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The Rainbow

The Rainbow

We touched 
Just me and you
Now I know 
Love so true 

abbiamo toccato
Solo io e te
Ora lo so
L'amore così vero

Copyright © Confetti of Flesh | Year Posted 2016

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The Importance of Good Bye


How do you say ‘bye 
To one you don’t know?
Do you just stop, turn and Go?
It is hard to say ‘bye when you’ve not said Hello

A funny world in which we exist,
Always lots of opportunities missed
It feels a bit sad, 
And this I know

But I have to say ‘bye, 
Though we’ve not said Hello!

Copyright © Confetti of Flesh | Year Posted 2010

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Confetti of Flesh

Would I rather go too slow,

Damp breath feeding the soil, 

worms to grow, an

old mans toil.


For me the answer is clear;

Though not today and I hope not here – 

To explode with love and feelings gold – 

Not too young and not too old

Wise enough to see my growth

But not old enough to have outgrown 

My sprit, 


this place called home

That’s how to die


A confetti of flesh ruptures the Sky.

Feeding the air, water and earth.

Why you ask do I care how I die –

My love, that is the whole reason -

We’re here

to ask why.

Copyright © Confetti of Flesh | Year Posted 2010

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Cherry Blossom

Delicate buds open to the suns touch,
warmth and light herald the Spring
The beauty of nature unfolds around Us.
Walking across the carpet of Cherry Blossom
Soft scents and a gentle touch
I feel spent blossom on my face and you,
in your hair
Petals sit atop of your head
A crown I say,
you smile, 
A King yet to Find.
We part, neither needs to Cry,
as we both know, 
the Samurai say,
today is a good day to die

Copyright © Confetti of Flesh | Year Posted 2010

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Castello Di Amore

Castello di Amore  Parte 1

A million yellow bricks for you, 
Cut, from the quarry of my soul 
I work both day and night,
A willing lovers toll

Over lands, the stones I carry
To the place that you have found,
Blue skies and rich, loamy soil,
Our future promise abounds.

The home is built together,
Mortar is our Love
Furnished with feelings gold,
We will, have more than enough 

Tending the land as one,
Ancient and rusty vines
Soon, heavy with purple fruit
We laugh and make our wine 

The heady scent of olives,
Growing in our grove, 
We relish the salty taste,
A discovery we both know. 

Years ease past,
They're kind to us.
We enjoy growing old. 
Features gently blur,
But our yellow bricks still glow

You still laugh at me,
And I, still smile at you,
The later years we hold,
Take on a special hue. 

A longtime ago,
I made the yellow bricks for you.
Cut, from the quarry of my soul. 
You laughed and held my hand, 
My Heart, you made me Whole.

Castello di Amore Parte 2 

I lie on our bed,
You hold my hand.
Not long left, in our beautiful land. 

Darkness quickens around me so,
I hear your voice, please don't go.
Squeezing your hand, one last time.
I am yours and you are mine. 

Your last kiss.
Was my tear.
We will smile again
My beautiful Fear.

A season later,
You drink our wine,
You taste the love,
Both yours and mine. 

You follow the path 
Back to our home
On this walk,
You're never alone

You hold me tight,
Then close your eyes,
And I lift you up,
To the burnished skies.

Perdonami amore mio

Castello di Amore Parte 3 

Rising to the heavens,
Floating on your smile,
We've a long way to go,
It will take a while. 

Your hand in mine 
I've watched you from above,
for some time. 

You look so happy.
You are truly free. 
I am you,
and you are me.

Souls connect, 
Atoms collide.
Our house, 
the horizon wide. 

We are the sun, 
the rain, 
And the summers tide. 

amongst the stars,
Nothing to fear, 
Even less to hide. 

The Universe is ours.
Never growing old,
Rising with the morning sun,
We watch our house of gold.

Copyright © Confetti of Flesh | Year Posted 2016

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Of Angels and Unicorns

We've been here for an eternity
Walking amongst you,
You know us,
And what we're here to do.

I've died a hundred times,
Nearly a thousand years.
The first death,
On the Horns of Hattin
A time of scimitars and spears.
The last time a child,
Drowning in my parents tears.

