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The Little Mermaid

I used to wonder where love lives,
I found her by the waters,
In the white foam of the seashores,
On the sands of the sea-daughters
Shining brightly, stepping harsh
Slightly under the glow of the skies stars
I saw her, pondering on her own reflection
As it glistened in the waters.
They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
So radiant her beauty blinded me in an instant,
The force that drew me, that stole my heart, her affliction;
The opposite of narcissus'.

She blew me her sweet kisses, 
From the edge of the waters rocks,
As I stumbled tired from war,
Hard breathed knock kneed,
The little breath I had she stole away from me,
Pain wreathed through my lungs,
In place of air my remedy were her sweet locks
Intertwined they climbed, the marine fibers,
They formed the crown and sat above her smiling face
That framed the ocean sapphires, 
Love charms hidden behind their liquid glaze.

Under their gaze, I was so far gone
Too weak to understand what was going wrong.
The heat of the flames of my captivity, 
The water spirits and their bonds
From my heart to her own tightened
Entangled in the messy knot fools call love.
The rituals and songs of the water world trapped me.
And as bail I gave my heart and its prose 
I held her in my ruff palms, through pains and chills
Closer and closer, The Little Mermaid, The Blue Rose
The water spirit though lucid, still 
Her thorns cutting deeper, deeper till 
My heart broke 


Copyright © Eze Obiora | Year Posted 2010

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Promiscuous Woman

The burden of the power of men lay heavy,

As the sword in the stone erect and buried,

In our earth, our mother of all, nourisher of many

Birth giver of trees in turn bare fruit when ready.


In time you will emerge from your carapace,

Unveil yourself, Venus guardian of love, keep faith,

I see value in the mystery of your eyes,

In the depths of your desires beneath lust, trust lies.


Lizards wait restless in this world and not the next

Men whose hearts are concealed behind their chests

Only those who wear their hearts on their sleeves attest

To the true value of a woman,  that remains intrinsic, ageless.

Copyright © Eze Obiora | Year Posted 2010

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Who is he that can show light its dwelling place?
Or carve destiny in to the hands of man or stud it in the sky?
Who is he that makes Earths foundation tear and shake?
And instructs the morning birds to sing their lullabies?

Who is he whose words cut through soul and rock palely?
Whose eyes behold day and night in similitude?
Who adorns the brightest light as a garment faithfully?
Who replaces the pugnacious sun with the placid moon?

Who is he that can burn a flame or drown a sea?
Whose semblance causes trembling to tremble?
Or who knows the beginning and end of infinity?
It is the same who knows, loves and created all.

Copyright © Eze Obiora | Year Posted 2010

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The Mark Of Cain

Dare I chide you my child
For playing in the moonlight
With the children of those I know
Despise my kind and kin folks?

Dare  chide you my child
For daring to put aside
deep seated wounds I felt
Grievances of generations past and present?

Dare I chide you my child
For mingling without fear
With those who, time after time,
Try to carve the mark of Cain on my face?

Dare I chide you my child
For trusting in the infinite goodness of man,
That sustains us in the most difficult of times,
And gives us hope when all seems lost?

I have taught you
To see goodness in everyone.
So ignore my fears my child,
For even when goodness titters on the edge,
As evil nudges it towards the precipice,
Many hands reach out to sprinkle the wings of justice
And goodness does, once again,
Soar to its rightful place of safety.
And the mark of Cain,
Carved on my face with infinite care,
Fades away with painful memories
Of the legacies of a people's miseries.
And it has,.........on this memorable day

Inspired by Chinua Achebe's "Vultures"

Copyright © Eze Obiora | Year Posted 2010