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Best Poems Written by Ohiozoba Ehiede

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The Apple Of My Eye

The apple of my eye is a one for
An Amazon of an all in  one
Being sourced from the Almighty’s Blessings
A paradox in discovery by Spiritual vision
Unsearchable among the highs and lows
As more precious than earthly
A glorious heritage with more respect for the reward
You are the Apple of my eye
I can never let you go away
Even when you are far away
From my heart you never go away 
When our story will be told
Anthony and Cleopatra shall be kindergarten’s tale
My heart billows of love
Continuously being expressed
My deep affection for you
Resounds over a thousand hills
The more at your being I gaze
The more your fondness I develop
My love for you is mountaineering
Above the mountains resonating
You are my apple of ardor
I have crossed the Rubicon to love
Your tenderness as the gentle breeze
Blowing over the Mediterranean Sea
When I remember we are flesh
As a wisp of smoke
As roses wither in the garden
I must seize the precious moments
Of your exquisite love
Pure and so true
Undefiled so Divine
To carry you in my heart. 

Copyright © ohiozoba ehiede | Year Posted 2013

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as lovely mannequins

Iconoclastic lots of marshiest beauty

Clenched sublime altruistic nature bore –
Morals indefatigably humbled, reasoning in bondage –
Bondage of the highest periphery
Blessings encountered in watered chaos.
Blocked nuts with scanty feelers,
Inducing mere bouts of euphoric impasses
Rarely a gift of fatherly nature.
Hay filled tubs called but heads
Preferably a misfortune 
To their worthless masses.
Maevius a reader’s delight be
In the fumbling fold
Of this rowdy rendezvous.
More ore less classy oddities
On deferred pedestals
As lovely Mannequins
To display for sale.
Now Hyperion his burning sword behold
None to hear Triton’s call to arms.

Copyright © ohiozoba ehiede | Year Posted 2005

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Flame of My Heart

It developed as a fiery glow
Burning with intense passion
My whole being agog
With floods of emotions
What a nightmare
As a butterfly voice 
The day we met
The flame was lit
An Everlasting Love
So it has become
The flame posits
The extra mile transcended
Thinking about you
Hoping, longing and wishing
Waiting for the kiss
One kiss, one moment
Not the Sacred Fruit
Why I love you
You kindle my heart’s flame
Even with the years past
The story the same
You are beautiful
You are the one
The flame of my heart.


Copyright © ohiozoba ehiede | Year Posted 2013

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They have come for your funeral 
Their looks belie ‘their hearts
 When you needed them 
Their backs turned on you 
Now shamelessly and hypocritically
 They drag those sacrilegious legs 
To   profane your   last   rest  in   life.
 All you got from them 
Were whimpers, envying and backbiting 
Now they cover their infamous faces 
With white hankies White in contrast To this solemn event 
Not less of concealing their last laugh at you yes they laugh, since you bit the dust before them
 ‘Dust to dust
Ashes to ashes…. 
What is theirs? They do not lose! Devil incarnates! They cannot wait to attend the reception 
Their disgusting guts shall be full. 
Come today barely three days back they came revelling 
And seeking pleasure in the arms of damsels 
At your expense
 How the wheel turns! 
They have forgotten so soon you who served and catered for them whenever you could 
You, without bias, attended to their various needs Like Cleopatra’s maid. 
Now you lie there in stillness
The stifling hands of death hold you motionless not moving, not talking why don’t you stand up And bring their jeers to shame? Alas! You shall fear, ache, breathe and See no more 
But can’t you see around your grave side that some of the people never liked or knew you existed? They are here as guarantors and possible witnesses to see you firmly and finally incarcerated in that airless rest place Oh! A gross miscarriage of justice!
Look towards your wife how she stands weeping but are the tears real? Your trusted friend stands Beside gloating Dressed more like an entertainer Than a mourner See how he places his hand On her shoulders Consoling her? That hand is more or less caressing than of comfort my friend your wife is no longer a widow Right here by your grave side an oddity is being perfected 
Salacious minds they still keep the primrose path. 
Without flagging or failing your fatherless children are aghast
 Even your aged mother stupefied beyond redemption
It was so sudden and though your brothers and sisters hold them a new life of toil, hardship and squalor may await them. 
What of your prized possession which your pilfering relatives have equally shared?
 Never mind the children should be your assets and judge the atrocities inflicted on you 
Though you have gone to return no more
 Sleep well for even if man forgets this tomb, never its occupant
 Sleep well! My dear friend Adieu! 
Till we meet to part no more.

By   Ohiozoba    Ehiede

Copyright © ohiozoba ehiede | Year Posted 2019

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On the Wall

On the wall standing

Amidst the danger encroaching

Mirrors the alligator’s razors

Securely entrenched in mud waiting

A boa slides into the deep...

The seconds tick amicably.

A table for two served yet again

Another tango about to be untangled

Periodic busts of water

Jet from the sighing sea...

A canoe capsizes

In this noonday medley

A suckling amidst the troubled current

Heads gaily for the sea’s bed...

Another scene, the serene sea

Running a sapid gold hue

Allows a fluttering dove above admiringly

To the nonchalant glare

In the distant horizon

Of the setting sun.

Afar the mongrels howl

At grotesque elements from hade...

Suddenly Andromeda hurtles through the sky

In search of her Medusa-defeated lover

Provoking Hercules into a riotous laughter

As its echoes furious might does Atlantis in...

Copyright © ohiozoba ehiede | Year Posted 2019

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Mimi Kanawa

Mimi Kanawa lives on

A sore thumb in the rain

Creditor she preferred

A debtor she stood like a trout to bait

Hunger swallowed her so

But death stung her not

Being a hard row to hoe.

Mimi Kanawa made a parting with the road

That was so well made

The price overtook her

Repeatedly on this road

Though nothing lasts forever

Her gaze will always reign

For from her timeless gaze

Nothing will erase

Until I tell this tale

Of a fate too true to be stale

Copyright © ohiozoba ehiede | Year Posted 2019