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My Lover

To and fro 'cross the floor in one reminesce,
Of just a day derived a many months ago,
Of what to not happen of candy kiss,
From angel's embrace and blow.
This time feels a'far as stroh.
A tear for you placed upon thy cheek,
A cheek wished to be met again;
From the day love played hide and go seek,
A day my heart you began to reign,
Now, yearning to be beside your sustain.

Copyright © Nicole King | Year Posted 2012

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Masochistic Love

If you were to slap me, I’d whimper,
If you were to flog me, I’d scream,
If only one time you’d have yelled at me,
And I’d just scream at you, but it could never be.

Instead you used promises against me,
Took my hopes and dreams from sight,
Bundled them up into a flurry of words,
And beat me with them every night,
While I wasn't awake,
And you were just out and about,
And I'd lay there, love you, and cry,
Cry tears and tears with only your ghost.

Now there are daggers in my back,
And “Skank” and “Whore” tattooed in my skin,
I should throw you out right now,
But I love the way you hurt me,
And I look in your eyes, and I know that you’ll win. 
You win, and we both love our miserable sin,
The games you’ve played for so long, you win.
Please, nurture me back now, I promise…you win.

But there are still many more games to play,
And I love the pain and the misery,
You know just what to say when you've gone too far,
And just the guilt in your eyes heals my hearts blistering.

And you couldn’t be all I deserve,
Cause honestly, you’re all that I want,
You’re my tears, my masochistic love,
Even if I am, to you, “A *f***ing ugly c*nt."

Copyright © Nicole King | Year Posted 2012

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A Sweet Reminesce (to my loved one James Kendrick)

So far away so said thy fate,
And only a promise to one day return.
It could be months, but likely years,
So, distance must I learn.

Never cried a tear so hard,
When I had to let you stay,
As behind I left you with a tender kiss,
As I flew so far away.

And when I tremble in the pain,
The love and beauty I must recall.
Memories, memories hold me up,
And please don't let me fall.

To reminesce on your soft lips,
That whispered in my ear,
Many a times throughout the night,
Those words I love to hear.

A night to sleep upon your chest,
And listen to your heart. 
And through the songs it sang to me,
I knew we'd never really be apart.

And you held me so close,
Kept me safe; kept me warm.
You were there to wipe away my fears,
And save me through the storm.

I gave to you not only my heart,
But my life and innocence.
And in that I also handed you,
My soul, in a sense.

I love you James. . . 

Copyright © Nicole King | Year Posted 2010

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I am alive, not dead

Drifting off into vapor,
Plasmatic memoirs of the past.
A time traveler, though still sitting here
I am alive, not dead.

I lift my hands up to my face,
Check if I’m still breathing.
I feel warm breathe drift out of me,
I am alive, not dead.

Check the clock,
It ticks away,
The time I have left in the world,
I am alive, not dead.

I’m running back in time to pain,
The misery I had without you,
Hate, crime, and suicide,
I hate running back in time.

Here to a day I died inside,
Feel it all again,
Anxious for reality,
But stuck in a blockade of the past.

Kill me now,
Don’t wish to be,
Stuck in this dreadful past.
I think I am not alive…

Gasping for air,
Searching for reality,
Escaping myself,
Run back to the present.

I lift my hands up to my face,
Check if I’m still breathing.
I feel warm breathe drift out of me,
I am alive, not dead.

Yes, I am alive, not dead.

Copyright © Nicole King | Year Posted 2010

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Standing at the fork in the road,
I don’t know which way to go.
I watch a girl stand there crying,
Running to and fro.
Her tears fall to the floor,
There’s nobody there to catch,
Her heart as it sinks within,
Darkness’ safe with a latch.
The woman she was so beautiful,
In love I believed I had fell,
So I decided to run down that path,
The one that led to Hell.
I knew that once I stepped foot,
Upon that wretched path,
I was bound to this life,
Of torture and of wrath.
My childhood was a broken one;
It was only shattered glass.
I’d watch my mother take the narcotics,
And do the puff, puff pass.
All the while through school,
In dreams I saw “her” face.
Then one day on the corner,
I saw her dressed in lace.
I remembered her from before,
When we stood among the path.
I picked her up and told her,
That she was going to take a bath.
Of course, in her line of work,
She thought that would mean sex,
But I was going to take her away,
From this horrid hex.
While she sat beside me,
She smelled of old, sick smoke.
We went into the house and she,
Grasped her throat and choked.
I told her to sit upon the bed;
That it was all going to be okay.
I went to fill the tub with water,
While in the bed she lay.
When I walked out and saw her,
She had already undressed.
I took her into the bathroom,
Though she was used to being caressed.
I lightly lay her in the water,
Told her to lather up.
She told me I was going to have,
To make sure I pay up.
I told her I would pay,
Her with everything I had.
She took that as I was going,
To rip her off pretty bad.
She began to throw a fit,
I threw my wallet on the floor.
I reassured her that,
She didn’t have to do this anymore.
I took good care of her,
Gave her everything I had.
I loved her with all my heart,
I would hate to see her sad.
Everything was going well,
And sex had waited a while,
When out of the blue one day,
She ran off a couple miles.
I went about and searched for her,
The tears welling in my eyes.
I couldn’t believe what I had found,
I wanted to end my lives.
There she stood before me,
Her lips pressed against his,
And a smile upon her face,
One of true, happy bliss.
Now this second here I stand,
Inside the walls of our home,
Awaiting the girl that I love,
To come home very stoned.
She unlocks the sacred door,
The one that’s set to kill,
I scream at her as she walks in,
“If I can’t have you no one will!”
Bang! And then the game is set.
Time to play again.
I take the rope and tie it up,
Now I jump the end.

