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In The Light Of Dark Comings

Faith is only troublesome when
You lose it in the very thing that
Was supposed to create more of it

Here, shame manifests itself in Doubt, 
developing a disappointment You Feel 
toward yourself for a simple failed trial

The money is gone with no way to pay
I pray for more time on the clock
But hard times are clearly inevitable

I'm ready for the test this time
But fear comes with it for the
Universe usually see this as a dare

The fear in having my faith tested
Comes from the gathered evidence
Of my always giving up early

My strength is my constant effort
To produce more faith 
In the light of dark comings.

I am not hoping in results but in the
Certainty that I will become what 
God intends regardless of circumstances 

Change comes to me now as I 
Go to God for the connection
That creates better

I am gaining focus as I follow
In Gods direction to growth
In sight of the trap of the circle

I am spiraling upwards as I write 
The truth that I death grip as
I ascend towards improvement

I am protecting my faith through the
Gratitude I feel for all the things
That challenge and have challenged me

So I am working assured, knowing
This time I trust in confidence
Even though I have nothing to show for it

Copyright © Richard Craig | Year Posted 2016

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Framing Pictures

Poetry is my photographer's way of taking a picture,
my way of capturing the moments our hearts envelope
and need to express. It's a snap shot
of the before, in between and after seen now...

...What - I - felt,
What - she- thinks,
What - he - will - do...

...It encapsulates the heart of each poet's under-
standing for how to bring everything into words,
and  focuses the listener into a sure way of receiving
what others mean to roll into your camera.
The seconds passing can now embrace the all
of life AND time for you to have now...

...NOW can have more than the speaker standing
and the now that is spoken, but can release
the imagination to discover the realness of what
connects us all and en frame the totality of 
existence into this moment...

As the shutter shuts, you impress into the world ideas...
Ideas like love lost, or an oak tree in mid-autumn...
You can engage your heart to feel united to a teenager
who lived 350 years ago and bring her back to life...
as well as unlock and set free your terminal uniqueness
and end loneliness forever now,

...All you have to do is read and listen
and we can connect to each other....
maybe not this poem, maybe not the next...
let the shares become the film developing,
staying tuned in...
and everything you've ever been waiting to hear
can reach you!

...You can feel oneness with others,
ease the pillar of your soul,
comprehend your inhibitions,
put to rest your cravings,
or set loose your laughter...

...Time can angle your lens and catch what everything
looks like, but a poet can capture and increase
the moods and tones of the photo so you can 
FEEL what the picture looks like with one flash...
and cause a picture to breathe....

So......take a deep breathe...
rub yourselves into your clothes....
...feel the texture of all the material,
maybe on your thighs or your shoulders...
 go ahead and feel the texture of your own smile...
and welcome to the now, NOW...
right now.

Copyright © Richard Craig | Year Posted 2009

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Between the Teacher and the Student

The coin snaps off the fingers
As gravity works the spin
I turn for you, flip and land
I see your patience running thin

It's heads, not what I want
So I choose tails and I choose you
Past indecision, I now confront
Our mess I must attend to

You don't need to explain our love
It's really between you and me
They may not understand, respect
A mother/teacher/ student reality

I refused your many lessons
From constant pains that bruised fast
Most hurt caused by self
unhealed wounds brought from the past

When your tries bring on a new sting
I resist though I want more
I only see the pain and so lose
The lesson's blessings in store

I don't need to explain our love
It's really between you and me
The may not understand, respect
A mother/teacher/student reality

I go to you, I run from you
What you give I misconstrue
Let's prove them wrong with how we do
I'll honor what we've been through

Letting go of darkness everyday
Bowing with the homework you give
I choose to learn thru the pain
And be the light we all will live


Copyright © Richard Craig | Year Posted 2015

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Flirt With Me

I am not horny
But I'm easily turned on
Flirt with me baby

Copyright © Richard Craig | Year Posted 2015

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Aggressive gentle caring
Tough tender power

Copyright © Richard Craig | Year Posted 2015

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When I hear my heart 
Gender feels unimportant
So why do I care?

Copyright © Richard Craig | Year Posted 2015

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In The Mood

with a sexy wink
he turns the volume down yelling,
"Please take off your clothes!"

Copyright © Richard Craig | Year Posted 2011

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Yes I live in the shame....I still really want to be famous, and I don't even know why anymore
...because's sound like easy swayed stands where everyone suggests "just sit..."
...Why do I sway? Why do I refuse to sit?
Every second holds another thought of how to be ready for what I think is coming to me...
but to get the yoyo to come to my hand I have to let it go first...
Is that it? Is that the answer or a delusion?
HERE AGAIN, why do I why?

I make slides of every moment that I dream the dreams... before I put them inorder, I hold them them up to the light and decide if it should be used... but there's so many...

And you're all lovely dears that bound over any obstruction with ease, and i hope that Im Bambi... hoping that I too can get over the fences and walls, and thru the scapes...
Do I follow the herd, or do I hide in the brush and wait for your return?
I can't jump as high as you... I cant run as fast as you...
SO I ASK...Is skill and speed what I need to follow? many think it is...
Now, Is that the answer or a delusion?

I can hear you whisper "fame comes with discipline..."
How do I find the place inside myself where discipline lives? Sounds like an urban legend to me...Actually, I think I'm gonna start believing in urban legends...I'll tell the love to listen even though you think they're not true...

and I admire your belief, its so got you there...the belief got you to discipline...
...everytime I search myself for the strength to believe again, I dont find it and I mourn...and now my mouring never ends...
...but neither does my obsession for a large platform...
...this slave wipped by the obsession...but I love the force of the pain...
...hopefully it will get me to believe again....

Copyright © Richard Craig | Year Posted 2012

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When I hear my heart 
Gender feels unimportant
So why do I care?

Copyright © Richard Craig | Year Posted 2015

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Portion of the Bone

Trying to find something to think about...
sporting yellow shorts, & an old blue and white Jersey...
on my way to get socks to play soccer today...
...My legs are dry... I can't afford the skin scrubby
I need but I can afford new cleats and socks
giggling, trying not to giggle cause I shouldn't be giggling...
...Smiling, life is harder than I ever thought it could be... sponsor didn't show up, many things actually... 
that could justify self-pity for a short time.....its tough when 
trying means nothing will get better for a long time....its hard
praying when nothing will get better for a long time...
I know you love me God, but I grow suspicious 
...wondering if my God wants to kill me sometimes...
It's that hard....I pray to you not to throw me a bone then...
throw me a portion of the bone... still nothing yet... So,
I'm going to play soccer and wait on Him...

Copyright © Richard Craig | Year Posted 2010