Each and every time,
Only to return to this place,
A different person,
a different Face.
To understand and learn.
The lessons I need.
To earn my wings,
And truly be Free.

To live for ever,
A different place,
Clear skies,
warm weather;
To run, laugh and lie in the heather.
For some of us it is quick,
For me it is slow -
The lessons to learn,
I so know,
but in this form,
I still can't let go.

Wandering this Earth,
Looking for you -
Searching for all of time,
I know what I'm here to do.

In the most unlikely of places.
I saw you - in a crowd.
A smile,
amongst a million other faces.

Not here to save you.
But here to guide you,
To show you the way.
You've been here an eternity,
I'll take you home soon,
A place you've longed to stay.

Rainbow clouds,
And glitter skies;
Oceans of love,
A million miles wide.

My journey,
To stay.
You call it purgatory.
For me it is;
Somewhere between,
the Land and Sea.

Shivering flanks,
an ivory crown,
We can see you,
Beautiful Unicorn,
In the shape of Man.

'Tis true,
We all do die,
But only the chosen few,
Rise up,
Into the Sky.

Chinks of golden light.
We are the bearers of the torch,
Guiding you thru the night.
To sit at St. Peter's porch

The wings we have,
So slow to grow.
We relive your lives,
Bleeding with you.
Learning how to Die.

An invisible army,
Walking this Earth.
Behind us,
The Four Horsemen,
Waiting for the sirens call.
Still echoing from the last time,
In Heavens empty Hall.

So it is,
I've found you,
And will show you the way,
For you,
I'll burn my Wings,
For you I choose to stay.

When you are there,
In the solace of the skies.
Look down,
judge me not;
For choose to exchange Heaven,
for the love I saw,
When I gazed into your eyes.

Copyright © Confetti of Flesh | Year Posted 2017

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The Dinosaur

Scorched like gauze
Moving slowely and surefooted

A path no longer blazed yet
Bridges behind still burn

An opening,
A thousand eyes turn to stare
Fruitless in its search,
Faces no longer there

Disgruntled and aged
Grown shorter in its decline

The Dinosaur walks out of the 
Onto the edge of time.

Copyright © Confetti of Flesh | Year Posted 2013

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The City of You

Raining today heady with the scent of early spring
My effort mingles with the embrace
Of your rain

Soaking thru' me

Dark streets and a city of
Scattered lights, as I step into you
Pooling around me
Soaking me from below and

I look up, my breathing heavy in the night
Your tears fill my eyes
My tears fall into the pools
Of you.

I feel the City as I feel you
Around me and inside me
Somewhere that is so familiar but
A long way from Home.

Copyright © Confetti of Flesh | Year Posted 2010

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Line in the Sand

Line in the Sand

Savage claw,
And wicked tongue
Hollow heart 
A Hundred years young

Can you remember?
We've met before
Lucifers den
His ravenous maw.

The time before last,
You saw me then 
Wet Alabama
I was younger then.

Dressed in black
With your card,
Your hollow eyes,
Questioned me hard 

No way in,
At that time
Spurned your poison
I was luckier then. 

This is the last,
I really did see
The same look; 
your eyes,
questioning me.

Unblinking and focused,
From a much older time
Mine were open,
But I was blind. 

You did work hard,
For I am hard to find. 
Even your smile,
Far from kind.

Visit me not,
Ever again. 
Keep away,
From the hearts of men. 

When we meet, 
In the other place,
I'll watch your eyes,
Not your face. 

Next time we meet,
You know what I'll say,
"Get thee behind me"
Were thou shalt stay

Copyright © Confetti of Flesh | Year Posted 2016

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The Aisle

The Aisle 

A cathedral of trees; 
An aisle of sand,
Barefoot I carry you, 
Through our Golden land

Your head on my shoulder,
Your hand on my arm 
My heart is steady; 
Your breath is calm 

Altar made of green 
Walking slowly, watching you,
The most beautiful woman
I have ever seen 

You hold my hand;
Even though you know,
The question I will ask,
Your answer will be no. 

I gently place you down;
Wanting you to wear my crown,
A king you'd make me,
I was lost now found 

Your answer lost to the winds,
My heart lost to time;
I'm left alone, 
Wishing you were mine.

Copyright © Confetti of Flesh | Year Posted 2016