are higher than usual, hardly able to see, cant stand people, tender to touch.
More hospital visits, x-rays, medication.
Then an infection.
Spots. All over my arms and legs. Itching, scratching. 
Never knowing what it is.
You would've thought I would be dead by now, but no. I'm only alive from my medication and surgeries.

Copyright © Samantha-Jane Smith | Year Posted 2013

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My Depression

I'll admit that I have tried to commit suicide. i have tried many times with a perscription drug overdose, i ended up in the hospital several times for it. I went to that assembly and now i feel very ashamed of myself. I suffer from depression, and feel like i have no one to talk to. My aunt/ guardian passes it off as a "just a teenage thing". When i was sitting there watching these little shows on the right and wrong thing to do when someone is talking about commiting suicide. i related to a lot of it. i wrote down the numbers so i can talk to someone and get help. when i was depressed, i starved myself and when i did that i ended up in the hospital. a lot of my friends were worried, especially +Elmo Frazier, i was killing myself without even knowing it. i starved myself to where i now am at risk of fainting and not waking up, developing severe anemia, protein loss, i have epilipsy (seizures). my depression caused me to push people out of my life, and when i tried to get them back, they didn't want me. i've been rejecte my mother left me and thats when my depression started. i was physically abused and now im verbally abused. when i need to talk to someone, no one listens. i often go home and drink to make myself feel better. u keep myself locked up in my room and think very often of commiting suicide, and then i think about what it would be like when i finally did commit suicide, and what would happen to my friends and family and how they would feel. i'm admitting this to you all so you can see how i feel. i'm going to get help for my depression.

Copyright © Samantha-Jane Smith | Year Posted 2012

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Happy Birthday Alex

Its your birthday!
Your finally fourteen!
But there's something,
Something we have planned.
You will not know,
And we can't show,
Not until Saturday.
So all the little things,
A cake, candles, and balloons,
You will be surprised,
What we have in store for you! 
Your turning fourteen,
Your getting older,
Let the younger charcoal smolder,
Today is your day,
And let it may,
Be the best day you have.

Happy birthday Alex.

Copyright © Samantha-Jane Smith | Year Posted 2012

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My Sweet Baby Boy

Had you for just a month,
Only a month.
Wasn't sure if I was,
It was hard for me to believe.
I was happy when I found out,
Glad I had you.
The Lord showed me what you looked like,
Just like your father.

You would've been tall and strong,
Sweet and kind,
Generous and handsome.
You would've been a great person.

I had you for just a month,
Only a month.
You were my little boy.
The best thing I would've never regret having.

Only a month.
That's the longest I've had you.
Turned out to losing you,
From the stress at home. 

Only a month,
And now your gone.
Gone to be home.
Home up in the sky.

Mommy and daddy loves you.
You'll always be in our heart.

This was written for my unborn son, 
Thomas Michael Bridges.

Copyright © Samantha-Jane Smith | Year Posted 2012

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That Sad Moment When You Realize You Need Space

So please, oh please, we beg, we pray
Go throw your tv set away
And in it's place you can install
A new bookshelf on the wall.

this is from my lovely younger sister Alexandra. :)

Copyright © Samantha-Jane Smith | Year Posted 2012

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Depression Always Leads To Death

She would rather want to die,
than be with you.

Nothing in this house would hold her back,
nothing worth keeping.

Nothing in this town is worth staying for,
nothing to look forward too.

Nothing you ever said meant anything to me,
nothing will change the way I think about you.

Depression may just be a word to you,
but to me its my life,
Depression always leads to death.

Copyright © Samantha-Jane Smith | Year Posted 2012

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Why Should I Stay

What would happen if i was gone?
If i disappeared?
Who would look for me?
Who would blow it off?

What if i never woke up?
Who would come to my funeral?
Who would forget?

What if I pushed through pain?
Would anyone care?

Who all cares???

Copyright © Samantha-Jane Smith | Year Posted 2012