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Details | Sylvia Coulstock Poem


God is all colours
And He is no colour,
For He lives in the black
And He lives in the white.
He lives in the mixed,red
Olive, brown and yellow,
For He lives in the heart
Where colours out of sight.

God is all creeds
And he is no creed.
He lives in the Muslim
And He lives in the Jew.
He's there in the Hindu,
The Christian, the Buddhist.
In all true believers
And the doubters too-

So why all this predjudice
Because of colour?
Why all this thinking 
There's a chosen race?
Why are we fighting 
In the name of religion?
When surely God wears 
Every human face.

Man has differences
Man has opinions.
That is the way 
The human race is run.
God is only ONE GOD
However we see him.
He's one for all,
So that all can be ONE. 

Copyright © SYLVIA Coulstock | Year Posted 2010

Details | Sylvia Coulstock Poem


All is well Cocooned within. Just the steady beat,beat,beat And gentle familiar sounds. Comforting,warm,so safe. Unease-noise-confusion. (Pushing,pushing) Panic,unfamiliar, What is happening? (Pushing,pushing) The beat now throbbing,pounding. Faster,faster And comes-the light, the light. So this is LIFE! (Blue skies,sunshine) A child's laughter, A mother's arms And a loved one's kiss. This is life. Celebration, happiness. Families united, Friends together And the gift of sharing. This is life.- (Yet dark skies.chaos) Nature's beautiful face Twisted in rage against the earth. And man - Bloody,cruel,insensitive. So many acts of hurt And tumultuous violence. One to the other. This is life. The addict on a bed of filth. The habitual drunk staggering to oblivion. Cries from diseased bodies Tormented by pain. And a small white coffin Laid gently in the ground. This is life. Learning,growing. Stumbling-yet learning,growing. Struggling,hurting-yet learning, With each uncertain breath A heart growing. Learning-love revealed Within each and in the world. THIS IS LIFE. Tears of pain,tears of joy,tragedy,comedy. Insanity,absolutely ludicrous. Mysterious,awesome, Compelling,thrilling. Thriving,striving. And having the will to live. This is life. All too soon comes weariness. Old bones aching. Mumbling,bewilderment,forgetting. Time to let go And to return to the stillness. Mist -everything fading, (Cold,so cold) all going. No sight.no taste, no smell. No feeling, just silence And yet-the light.

Copyright © SYLVIA Coulstock | Year Posted 2010

Details | Sylvia Coulstock Poem


HEY DIDDLE, why the Cat and the fiddle
And the Cow that jumped over the moon? 
Why they're all here in Nursery Rhyme land
At the wedding of the Dish and the Spoon.
The Little Dog is happy,The Cat is playing a tune
And soon the Dish and the Spoon will go hand in hand
Off on their honeymoon.
The guests include OLD KING COLE
And HUMPTY DUMPTY who sat on a wall
Though he's being very careful today-
Doesn't want to spoil things by having a fall.
Has left her garden behind
And come along with LITTLE BO-PEEP
With all her sheep to mind.
SIMPLE SIMON has come with the Pieman
Because they're preparing the food.
And LITTLE JACK HORNER wont sit in the corner
Thinks it might be rather rude.
JACK SPRAT AND HIS WIFE have come for the feasting .
And OLD MOTHER HUBBARD hopes something left for the cupboard
And her poor dog who's at home with the flu.
WEE WILLIE WINKIE has changed out of his nightshirt
And dressed up in his sunday best,
But he'll have to leave early to check on the children
To make sure that they're all at rest.
LITTLE TOMMY TUCKER wont need to sing for his supper.
GEORGIE PORGIE said he wont make anyone cry.
And  JACK AND JILL have brought some lemonade in their bucket
In case some of the guests get dry.
DOCTOR FOSTER returned from Gloucester-
Says he hopes it doesn't rain
But he's brought his umbrella just in case
Doesn't want to get caught out again!
THE CROOKED MAN although he's bent double
Said he's determined to dance,
His partner is BETTY BLUE who lost her shoe
Then happened to find it by chance-
Well these are just some of the wedding guests
Travelled from far and wide
That have come along to celebrate with
The proud groom and his dish of a bride....
So now you know what's going on
With the Cat and the fiddle and the COW that jumped over the moon.
And why the Little Dog laughed to see such fun
All because the Dish fell in love with the SPOON.

Copyright © SYLVIA Coulstock | Year Posted 2010

Details | Sylvia Coulstock Poem

Be Guided By LOVE

Whenever the road is long and hard And you wish that your burdens were light, Remember to have FAITH there by your side. With courage it will act as your might. Whenever the sun seems lost from view And ahead a long,long night, Remember the HOPE lying deep in your heart. It will help to reveal the light. Whenever the darkness embodies your fears That you tremble at what lays in sight, Remember the LOVE that holds you dear, That will guard till the morning bright..... We are all travellers along life's road At times it seems only darkness in sight. So as you journey go with FAITH and HOPE. And let LOVE lead with its'kindly light.

