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absent moon

the saline sadness from my eyes
uniquely helps me close my eyes
to pain I have endured in light
and darkness has revealed

the taste I have secured for life
for sleep has no real apetite
when in my room, my bed resumed
embraced in sleepless night

in me this point I reach
I know
I have withheld the tears
where saline sadness grates
and madness waits, they flow

when we unite
you dark
and I
assemble at the close of day
to fading folds of cloak we bear
we trust our tired light today

time strikes, the hour counts
and day seems passed so soon
I lay my head on foam filled bower
to rest in blissfull swoon

as sun retreats and light decays
in spectrum
all arrays displays
I set aside the time in space
to file the aging fuss

the fire dimmed 
by cold embrace
a frigid veil 
that hides the face
the morning far as morning star

relinquish I the pace so soon
in light of absent moon

Copyright © Eden Cane | Year Posted 2011

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in a garden in may

beneath all the war stricken tumbleweed burrows
lies a maiden
of faith

her longbow is golden with platinum arrows
and somewhere to someone this woman belongs
her present is tainted with hints of tomorrow
when someone to others will sing her a song
in a garden
in may

in a predestined moment beginnings dissolve
an aforementioned instance
to which it 

on a horse in a gallop by ripe sloping fields
rides a knight
taking aim

his steel hardened sword in a sheath silken woven
and somewhere to someone his heart is avowed
his past is still waiting for closure to cover
and fighting for spring he will sing for a crowd
in a garden
in may

in an incautious moment where failure lies waiting
an expected condition
to which it

Copyright © Eden Cane | Year Posted 2011

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honest ground

be on the ground
the honest ground
be still among the trees

be on the ground
beneath the mist
and hear the silence breathe

be on the ground
your naked birth
impressions in the clay

discard your clothes
your shallow girth
the habit you enslave

be on the ground
be far from hope
a womans wish to please

be on your feet
be in the street
be fighting for your gain

in equal poise
ignore the noise
stand focussed in the rain

be at the front
the final stint
the glory of defeat

be in the ground
in rest below
the tire of treading feet

Copyright © Eden Cane | Year Posted 2011