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Edgar Allan Poe

I was inspired once a long time ago
By something that I read
I never knew such amazing things
Could fill the inside of my head

I always thought that poetry
Was about love or romance,
I never knew it could be dark
Suddenly I was entranced.

A whole new world had opened up
And I could write about it all;
Anything that crossed my mind,
Anything I could recall.

And it was all because of a poem
I read one day at school;
The poem was entitled “The Raven”
And it was just so incredibly cruel,

I fell in love with the poem
And craved others that were the same;
But there was only one author that captured me 
Edgar Allan Poe was his name.

Every poem or story  that he wrote
Was like a beacon showing the way;
I never knew I could write about death
Without worrying what others would say

And so I took leaf out of his book,
And wrote about what I feel;
I was always afraid to express myself
But now it holds only appeal

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2010

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Making the best of a bad situation...

Sometimes you have to make the best,
Of the bad luck thrown your way;
Get on with your life, to heck with the rest,
And just enjoy your day;

I was having me a terrible day,
Everyone grumbling at work;
No one had anything nice to say,
And my boss was being quite a jerk;

I went to my office and told myself,
I wouldn’t let it get to me;
I grabbed a book off the shelf,
And went to work, plain as can be;

I smiled at everyone that was around,
And went out of my way to be nice;
It was strange for me to be so profound,
Giving everyone advise;

I figured that was the best way, 
For me to get back at them; 
By wishing them a happy day,
And not being hasty to condemn;

I have never been more happy,
I’ve sure got it made;
Cause you know when life gave me
Lemons, I made the office lemonade!

~5th Place in the "Making Lemonade" Contest by Deborah Guzzi~

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2010

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Smoke Rings in the Dark

We sit alone in the shadows outside,
Blowing smoke rings in the dark;
Watching them rise and then divide,
The cherry just a glowing spark;

This is what living is all about,
I’m more happy now than I care to admit;
Talking, laughing, and hanging out,
Just sitting here with our cigarettes lit; 

Blowing smoke rings towards the sky,
Your simple words tugging at my heart;
I lean on your shoulder with a satisfied sigh;
And watch as they slowly drift apart;

Doing all the things we shouldn’t do;
I liked being here alone with you,

Blowing Smoke rings in the dark...

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2010

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My Blessings...

Steven, My Love, my best friend in life,

Parents that support me in whatever I do;

My two puppies Zeus & Eos (both mutts)

My heritage of Potawatomi, Huron and Sioux;

A family willing to lend me support,

A wonderful house to come home to;

A simple world I can call my own,

My siblings, out there to help pull me through;

My horses willing and full of heart,

And all of my friends - Old and New;

My semi-good health and happiness;

And the passion that writing allows me to peruse!

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2010

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Johnny Depp

My favorite actor I can easily say would have to be Johnny Depp,
When he has a new movie coming out, it puts a spring in my step;

My husband thinks that he’s insane, but that adds to his allure,
Has there ever been another actor that can play in rolls so obscure;

Take Edward Scissorhands for example, who else could pull that off,
There’s not another actor that could, but still my husband scoffs;

So versatile in playing roles from Cry-Baby to Sleepy Hollow,
And I’ll admit while watching scenes in Chocolat, I found it hard to swallow;

I have yet to see another actor who could match Depp in his whit,
Although Alice in Wonderland kind of freaked me out a bit;

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies all had me on my toes,
But Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a little weird, I suppose;

That having been said, he’s brilliant, No other can compare,
And when I see his picture posted, I can’t help but stop and stare!

~For Amy Green's Choose One, Have Fun Contest~
-My Subject is Johnny Depp-

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2010

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Potawatomi's Beginning...

