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The Rabbit and the Fox 20 line Ballad

~~ The  Rabbit and the Fox   ~~  20 line Ballad
The Rabbit and the Fox
The Rabbit and the Fox are here
go down south, to Australia
They have a bounty on the Fox
Bring in his skin they’ll pay ya

Myxameatosis germ warfare  (first ever)
Just for the Bagman's bunny  (our ww1 war crazed soldiers lived on rabbit in solitude)
Old Rabbit got mattry eyed 
It really wasn’t funny

Great depression in the 20s
We lived on lovely rabbit
skins made the Slouch hat
Our soldiers wear, our habit  (fur felt made the hat)

The master took the Rabbit   (Squatters said plague) 
No more free feeds for us
So we started eating of his sheep
Become a bit nonplussed

They brought another virus out
To kill off outlaw rabbit
But bunny still gets about
The Fox your hens will have it

Don Johnson  

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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Sossled I wandered as lonely as a dog, Me pantaloons were full of frogs Slurping suds while on the grog, Dog paddling with the ducks, I thought I knew her lovely face, Got cuddling with Aunty Grace mascara was every place, me swimming togs got stuck, a rooster crowed up in the church, cuckoo clock was in reverse, I could think of nothing worse, When incest, comes a riding?
18-sep-11 Nancy Jones Contest Name Make me Laugh

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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Just like football I am waiting ,

Just like football I am waiting ,
on the side line,
To go up on the field,
Yes we are playing Goodooga,
Aboriginal big guys, tough as steel.

Here comes Albert racing faster,
Trotting down the bloody wing,
Gotta stop him, take him head on,
Hit his ankles, the hurting thing .

Fell him like a big old tree,
Pot belly lands on me ,
I’m a still a seeing stars,
Shadow sparring, 
all round me ,
Get up you silly Galah.

So there I was out on the wing ,
Waiting for a pass to me.
Intercept, Albert's a coming ,
 he passes ball, dodges see .

Just a few of broken arms,
Black eyes worn with pride.
Rugby Leage  what a battle ,
Carry the ball through the other side.

Running for the other goal,
Sidestepped Albert, got there see.
Not a bloody forward pass,   (illegal)
 Planted it between the trees.

At 17 I was in an interstate game,
between Dirranbandi n Goodooga, we lost. (shame)

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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Butterfly dream

"I dreamt, I was a butterfly or was I, 
  a butterfly dreaming . . ."
But I was only the cocoon grub,
 attached to a ceiling,
So I hung there thoughts of enrapturing,
 fascinating, the meaning,
But I was still a sordid bug,
 unloved a heart for stealing,

Outside was a Billabong,   (Aussie water hole)
 enchanting was the feeling,
I jerked the zip and let me rip,
 away from the cocoon,
delightful slip an swerve,
 with constant wheeling
I had bloody wings an things,
 entrancing was the moon,
Don Johnson 8-july-11

Poet Destroyer ~ A
Contest Name	any old butterfly poem....

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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Aussie Roulette

Aussie Roulette

50 years ago we had a sport
Of the deadly dangerous sort
Fight a Tiger snake just one
Quick as lightning in the sun

Used just once a post hole shovel
6 foot long was the handle
Running barefoot with the Tiger
Banded black n brown, a gamble?

Adrenaline ignites, terrifys!!!
Up the handle 5 foot tries
3 strikes each the 5 foot bugger 
Deadly battle, won another

Fang marks on the handle sit
Near my hand where he had bit
Don’t fight old Tiger he may win
Stupidity it is a sin!

Don Johnson

Hindsight says don't play with snakes.
My Tiger was launching 5 foot all his body at me, incredible because he was 
racing  alongside me  at the time.

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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Door o' Green

Door o’ green The door of green it stands ajar, I enter here in a dream, so far, A rough hewn table, here it sits, Big yellow candle splutters its, An ancient room, of meditation ….. As I look about the ancient room, A figure seen within the gloom, Svelte of body, bosoms loom, The sweetness of creation, She comes to me with loving eyes, No words are needed, sobs or sighs, And pressing close, and locked of eye, I hold this incarntation, The sudden chill of nipple freeze, The points are made with subtle ease, What can I do but play on these, No words of explanation? Moving closer within her thighs, I trace her form, though things do rise, Her bosoms rise, in breath caught size, Inpaled by the situation, I try to leave, she says don’t go, The fire is burning me, you know, Till passions fire has had to blow, Exhaustion’s generation, The magic place behind the door, Where love does wait for me and more, Fantasy says, yes me explore, A mental apparition…. Don Johnson

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2013

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hope life is like a buttercup
cos this old fool does care
if i was there I’d kiss you but
you might object "how dare"

perhaps  I shouldn’t call the tune
and bring you to my sight
attraction brings the moth too soon
if I don’t employ it right

patience like a cattle dog
who lays there in the shade
connected not, just like the frog
before a prince was made

Francine made me do it:

Don  Johnson  15-4-11

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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Passions heat

Passions Heat

In summer time 
yes my sweet
When I’m with you 
You won’t be blue
cos when we meet
the spark will flow
tween toe and toe 
consuming heat
gently feel the afterglow
as you recline  
sip red red wine
tomorrow waits
but satisfied
remember passions heat

Don Johnson

Pretty Francine inspired this verse...

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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Cattle Drive, Aussie style

Cattle Drive

Roll over a bit in me swag
Get some bones clear of the ground
Dew is on us swag cover is wet
Dingo is howling around

The cattle are camped in the corner 
The frogs are croaking, smile creeps
Old horse has the nose bag on
Oats n the chaff for his keep

Fox has his nose in the camp oven
Cattle dog  snarls n he freaks
Fox has blurted and gone now
Cattle dog goes back to sleep

At daylight we are catching the horses
Hobbles come off as they squeak
Saddle and mount a grumpy horse
be unloaded, you’re  bloody weak :)

Old horse drops his head again smartly
Pigroots around the flat
Stay with him mate it’s only
oats causing springing like that.

Cattle move on down the Stockroute
15 mile a day cross water n creeks
40 mile to the railhead Darby
The Shielas are waiting so sweet.

Don Johnson

Hey Babe 
I know the feeling Im a whiz at computers been using since 1990 .
My little laptop has inbuilt webcam i record from.
I was using a usb type video camera ...which worked well.
Do make an effort to put you on you tube ...
there is lots of crappity crap there so you will be welcomed there ..
i have 190 poems n talking too...just good fun its what i

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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Cousin John

War is such an awful thing, insanity can sometimes bring, like my cousin the zippo man, who burnt the huts the squealing and, came home and shot himself... poor John was Vietnam. sad and true and tears the heart, war is deadly, the aching part, they go away, do not return, just leave living heartache burns, no delight...Don Johnson

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011