Copyright © SYLVIA Coulstock | Year Posted 2010

Details | Sylvia Coulstock Poem


I've been shoved out in the back yard, A bit ruff, don't you agree? It's not that I've disgraced myself, No,It's because SHE caught a flea! Don't know what all the fuss is about, I mean they don't bother me. Any way I need the exercise, It's a great way to have a good scratch. Those crafty little blighters They get right under my thatch. I like to chase 'em out To see how many I can catch. I grabs 'em and bites 'em And has my bit of fun. When they see these gnashers,grrr, You should see them try to hop and run. Oh! there's one,oh! there's one, Oh! there's another one. He-llo!what's going on here then? Aaarghh! that stuffs awful,smells really bad. Oy, watch where you're spraying! If you don't mind,I still want'a be a dad! Sometimes these humans just don't care. They drive me barking mad. Howoooo, I'm fed up with all this palaver I can't stand all this strife--. Hang on-time to be 'mummies darling'. Here comes his soppy wife. The things you have to do to make them happy. It really is a dog's life!
Palaver-fuss or bother

Copyright © SYLVIA Coulstock | Year Posted 2010

Details | Sylvia Coulstock Poem

Four Little Words

The buzzing wakes me,
The intercom.
It's the family.
We take off her coat,
Her little scarf and mitts.
She climbs in beside me.
Cold cheeks,
Little blocks of ice
Against my body ,toasty warm.

Shall we play?
Out comes Big Ted,
And the favourite book.
I read.
Big Ted looks on.
We sing twinkle twinkle,
Big Ted dances.
We sing again, Big Ted claps.
We take a bow
And we laugh.
I read again 
From the favourite book.

Two pairs of eyes
Sit entranced.
One, brought into reality
By the imagination of a child
The other pair locked into
A world of fantasy.
Warm, safe,
Wrapped in the arms
Of family love.

We sing again.
Big Ted is tired. 
I am tired,
The family see.
It's time to go.
We put on her coat,
Her little scarf and mitts.
Little arms hug tight,
Baby soft lips plant
A wet kiss on my cheeks.
And so her warmth leaves
With a wave of the hand.

I feel a familiar chill
Of emptiness descend
Upon me.
Then a new sound.
It carries through the letterbox,
Ascends the stairs
And reaches right 
Into my heart.
Just four little words.

I love you Nanny.

Copyright © SYLVIA Coulstock | Year Posted 2010

Details | Sylvia Coulstock Poem

Be as 'I AM'

When I touch the world with JOY I reach out with the hand of God. When I touch the world with HOPE I reach out with the hand of God. When I touch the world with PEACE I reach out with the hand of God. But when I touch the world With sorrow and despair: Through bitterness,and hatred Intolerance and anger Selfishness and greed, The hand is all my own. And I have the power To negate and to destroy... Yet the desire is within To be as 'I AM'. So I touch the world with TRUST. I touch the world with COMPASSION. I touch the world with HUMILITY. With God's divine hand in mine I reach out with all His GOODNESS,BEAUTY and TRUTH, And I touch the world with LOVE.

Copyright © SYLVIA Coulstock | Year Posted 2010

Details | Sylvia Coulstock Poem

IF LOVE........

If love is sharing, Heartfelt caring Always being by someone's side. If love is giving Knowing the joy of living A deep down feeling of pride. If love is heart thumping, Excitement,nerves jumping Never knowing quite what to expect. If love is yearning,pleasing Playfully teasing Yet treating another with respect. If love is tears and laughter Cuddles, and what comes after That feeling of indescribable sweetness. If love is quiet and content, Time well spent An overall sense of completeness. If love is wanting,yet undemanding, Patient,understanding Tries to see another's point of view. If love little tussles and fights Then putting things to rights The way only lovers can and do. If love is growing old together Commitment from the heart forever, Being bound to someone yet feeling free, In life the passion and the pain, Yet through it the constant gain Then let LOVE be for all our destiny.

Copyright © SYLVIA Coulstock | Year Posted 2010

Details | Sylvia Coulstock Poem


She walks past the coffee shop window
White hair,
Face wreathed in wrinkles-
Seeming somehow lost to the world,
Pursuing another aimless day
Consumed with nothing.

Her eyes light up!
Someone approaches.
A friend,relative,
Greetings of recognition
And smiles all round.
Now animated chatter from the pair
Along with constant change of expression,
Listening one to the other.

Then the meeting ends.
Life continues,
Each go seperate ways.
She walks on 
White hair
Face wreathed in wrinkles,
Only now shining with LIFE.
Warmed by the brief touch of human contact-
 Of having had someone to talk to.

Copyright © SYLVIA Coulstock | Year Posted 2010

Details | Sylvia Coulstock Poem


Pillar boxes that stand open-mouthed
Waiting to be fed.
And plump ripe strawberries,
Dipped in sugar,
Smothered in cream.
Or just popped in your mouth
And squashed between your teeth

Buttercups that shine under your chin
To give away your secrets.
And hot corn on the cob
That drips with butter
And smacks your lips.

Candyfloss,like fluffy cotton wool
That glues to your fingers
And disappears in your mouth.
And gooey icing on the top
Of long sticky buns.

Grass that prickles your skin
When you run barefoot.
And unripe apples
Hanging from trees
That beg to be eaten
Till your tummy hurts!

Fruit that juices your throat
And dribbles your chin.
And bonfire flames
Glowing and warm
That crackle and spit
And reach with poker fingers
If you get too near.

Like the flowers, and the lilac
In blossom time.
And sweet smelling lavender
That crushes itself
On your hands
And reminds you of Grandma.

Sky on a clear sunny day
That dangles above your fingers
Just out of reach.
And the warm sea
That plunges you
Into its' playful waters
And wraps you up
In its' waves.

And then there are
Multi-coloured things,
Like ribbons,ballons and streamers.
Kites that play chase with the wind.
The wings of butterflies
And painted carnival faces.
And of course the rainbow
That appears bright and magical,
Soaring high above
Houses and tree tops
On to nowhere land,
Lighting up the sky
With its brilliance.
Then is gone,
Scattering itself
To be remembered
Among colour favourites.

Copyright © SYLVIA Coulstock | Year Posted 2010