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I'm turning into Mother

I’m turning into mother
Eyebrows, nose, and lips.
Bosoms hanging, almost, to
my child bearing hips.

She’s grumpy and forgetful
And I’m growing much the same.
Tables now are turning
In the parent child game.

It’s me that does the cleaning,
Feeds and dresses too
Who always asks before we go
‘have you been to the loo’?

Her childlike ways increasing
throwing tantrums, snubbing food,
and me left to be patient
understanding, kind, and good

I’m turning into mother.
But the future I can see.
‘cos they tell me life’s a circle,
and soon, that child will be me.

Copyright © Kaye Locke | Year Posted 2012

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Standing on this sun-soaked beach without you,
sea splashes mix with salty tears
that the gentle wind brushes from my cheek.
My toes curl into the soft white sand
as they did whenever you caressed me.

Is it a mistake to return so soon,
whence the last strands of happiness lie?
I blight this place which you once graced,
laying lithe and golden on its shore,
out dazzling the sun with your luster.

Laughter from unknowing revellers offends me
and I fix my gaze to past horizons,
where my passion knew no end,
before this shroud of misery enveloped me, 
In an echo of your pall.

Crisp white sheets filled with fragrant breezes
Glide the distant yachts to quiet harbours
Safe from storms they’ll rest peacefully, like you.
Whilst I remain, marooned in turmoil.
At sea.
At loss.

Copyright © Kaye Locke | Year Posted 2014

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Growing up

I’ve tried to teach you all the things
that growing up will bring,
like working hard and being good
and all that kind of thing.

Yet, there’s lots of things I’ve yet to tell
and some things are quite sad.
Like growing up forgetting 
the things that made you glad.

You find out that the moon
is not the silver you once thought.
The sun is not the golden ball
you thought the clouds had caught.

You soon learn that the fairies
don’t come when you grow old.
That snow is not for playing in –
it only makes you cold.

But if, like me, you’re lucky
and have stories you can tell,
to children who will listen
and learn their lessons well,

you’ll keep afresh the memories
of all your childhood dreams,
so growing up won’t be as bad
as you might think it seems.

Copyright © Kaye Locke | Year Posted 2014

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When I'm Bored

Through the fog of tedium
My thoughts turn to you
You dusky seductress
Wrapped in silver sheets
Waiting to melt at my lips

I cannot resist your call
Though you lead me 
to this fattened state
I’ll readily accept my fate
I’m yours oh perfect chocolate

Copyright © Kaye Locke | Year Posted 2015

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the big five-o

Always wear thongs when you’re fifty
and let those buttocks bounce
Don’t give a jot ‘bout your wobbly bot
Just flounce that extra ounce
No twin-set and pearls
nor hair in tight curls
just denim and boots
And disguising your roots
Not growing older
Just bigger
And bolder
Keep a smile on your face
And grow old in dis-grace!

Copyright © Kaye Locke | Year Posted 2010

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That's life

The bubbles of wealth
used to rise in the glass
and tingle on my lips.
The label that I wore with verve
Skimmed lightly cross my hips

Hair in fashionable disarray
I’d sashay round the town
Always remembering to cross 
My knees whenever I sat down

I was finished y’know in
Switzerland.  I folded napkins there
And learnt to act in a modest way
That behove a lady fair

In scarlet I went hunting
And found myself a beau
Not the handsomest of gentlemen
But he did have a chateau

I bathed in foreign sunshine
and royalty were friends
But it was just illusion
And soon the summer ends

And now its only tea 
That’s sipped from paper cups
No more the trips to Henley
or Badminton or such

Gold has now turned silver
and my hips are not my own
and should I try to cross my knees
I’d likely break a bone

Copyright © Kaye Locke | Year Posted 2010

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Prayer to the reaper

Death creep quietly to my side
smooth the life lines from my face
let the darkness rest my eyes
and wrap me in your cold embrace

Lift the troubles from my soul
soothe the ache from weary bones
I will submit without recoil
‘til but the shell of me remains

Stop my heart from pumping blood
so lips no longer crave the kiss
Tears will dry upon my cheeks
the scars of life to turn to dust

Copyright © Kaye Locke | Year Posted 2010

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The apples ripen red, delicious
On the tree
Then fall
Where animals feast
And insects crawl
And creep
Under their skin
Rotting them from the outside in.

Copyright © Kaye Locke | Year Posted 2014

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The Inevitable

Brand new life arrives
Screaming into the sunlight
Winter bides its time

Copyright © Kaye Locke | Year Posted 2010

Details | Kaye Locke Poem

Ganges Morning

While fisherman wait
Sacred river scintillates
At dawn’s amber light

Copyright © Kaye Locke | Year Posted 2015