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I see God before me

As I lay down to die I can see my soul being taken 
before my eyes.
I see God before me.

I feel the sun shining on me. 
The warmth invades my body.
No more feeling of cold surroundings.
I smell the spring flowers from a field.
I see the mountains with their peaks.
I see God before me

I hear the waters flow so peacefully.
I see a lake that is so calm with the mirror of a blue sky
That is above me.
I see God before me.

I am at peace and have no needs.
I am at happiness made just for me.
I feel no pain and have no illness.
I hear the birds singing just for me.
I see God before me.

I am lead by the hand through the field of harmony.
An Angel guides me with love.
A light blinds me.
I hear a symphony of Angels.
God is not before me now.
God is with me.

Copyright © Joe Tweedlie | Year Posted 2006

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Meant to be

When I fell in love with you, I knew I was in love, As the Sun comes out and brings light and  warmth to that day, as the moon comes out and brings the light into the night, as you were meant to be for me and I was meant to be for you, I waited a long time for you as you have waited for me. We were meant to be. I am so in love with you, so happy and proud to be in your life, so happy that you are my wife. I love you baby

Copyright © Joe Tweedlie | Year Posted 2014

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The Tree

As the day, weeks and years go by. You will always take one day at a time. As you plant a tree into the ground you await so patiently to see what comes about. This tree will be there when you smile, laugh and cry. This tree will be there at your happiest and sad moments . This tree will be there when you die. You must be like this tree and take one day at a time.

Copyright © Joe Tweedlie | Year Posted 2018

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3 magical words

3 magical and wonderful words, Sherry and I share constantly, the 3 words that we tell each other every day, These 3 word are constant and the are told more than I can count each day. I love you had so much meaning and comes for my heart to Sherry's heart, and the same from her heart to my heart, it is unconditional when we tell each other these 3 words, I maybe sleeping and wake up in the middle of the night, I look over and as I adore the glow and beauty of her I say I love you, and thinking she is in a sound sleep, she replies I love you also. I love you Sherry

Copyright © Joe Tweedlie | Year Posted 2018

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Taking things for Granted

Taking Things For Granted, most of the time it is the little things we take for granted or the thing we just don't think about.
The river is rushing in front of me, the water splashes as it goes down stream, as I look down river I can see a island with a bridge connecting to it, as I look up river I can see a dam with walls in front of it, not knowing how much or the force that stand behind it. I take for granted a dam will always hold. I also take for granted the bridge below that it will never fall, but eventually things give way when you least expect it . For where I stand I feel safe not knowing the life I have lived may be hanging by a thread. As I take for granted the things that are before me, they can fall apart without notice as for the bridge it can be a road to safety, but the bridge can always give beneath you when you least expect it and you are standing in the middle of it and you were always thinking this bridge is safe and thinking this, you have taken it for granted always trusting it never looking at the structure of it underneath of it never looking what it has been made of. For the dam, you have no clue how much water is behind it or how much water it can actually Holder if the dam is stable and has it let out enough water and you have never wondered if that dam will ever collapse, you take it for granted you have trust in the dam. It never hits you the weather may go bad and the dam may collapse and the bridge may fall and you standing on the banks watching this happen have taken for granted things that you thought could make you safe but all in the instance have change your life on what you can trust and appreciate and the things that make you safe but you have taken those things for granted

Copyright © Joe Tweedlie | Year Posted 2015

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Do not cry for me

Do not cry for me. 
My time on this earth is finished.
Do not mourn, 
Do not cry for me,
My wings await me.
You can feel me through a breeze.
You can hear me speak,
Just listen to the birds sing. 
I whisper back to you
through the trees. 
I touch you through a summer breeze.
Do not cry for me,  
I am at peace.
Have joy for me and no tears,
I am happy.
Do not cry for me, 
I am free.
Do not cry for me, 
I am a Angel,
God is with me.

Copyright © Joe Tweedlie | Year Posted 2010

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There is not a minute that goes by

There is not a minute or second of the day that I don't think about you, your beauty and your touch. Every breath I take, every beat my heart makes, I am constantly thinking of you, I have traveled miles and I have had you with me if not physically mentally, I enjoy telling you how much I love you, the enjoyment of hearing it from your lips, you are my life, you are everything to me you are my wife you mean the world to me, there's nothing in this world that can separate our love from each other. My love for you never gets old it always stays in new. I never get tired of saying these three words, I love you. Every time I say those words to you they come from my heart. I love you so much

Copyright © Joe Tweedlie | Year Posted 2016

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What is Bad Management

Bad management isn't that like the captain and the crew of a sinking ship telling his passengers that there is not a thing he can do but he'll do his best to save their lives but yet the captain and the 2 first mates escape in the lifeboat while the passengers drown

Copyright © Joe Tweedlie | Year Posted 2015

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Color of Love

There are so many wonders in life that I have no clue of where to begin or start. I have wonder of love I know I can feel it. I know it is shown in many ways and forms, I just wonder if love was a color, what color would it be, I hope it would not be black, because black is having no light, but I'm sure there is this certain type of love the exist among some of us. Could love be made of colors that is in a spectrum like blue, green and violet. Red roses are for love so they say so is the color of love red or it might be just be blue but when people say you are blue it has always meant being sad. Could love have the colors of a rainbow in it, when love is the strongest it makes a rainbow, I'm still wondering what love color is, the only thing I can figure out that love is the most beautiful color and it is a color that we can't imagine like love that we can't see but only feel in our hearts. The color of love we can't see but only imagine it the most beautiful thing that we have ever seen.

Copyright © Joe Tweedlie | Year Posted 2012

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I know You will always be with me

As the day begins and the sun comes up or draws to an end and the sun goes down. 
I see the light of you and the memories of you 
that I will always have and cherish.
I may never touch you or never see you.
I know you will always be with me. 
As I cry I know you are wiping my tears.
As I am lonely of not seeing you and talking to you.
 I know you are there.
I feel the hugs.
 I hear your voice.
I know it was your time to go.
I realize I can not be selfish and that 
God needed you.
Your calling on this earth was done.
I Know you are happy as you are among 
the Angels and among the souls that we have
 lost in our past. 
Happiness is yours forever.
One day I shall see you again.
You will hold my hand.
I will see your smile.
I shall never cry again.

Copyright © Joe Tweedlie | Year Posted 2009