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walking slowly
her hands at her side
she senses the stares
the looks they all hide

she sees all the smirks
she hears all their voices
she looks in their eyes
but she makes her own choices

they think they are better
their own problems amiss
they forget their own issues
and they go on about this

she knows shes different
this life she has known
the way she was raised
the woman which shes grown

different perhaps,
stronger than most
wiser than some
more content than these folks

shes ok with this
she knows it wont change
she knows who she is
and she sees all their games

year after year 
she has learned the same thing
learn to be silent
but dont be too frightened to sing.

Copyright © Caryn King | Year Posted 2012

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Let me cry

My tears, they live at night,
They can't survive the day
The sun will dry them up
The wind blows them away

The morning comes again
I lie awake in bed
I start all it all once more
I clear it from my head

I follow old steps taken
I try to hold my thought
I try to keep the peace
The past won't be forgot

Slowly oh so slowly
I know this fog will clear
I know the air will lighten
With sadness not so near

But when my body's still
And the quiet surrounds me
I shut my eyes so tight
But the tears slide underneath

Moving on is hard
So many chores go on
That prove to be a reminder
Of a woman that is gone 

Gone from her door step
Gone now from her home
Gone from her family
Her husband now alone

No one will Forget her
No one will even try
To stop those tears at night
Because it's ok to cry

Copyright © Caryn King | Year Posted 2014

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A tale of two

He laughed, she laughed, together they loved.
They rode for hours to a destination of no where just listening to the rain.
Listening as it persistantly fell, drenching every thing it touched.
Each moment greater than the last.
Each smile Brighter
Each look longer
Each story better.
A memory being made by a day unmet
A sun unseen, a cloud unpassed
They conquered it together. 
A road un travelled became travelled by them
A story unfolding, two young people in love.
The rain continued, picked up its pace.
Falling faster and harder, no mercy at hand.
Creating a solid wall that no man could see through.
Dropping a hush over this new found love.
Blanketing these two souls with worry.
Darkness envelopes them as this mortal man loses control.
Careening off the road, unaware of even this.  
Unable to waken her love, she's forced to leave him in the flames
So hot, so unhumanely possible to fight them.
He perishes.
She survives.
Their love left behind.
The rain put out the flames.
His spirit is resting somewhere, atop a hill with a beautiful view, unbothered by the rain that falls. 
She will meet him again.
She will search until she does.
With no destination in mind her legs will take her there.
And there she will rest, her hand on his heart, curled in his arms.

Copyright © Caryn King | Year Posted 2013

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Atop that hill, in his heart

Lying atop a hill, he gazes into the sky. The world spins around, minutes passing by. 
The grass is dry but green, the lack of water has not yet started to slow its flourish. Time will bring that. He lies motionless. Arms at his side. Legs slightly spread. The wind blows softly. Gently. Brushing his cheeks with gentle fingers. Reminding him of an easier time. A touch so soft it's presence remains a question. It's existence remains a teasing stroke. Grey rain clouds folding into the light white clouds in such a way this man has not noticed. He continues on, unmoving. The first drop of rain must come as a surprise as it falls and lands atop his cheek, running down to meet with the grass. He doesn't flinch. He still doesn't blink. The next drop falls, and the next, followed by its sister waters. Soaking his face. He goes on unnerved. Perhaps this is a comfort. It allows his tears a place to run unseen. Without judgment. Providing a hidden release to a man who has not known the word in past. He hears nothing, senses no one. But she's there. Kneeling down, pressing herself into his arms. Not speaking. Just accepting him for who he is and what he's experienced. She also ignores the rain, the wind and the clouds. She runs her finger down his jaw line, down his neck, across his collar bone and rests it on his heart. It is there she settles in.

Copyright © Caryn King | Year Posted 2013

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In her heart and in her mind

She walked on.  She let herself go where her legs carried her.  Her dress billowed around her feet.  She walked on down the dusty lane, feet touched the ground, mind deep in thought.  People peeked out of their windows at this beautiful girl, her eyes focused straight ahead.   No goal in sight.  No destination in mind.  People stared at her, then in the distance, deciding for themselves where it was she was going with such a dedicated stride.  People assumed, guessed, made up tales that suited their own reasons.  Turned her into the person they wanted her to be.  She walked on.  She either ignored, or didnt see the people, who continued to peek out thier windows as she went on down the lane.  Her face a blank slate.  Yet her heart so full it could burst and her mind so busy it threatened to turn itself into a tangled mess of words and thoughts.  She continued on.  Only she knew where she was going.  Where she wanted to be.  What she was doing.  And where she would stop.

Copyright © Caryn King | Year Posted 2013

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We Just Keep Dancing

We just keep dancing
why dont we stop
we go round and round
with emotions taut

You yell, I yell
youre mad for days
Im hurt and crying
your anger stays

You yell, I yell
Youre breaking things
Im still here crying
your harsh words sting

Why are we dancing
this dance of pain
round and round
It starts again

Your mad, Im broken
Your gaining power
Your throwing things
Im scared all hours

Still you yell, I yell
I try to be strong
You lace me with guilt
and tell me Im wrong

Im unreasonable
Im causing all this
I dream of some place
brimming with bliss

You yell, I yell
Were both standing tall
Your grip is unbearable
Im not breathing at all

You yell, I dont
All is now still
You took all I had
I bend to your will

This dance is still going
You still dance away
I stand by the sidelines
I just cant dance today.

Copyright © Caryn King | Year Posted 2012

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Strength of a Woman

A blinded eye reaches a tarnished hand

a lovely lady fails in the golden land

a slight turned cheek in painted bliss

a memory forgotten is a persistant kiss

a wall of strength, a mask of grace

a hidden story behind a disguised face

she was naive, a fairytale told

a beautiful story had taken its hold

one morning she woke, her eyes opened wide

the secrets so present, she could no longer hide

she walked with passion in the beating sun

her head held high her knowledge won

her mind was strong, she thought with ease

her hunger for truth brought men to their knees

not a drop of fear, trepidition or pain

she doesnt hesitate to move on again

hair blowing softly she moves on her way

growing more wise with each passing day.

Copyright © Caryn King | Year Posted 2011

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Hidden Garden

Tucked away, hidden from natural light,
A beautiful star, that will never shine bright.

A glory of days only a handful will know,
The story of insight of a woman that grows.

With shocking clarity the moon does reflect,
Off of a body that nobody gets.

One of perfection, of grace and of silk,
A bed of white roses, with no stems that can wilt.

Eyes that see things, that no other soul will,
Sight that goes on, no capacity to fill.

Hair falling softly to hide a shamed face,
Tears in her garden for a life gone to waste.

Copyright © Caryn King | Year Posted 2011

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A quiet seed thats buried deep
With full intent to fill its need

a tiny sprout a tiny leaf
reaching for the suns sweet heat

A dainty flower it becomes
a beauty to its only one

Nothing compares to what has grown
Nothing compares to this flowers own

Copyright © Caryn King | Year Posted 2012

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Self inflicted

Selfish and conceded, I'm causing you pain,
Apologies and kisses and I do it again.

Always so sorry but I can't find an end,
To the misery I'm bringing to such a loved friend.

I cry and I cry cause you're walking away,
But I did it myself, I can't ask you to stay.

I love you so purely, so thoroughly, so much,
Tears blur my vision as I'm missing your touch.

I want you so badly, you're perfection to me,
But I know you can't handle my selfish young needs.

I stand and I stare as you walk your new path,
And I breath and take in my own aftermath.

Copyright © Caryn King | Year Posted 2011