Copyright © Nicole King | Year Posted 2010

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Suicide Drive Goodbye

Many a paths I've traveled by,
Seen high and low with the naked eye.
Been here, been there, been everywhere,
But now it's dark, and I can't make it out.

I've chosen the path of a broken life,
Been down Suicide Drive with my knife.
There was a still beauty in the blood that fell,
Even in the darkest ditches lives a scarlet art.

And the light shall come after the darkest hour,
And thence in love we did devour.
The path of love is glorious indeed,
But twas this one that led me elsewhere.

And to stray into the darkness; no path around,
Would lead to confusion; this was bound.
I'd strived for safety that only hurt,
Because I left you behind and became confused.

I hate to speak it, but it must be spoke.
The day I left you I finally awoke,
And then I knew without you I'd die,
And go right back down my Suicide Drive. . .

And the last and final path I've chose,
Is to be with my love, in night it glows.
And though you live so a'far,
I know one day our soft whispers shall be heard.

Ich liebe dich fur immer...
I love you forever...

Copyright © Nicole King | Year Posted 2010

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Lost to meth

I’m sorry my little brother of half.
I’m sorry your last birthday never came to pass.
I’m sorry you never got to meet your siblings.
I’m sorry you never got to come home.
I never got to say goodbye.
And I never even saw your mother cry.
She gave your life away to meth,
And didn’t even shed a tear at your death.
I can feel you calling to me.
I can feel your tears.
She didn’t care, but Caleb I love you.
I assure you your father shall never forget
The day he held you as your soul slipped away.
I hope you three days in the world were great.
Though, I’m almost certain they weren’t.
But I’m sure you got a glimpse,
At just how beautiful things may be,
And how ugly the rest of it is.
I wish I could have known you.
I wish you were here with me now.
Though I’m glad you don’t have to deal with her.

Copyright © Nicole King | Year Posted 2010

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Go to Hell

I’m a fragile, dead corpse six feet under. A malignant and deadly being, So hand to me my belongings; That being my blackened wings. My power shall end you. Your being will fall. Apocalypse, I shall reign. Go to, Hell.
honorable mention in andrea's contest etheree me

Copyright © Nicole King | Year Posted 2010

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Completely yours

I am completely yours, thy love.
I wonder why you would choose me to be yours.
I hear your heart beating from so far away.
I see beauty through the pain festering in your eyes.
I want you to be here with me now.
I am completely yours, thy love. 

I pretend you’re beside me when you’re not really there.
I feel the love through your touch and your whispers.
I touch your heart when I look in your eyes.
I worry of nothing because you are mine.
I cry no more, because those tears are no longer needed.
I am completely yours, thy love.

I understand just how you feel.
I say how much I love you through the silent stares.
I dream of hearing your voice speak to me.
I try to think that I won’t ruin anything.
I hope for an eternal love.
I am completely yours, thy love.

Copyright © Nicole King | Year Posted 2010

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Shame, Guilt, Hate, Sorrow

All I feel inside is shame,
Guilt, hate sorrow, and even more blame.
Once I fall in love it’s forever.
I ask for a break, but my heart says never.
I just don’t know how to move away,
From the love for the person who’ll never say,
“I love you,” ever again.
I wish that this love would just end.
I don’t want it turn to hate.
I love you, Darling. Is this just fate?
All I feel inside is shame,
Guilt, hate, sorrow, and even more blame.
But to move on is what I have to do,
But my question is with who?
Who could take my heart from your hands?
Somewhere in this world he stands.
He can take away the shame,
The guilt, hate, sorrow, and even more blame.

Copyright © Nicole King | Year Posted 2010