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A blurry word is a pest, 
a missed meaning a chore.
But lost specks are best,
when never found ever more. 

And not spotted by my darling 
perched up high in my mane 
after an unrightously load roar
and a heaping pile of disdain.

Specs not found by my love 
sitting atop my fuzzy head
is a gift from the heights above
That I pray for instead.

Copyright © Gene Garrett | Year Posted 2010

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Soldier's Cadence

                'Soldier's Cadence'

A father's pride, a mother's delight, life progresses  
Elastic hugs, warming comfort, floating dark.
Dreamy days, muted sounds, soft caresses.

Pushing throbbing, urgent contracting, curious lights
Quickening beats, seeking release, shoving limbs
Resonant cries, hands grasping, wondrous sights 

Holding arms, stroking hands, loving sighs  
Caring bosom, tender embrace, comforting words  
Always soft, ever near, sleepy lula-byes

School bells, teenage trials, boyhood done
Ball grounds, puppy love, evening gowns
Studies over, manhood near, an American son

Country calls, Army braid, bugle sounds 
Barracks life, dusty trails, sweating strains
Parade grounds, graduation cheers, pride abounds. 

Assignments given, War bound, stomach flutters
Nerves steeled, loved ones calmed, plane departs
Landing bounce, wings groan, prop shudders

Days blur, nights swelter, soldiers cope
Hellish sights, endless nights, chilling fear
Departure nears, date held dear, family's hope.          

A rifle shot, a medic yells, a soldier falls.
Holding arms, hard embrace, fearfilled sighs.  
Caring hands, calming voice, death calls.  

Flag draped, uniform medaled, homeward bound.
Coffin lowers, salute rendered, flag offered  
A mother's broken heart, a father's anguished sound.

Copyright © Gene Garrett | Year Posted 2010

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Justice for George

Justice for George

We all saw the knee, 
and Chauvin's disdain.
We all heard the plea, 
yet there was no refrain.   

 Please help us un-see 
what was seen by us all.
Give solace to his family,
And meaning to his fall.

Heal the countries heart,
and Lift the nation's pall.
With Justice for George,
it's the only righteous call.

By Gene Garrett

Copyright © Gene Garrett | Year Posted 2021