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Judy's Song

Judy’s Song
It wasn’t even twenty years before our dream-world died,
But life ain’t easy in this World, it’s full of grief and sighs.
The moment that we said: “I do”, our lives entwined as one,
We kissed away our past life’s loss to celebrate this one.
We both were married once before, we knew the rules of love.
We promised each, that we would last, ‘til death would cause the part.
We wed in California, on a bright and sunny day,
We traveled East to Cape Cod Mass., and settled there to stay,
‘Twas there we made our brand new life, a life of great rewards,
Rewards for each, my Judith and I, times every day by nine.
I’ll not forget her gracious smile, her funny-devilish eyes;
And how she put up with my deeds, my antics and my guile.
We laughed a lot and had more fun than what the law allowed,
We danced and played and even made a snowman in the drive.
But love has dips and curves and stuff, that sometimes makes a mess,
But if we started arguing, we both would get undressed!
And just to make it binding, we both promised this one thing,
To look back on our memories, say “I do” and try again. 
And in the spring we set the flowers to grow as we would grow,
The Apple tree, the Lilacs and I can’t forget the Rose.
The rains and sunshine did their best, to nurture them to thrive,
But Nature has her way with us, to say what lives or dies.
The years passed slowly by at first, but then they seemed to speed,
At first we were an age of youth, the youth then turned to gray.
Throughout those years we found a lot of comfort, peace and soul,
“Til one sad day in April, when my loved one passed away.
I placed her in the Vineyard Sound, so I could watch each day,
To see her bridge a swollen tide, or tread the mourning waves.
In retrospect, it was our fate, that we would leave this world,
But why on Earth was it not me instead of lovely her.

Copyright © Michael P Walsh | Year Posted 2009

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A Fond Farewell

A Fond Farewell
M P Walsh

I text her every day at Ten, just to say good day,
Ask how’s it going, Nana, is everything okay?
Did you sleep the sleep of slumber, or stay awake ‘til 10,
And by the way the real good news, the Red Sox won again!

She answers back and I could see the tiredness in her text,
I woke again, she tells me, for that same old 5 AM.
I offer her a fix to keep her sleeping through the night,
But she writes it just won’t work for me: “I’ve already tried it twice.”

I send her back a ha, ha text to let her know I care,
She then sends me a big red face (I guess I wasn’t fair).
She asks me if my walk went well and did I wave at cars,
I answer her with big bright eyes, emoji eyes not mine.

My Nana Jo, a precious jewel, whose friendship means a lot,
We seem to get along most times but scold me when I’m not.
She is one of my darling Angels number one to be exact,
The other two are there for me but Nana tops the lot.

All three Angels are my friends we share some precious dates,
Like birthdays and of Christmas time with dinners to celebrate.
We laugh and joke and smile a bunch and try to stay at ease,
We’re happy as a clam and snug, my three Angels and me!

Of course I’m getting older just not ready to leave the Girls,
They’re also over 50 but they just don’t look their age.
I celebrate my life and pray that I will go with ease.
Because after all is said and done, it’s where I want to be.

And when it rains look at the sky to Heaven and beyond,
Because the rain that wets your face is just a gift of mine.
And when the rain lets up and a Rainbow comes along,
Just sneak under the Rainbow, pause, and hear me sing my songs.

Copyright © Michael P Walsh | Year Posted 2018

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MiMi and Mary T

Mimi and Mary T.

M P Walsh

It was 25 December,
And a snug-warm Christmas day.
The temp was over 50,
The weather: bright, not gray.

But a sadness on this Sunday fair
Perplexed me...what was wrong?
As I left the cape with Judy,
Our intention?...visit mom.

It took two hours to get there,
In our Chevy cavalier;
Worcester, Mass., 3 Veterans Ave,
We parked around the rear.

Mom’s place was in a neighborhood,
With tough kids, drugs and smut.
Where painted words and messages,
Gave warning: Yo...we’re tough.

We climbed the stairs up to her door,
It wasn’t far to go.
‘Cause Mom lived on the first floor
So we knocked, to let her know.

Mom answered with a “Come on in!”
We entered saying “Hi!”
And once we entered through the door,
A whole new world was borne.

No painted signs of Gangdom found,
No punks to thwart our way.
No bogus signs of filth and hate,
Just Mom, her love and care.
We went into the living room,
And there sat Mary T.
I kissed her cheek, and hugged her close,
I Whispered: "I love you."

Sweet Mary T. was deep in thought,
We caught her by surprise;
“Hi John...Ed...George...who is it?”
“It's me, Michael...your favorite child.”

She said: "Of course I know it's you, my son"
Then laughed her laughing way.
But then, she got me wondering more
When she said: "Thanks for coming, Jay."

But now she looked, deep in my eyes,
And I saw the sparks ignite.
When she called me Mickey-Doodle,
Then I knew she was all right.

My brother George, he lives with her,
Gives of himself each day.
To make certain, sure, and positive,
That no harm comes her way.

More Walsh'es came to visit her,
To share their common bond;
Her other sons and daughters,
Ed and Pat, Trudy and John.

