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Gracious Damsel

I wonder whether this is love or lust,
If rain reigns in the day or dark night,
Confused as I lay low without foresight,
My soul sails through the sea of metal rust,
Clean my lens and brush my hair just to adjust, 
Hoping to see my diamond shine so bright,
This passion can`t be hidden but brought to light,
as I look at the sky to know who to trust.

Heaven smiles at me as my joy abound,
This reminds one that shinning stars are few,
Knowing that goodness and bliss will be found,
I walk towards my pearl for the time is due,
Her beauty and traits spin many heads around,
For her benevolence you have to take a queue.

*Valentine Poem* 

Copyright © olusegun Arowolo | Year Posted 2014

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I should have written to you a Sedoka,
For you are gracious and more than a mediocre,
Many do not know you as a shining star,
As their minds are clouded and their thoughts far,
‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’
to me you are a gem from the north horizon,
Your imperfection makes you modest and real,
Different from hypocrisy which gives a raw deal,
If I’ve met you in your prime at a young age,
I would have wasted no time to write a new page,
Proposal that would have seen us at the altar,
Which would have made our present state better,
Love and you will be loved-this is not always true,
Tears have flowed from your eyes like the morning dew,
Which is due to wickedness of men that brings pain,
But I’m prepared to ease your pain and walk your lane.


Copyright © olusegun Arowolo | Year Posted 2014

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Flower Of Love

                    will open my          and speak in
                I                     mouth                       rhymes,
                 parable,idioms       rhetoric,and proverbs
                 to describe my love for you and present-
                 you this flower:Love is affectionate and
                  passionate,It is wonderfully delicious                                                    
                   making  it  ideally  auspicious;  It  is 
                    decent with a fine accent.As water
                     strikes the rock , so also it does
                      to the  heart of the  callous , it
                       flies  like  an  eagle  over  the
                        globe with honey wings,that
                         soothe the soul and body.
                          If love makes me a fool;
                           leave me in tomfoolery
                             &let naivety capture
                              my entire being,It 
                                is  better  than
                                  gold, shines
                                    more  like
                             LOVE  IS ETERNAL

Dedicated to PD on Valentine`s day.  
A Red Rose Flower For YOU......

Copyright © olusegun Arowolo | Year Posted 2012

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PRIMATES(Haiku and Senryu poetry)

Calm is the monkey
Sharing the same genes with man
Nature made it so.

Though beyond knowledge
Man`s intellect is  pronounced
which makes us unique.

Copyright © olusegun Arowolo | Year Posted 2011

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HIV Positive

HIV Positive

I am HIV positive that I know,
But I will exercise my civic right,
As my blood continues to flow,
For my views to be heard I will fight.

Known to have been wayward and careless,
That does not mean I cannot be benevolent,
Which had made me to be fearless,
This malady has made me to be malevolent.

I Love playing poker with my dames,
After basking in the euphoria of many liquors,
which has actually earn me my fame,
Soon,I will varnish like the gas vapor.

But,the doctor told me I`m negative,
My blood was mistakenly substituted for,
Ha!this news serve as a purgative.

Copyright © olusegun Arowolo | Year Posted 2011

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The Unchangeable

The situation in my country is terrifying
I wish I can do something gratifying,
Selfishness and corruption by leaders are annoying,
No job,no food ,no water,in a land flourishing
with resources and its occupants are crying,
Mortality rate increases for many are lacking,
Diseases,malnutrition and social vices are thriving,
due to negligence,misappropriation and lack of funding,
From generation to generation this parasite is spreading,
And the vectors and co-vectors foster by multiplying,
I`m bold,educated and ready to die,not compromising,
but I have to join their party to be leading,
Join their party!be like them!what am I thinking?
I can`t sell my conscience because of governing,
If I`m an officer,I would have risen to do general cleaning,
but that era has gone,military government is damaging,
while this cosmetic democracy is more disturbing,
Divine intervention is sought and I`m waiting;waiting!
by soaking my bed with tears daily,weeping!,
Lame and paralyzed I watch the little ones,suffering,
while a few biggies misuse and waste the wealth by deceiving,
Hmm!hmm!I can`t take this anymore!,it is killing.