The story I have to tell- was told long ago to me, 
About the creation of the Potawatomi Nation; 
In the beginning the Creator made Anishabe, 
And the Creator told Anishabe to name all of his creations,
 Anishabe set out with a wolf, his companion, 
And he went around naming everything; 
From the mountains and the canyons, 
To the Summer and the Spring; 
He became lonely realizing, he alone had no mate,
 And as he traveled everywhere searching, 
He traveled towards the Great Lakes;
 And there he heard a woman singing, 
Her song was a thing of beauty, 
About the home she was making for them;
 Anishabe crossed the lake to meet her, finally, 
The daughter of the Firekeeper-And quite a gem 
Their’s was the first unity bond, It is where life came from; 
Of each other they were inordinately fond;
 Their union gave life to four sons,
 Each of their sons went a different way, 
The First son traveled North, it’s color is White, henceforth;  
Given the first gift of the Creator-sweet grass-braided in a bouquet, 
He married the daughter of the Spirit of the North; 
The second sun traveled East, into the rising sun, 
He learned that fire is the essence of life; 
He was given the second gift-herbs to speak with the One,
East is the color Yellow, East’s daughter became his wife; 
The third son traveled South, known as “The Way of The Woman”, 
The way of seeds and all that give life, the color of South is Red; 
He was given the gift of cedar-to purify and prepare food for his clan 
And to the daughter of the Spirit of the South he was wed.
 The last son traveled west, towards the mountain highlands, 
He learned that the setting sun represents the circle of life; 
Black is the color of West-Sage was the gift for his hands,
 Married to the Spirit of the West’s daughter, Black stands for strife. 
This is the story of the Creator, That my Grandmother told to me,
 How my culture was started, And what our banner means.

~I've been holding on to this a while-Hope you enjoy the beginning of my culture~

~3rd Place in the "Broad Horizons" Contest by Deborah Guzzi~

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2010

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The Wildflower

I saw it today, the first wildflower of the season,
It filled my heart with unending joy,
Finally after the barren winter, Life;
Life in the form of a vibrant Wildflower,
Yellow in color with petals seeking the sun,
Feeling it’s warmth after the long cold winter;
I saw in it Hope, hope that winter has ended,
No more snow, no more frigid cold,
No more cloudy and freezing days,
With the chilling wind that pierces your very soul,
Finally sun; and warmth and color;
Winter is so desolate and bare,
The lack of color depresses me;
I need sun, I need to feel it’s heat on my face,
And now I have hope that it’s here to stay,
Here for the next few seasons at least;
Bringing with it the roasting summer,
And days on the lake, oh how I missed them;
Stretched out on a beach towel,
Listening to the waves and the gulls;
In this one flower I find redemption…

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2011

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Nature's Art

There’s no comparison to Nature’s Art;
It’s seen with the eyes and felt with the heart;

I see it in the trees and the ground that I walk,
In the prance of the deer and flight of the hawk;

The unearthly quiet before a thunderstorm hits,
The sulfur and electricity that a storm emits;

The mighty mountains standing tall with pride,
An artwork that can be seen far and wide;

A blank canvas that nature made all it’s own,
From the air that I breathe to a moss covered stone.

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2011

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Morning in the Conway House

I roll over exhausted and hit the snooze,
This early morning wake up is giving me the blues;

I crawl out of bed more tired than I got in,
Til my son gives me his good morning grin;

I’m up and at ‘em, showered and clean,
And we walk out the door at 7:15;

Off to work, too bad it’s not play,
That’s how I start off my busy, busy day!

09/15/12  Tirzah Conway

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2012

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Sounds of Summer

Summer has so many sounds,
And all of them unique;
From the leaves rustling in the trees,
To the slow babble of the creek;

And all of the birds have their own voice,
To lend to it’s harmony;
The grass blowing in the wind,
And the buzzing of the bees;

The soft chirping of new hatched chicks,
And the bark of a happy dog;
The horses snorting in the fields,
The croak of an old bullfrog;

The soft pulling of the grass,
As a cow takes a big bite;
The clashing of a pair of bulls,
Wrestling in mock fight;

The different sounds of summer,
Makes a beautiful melody;
 Everything from the gulls on the beach,
To the crash of the waves in the sea;

To some people it may sound like noise,
But to me it is a never ending song;
An amazing melodic tune,
That plays constantly all day long.

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2010