And still others made a visit there,
To bring their gifts of joy;
Her precious Mimi's children came,
With great-grand kids in tow!

Brianna, and Mark Anthony,
(Gosh!  How big they've grown).
They love their Nana very dear,
One can see it in their glow.
There was Dipper, Dan and Jimmy,
Their smiles could light a sky.
And Kathy and Steve with their little wild ones,
(Also known as the terrible three!)

But her wrinkled brow, gave out a clue,
That she wasn't happy now,
As in other Christmas times gone past
And to me, she just looked sad.

Then I caught that glint of happiness,
In the eyes, of Mary T.
When she said she saw her own Mimi,
In the face of precious Bree.

Mimi passed three years ago,
Her death: a tragedy.
And now we miss her very much,
But most by Mary T.

Could this be why she’s sad inside?
Is it because I know?
That Mary T., still mourns her loss,
Her Mimi -- her pride and joy.

Because she always sobs these words:
"That Mimi!  She played a trick on me.
She left me here, without good-byes,
She's gone...gone for eternity."

Now Mimi plays with angels,
On those puffy, fluffy-clouds;
And once in a while, right after a rain,
You can spot her rainbows' smile.

Perhaps! Soon the Angels and Mary T.,
Will journey to Mimi's side.
Away up there in Heaven
Her new address -- Ole Cloud Number Nine.
And as time drifts by, we'll join them there,
All of us: one by one.
We'll all see Mimi, and Mary T.,
To once again, have fun.

But...when that final day arrives,
And surely, I know it will come.
I hope to heck Gods Irish,
But please, GREEN, not the orange one.

'Cause I know what's going to happen,
Knowing Mimi and Mary T.;
They'll throw a gala party,
Just as sure, as sure, can be.

With Mary T., on the upright piano,
And Saint Gabe, on the golden horn,
Mimi will lead, the four Walsh boys,
In a '50s Sha-boom-boom song!

We'll have meatballs, and ham, and lasagna,
And three cases of Miller Lite brew.
Why, it'll be the best darn Christmas ever,
One that comes in the proverbial: blue moon.

And with all of us gathered together,
We'll make toasts with some Heavenly wine.
Then we'll drink to our grand reunion,
And we'll finish with: Auld Lang Syne.

Copyright © Michael P Walsh | Year Posted 2018

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My Darling

My fingers brush aside the Sandman’s sleep as I awaken on this dewy-morn, to find myself engulfed in 
an awe-inspiring ray-of-light…a comforting light, that appears to radiate not from the rising sun, but 
from within thee my love; it truly is a most spectacular vision to behold.  In my grieving mind and 
cobwebbed delusional being, I see you laying here beside me.  My eyes interrogate your spectral 
beauty, as I gaze into your delicately mastered, smiling face.  I am tempted to murmur my feelings, but
 meager words seem so imprecise and escape in a blank-ness that darkens the path as to what such 
words I can say.  In all of those other mournful moments of time, that I wanted to say what you were 
to me, and what you meant to me, became just jumbled words that stumbled off my tongue.  I don’t 
know how much time we really have together in this, now, our own sanctum-of-closeness.
I only know that for the present, we…us, shall prevail as one on this earthly sphere of illusional 
dreams, and I can only hope and pray that in a future moment, we will find ourselves together once 
again, in a more beautiful and wondrously serene place of peace.  Therefore, I shall try, as try I might, 
to speak my tranquil thoughts that I have of you, perhaps in quiet church whispers…perhaps.  So on 
this day of a year past by, and with my tenacious cowardly-lions’ courage mustered with memories of 
you provoked in my thought, I now profess to you my undying sentiment.  I say this quite easily now, 
with just this simple phrase that flows from  my hallowed mind, as smoothly as a spring-thawed brook 
that ripples from the deepest reaches of my heart, “My Darling, I Love you…I truly Love you!”

Copyright © Michael P Walsh | Year Posted 2011

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Footsteps and Shadows

Footsteps and Shadows
M P Walsh

I hear footsteps in the hallway…I see shadows on the walls,
I hear those quiet murmurs, that so tantalize me now.
I feel that I am dreaming…that same dream I dreamed before,
The same dream that’s a blessing, yes…a blessing to my soul.

The lovely voice of love I’ve lost…that brings my eyes to tears,
She comes to visit me at night when all is calm and clear.
To ease the pain I feel so deep, that keeps me from despair,
I’m dreaming what I see of her…and hearing what I hear.

She left this side of Heaven…while waiting for a heart,
The one she had was wounded and this day it wouldn’t start.
She went away with all my love…to a place where Angels live,
Far above the world we know she rose to live with Him.

I hear footsteps in the hallway…I see shadows on the walls,
And hear those quiet murmurs, that so tantalize me now.
I feel that I am dreaming…that same dream I dreamed before,
That same dream that’s a blessing, yes…a blessing to my soul.

I hope one day to see her…and to gaze those eyes of Blue,
To hug those lips of passion deep and whisper I love you.
To let her know that I forgive…for leaving me alone,
But now she sleeps, with wide eyes shut but now…I sleep all alone.

Copyright © Michael P Walsh | Year Posted 2020