Copyright © olusegun Arowolo | Year Posted 2012

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A is for Ability, to do something nice and tangible
B  is for Beauty,of the mind and soul which is sensible,

C is for Clever;seriousness  makes you brilliant
D is for Dogged;determination makes you radiant,

E is for Excellent,work harder to become clean,
F is for Famous,to be known you need to be seen,

G is for Great,a leader needs to have a sound mind,
H is for Honest,strive to be sincere which is hard to find,

I is for Interest;I love eating pineapple than wild grape,
J is for Junk;This should be avoided to keep in shape,

K is for Keen;it is good to have strong desire for success,
L is for Life,good healthy living-this you must access,

M is for Money;for this many kill and are ready to be hit,
N is for Naughty; Choose a good path and refuse to depart from it,

O is for Obedient ;Listen to the advice of elders to move forward
P is for Progress ;It is wonderful when one is going onward,

Q is for Quest; seek knowledge and truth for they are uplifting,
R is for Rest ;relaxing after a hard day is very uplifting,

S is for sorrow,when it comes,do not succumb or be swallowed,
T is for Time;it runs fast and needs to be followed,

U is for Unique ;garment of success is a nice attire to be worn,
V is for Value; you are important and of real quality like no one,

W is for Weakness,you need not be wary but very strong
X is for X-men,the world has been waiting for super-human for so long

Y is for Yummy; True greatness is delicious when consumed,
Z is for Zenith;to get to the peak,seriousness must be groomed,

No matter how tough the situation is,try to endure,
The road to greatness is a rough one for sure .

CONTEST:"Z IS FOR ZARIA:An ABC Couplet" Sponsored by Cyndi Macmillan

Copyright © olusegun Arowolo | Year Posted 2013

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Good Mother

A sun amongst dark stars in the blue sky,
A rose in the forest of wild flowers,
Her benevolence makes men not to cry,
Her tantalizing love falls like showers,
Mind and patience taller than many towers.

*Dedicated to all good mothers in the world especially my poetry soup friends which 
include Debbie,Gwendolen,Catie,PD,Carol, Andrea,Joann,Sara,Kim,Mandy,Rhonda,Linda-Marie,Crous,
Nette,Cyndi,Susan,Vicky,Anne lise, Gail, Modupe,Leonora,Maria,Constance,Yesha,
Joyce,ETC -to mention but a few.
Wishing you Merry Xmas as you celebrate with you kids and grand kids.

CONTEST:"Any five line  poem" sponsored by Rick Parise.

Copyright © olusegun Arowolo | Year Posted 2012

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Eulogy to the almighty

Your love for me is invaluable,
When I flash back I dwell in wonderland,
Your grace upon me is immeasurable,
I have nothing to give but praises and adoration;
My tongue is faster than my pen;
Thank you for being there for me.
The uncreated creator,
The immovable mover,
The unshakable shaker,
The uncontrollable controller,
The unbeatable beater,
And the unseen seer.

When diseases ravages like wide fire,
there I was and I survived,
When floods visited my community and 
many lost their lives and properties;
There I laid and survived,
When the bus I traveled in was engulfed by fire,
I remained unhurt and unscathed,
When the wind of famine and malnutrition blew,
I stayed and my skin did not wither,
When I was captured by ritualistic people and 
cannibals and placed in their dungeon,
I saw a beam of light and heard
a thunderous voice saying"come son",
I moved towards the beckoning light and voice,
and later found myself near a flowing stream.
I escaped,Oh! the Lord saved me.

Believe it or not,This is not fiction,
Though full of unbelievable allusion,
Whether you are an atheist with a caption,
The Lord almighty is full of compassion,
His grace is enormous without friction,
He did it for me and can do it for anyone;
Glory,honour,majesty be unto Him.
Forever!, will I give thanks unto Him.


Copyright © olusegun Arowolo | Year Posted 2011

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Thy love for me is sure,Knoweth I,
right from genesis,my heart goeth to thee,
ours had the permission of Cupid and holy saints,
Thou knoweth my strength and my weakness,
No dame like thee,my diamond!my moon!,
we -two were paired by the heavens,
whether thou goeth I go,just like Siamese twins,
The perfume of thy body filleth my nostrils,
Thy blinking eyelids beacon for affection
with twilight of hope and passion without caution,
I`m enthused,bemused and amused,O`! thou angel,
Thou art my golden crown;precious jewel!.

But now,thou jewel! Thou art being tarnished,
Sickness and ailment override thy being,
Thy blinking eyes are darker than scarlet;
Thy succulent lips drier than tanned horse skin,
Joy of motherhood turns to sorrow of departure;
O`death!,coward!,where lieth thy face?,
Our bond is stronger than thee,
Stretcheth forth thy hands, but thou hold her not,
For my hands standeth in-betwixt like a rock,
Summon all thy tools,we shall reigneth supreme,
O`,mother nature!closeth not thy eyes,
help us to fight this eater eating into her blood;
O` eater!,for thou to be a victor;
Prepareth to eat two meals at a time,
for our vow remains sacred and true;
"In death,we are one" and
"In death , we have won".

*Eater--cancer of the blood

CONTEST:'Bringin'out the "thees and thous" sponsored by Lisa Cooper poetessdarkly

Copyright © olusegun Arowolo | Year Posted 2013