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"Life's Absolute Epigrams" (for 2010)

Christian Love frame

The only need for death to every exist
Was to slay the fictional self
And all the embellishments used to support it

Fear not, Love’s little flock
You will not be set to fly
And then be allowed to fall

To be strong in your Love
Is to inherit the power of God
That now lies dormant in your essence

For your possession of absolute truth
Is a point at which your Love and your reality
Both become one in God

Slaying your fictional self, being honorable
Is your first step toward your recovery
Of your conscious immortality

For what is sin but the force and mischief
Used to instill and empower
Your mentally invented lower realities

Withholding forgiveness
Is the ego’s assault against life
Love does not judge

For what is the mercy of Love
But that it repeats it’s lessons of life
Until they are learn by the mind

For Love already knows, 
What life is yet to learn
Therefore learn from who you are
And teach your outer self
Love’s absolute truth

Love is your true reality, a constant source
Has no beginning or no end
The unlimited potential, quite essential

My prayer for 2010 is that;
These proceeding sayings
Become obsolete this year
In the face of your Love itself, Smile!

Stay in your Bibles, my little bibles
For Love is your title
Not your mind of idol!!


Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2010

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A Springtime Song

Mother nature’s songs I cannot exceed 
Of the Whippoorwill out in open field
They partake of mother’s bliss free of greed
Birds and their songs give of mother’s free will

Meadowlark songs of many are preferred 
Though Scissortail flycatchers slice thin air
I favor Mocking bird of which I’ve heard
He sings all bird songs, I desire to sire

Mocking bird songs do surge with bird’s great urge 
Whip-her-Will, he sings at night on the hill
Of Mocking bird songs , be of which I splurge 
Awesome flight as dotted blades of windmill 

Nature,  birds and songs to springtime belongs
Nature’s spring refreshes men with bird songs 

First Contest: Sonnet Me
In honor of: Sara Kendrick
#1) abab, cdcd, efef, gg

Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2011

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Prepare thus the bride chamber,
Good ointment smell doeth linger.
No kiss of mouth sweet as thine,
Naught compares to her passion’s wine.

By my side my beauty bride,
My rapture I cannot hide.
She opens her gown seam,
Beauty reveals as a dream,

My flower I see in thy skirt,
With thy sweet nectar I flirt.
With strokes of passion we toy,
With bursts of pleasure we Joy.

Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2010

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Ultimate Centerfold Girl

At center of soul,
Lien my  wealth  of gold,
In the bible,
You’re very well liable,
To see gold,
In centerfold,
Of soul,

Not in centerfold ,
Of playboy, so bold,
Not in scorn of porn, magazine,
The mind thinks so keen,
Not in your house of ill repute,
Like a flute’s toot,

But in your center,
Is Godly splendor,
She is the real contender,
For men’s souls,
She holds the gold, of souls,
She is your centerfold,

She is your well, and you can tell,
When she begins to swell,
Infinity’s well,
She begins to spin,
And begins to gin,
The gold of soul’s,

A vortex of power,
Men will declare,
How can this be,
Mein eyes can’t see,
This within me,
So they return to be,
Of mind’s vanity,
As death’s reverse swirl,
Returns them to the world,

Like a natural woman in earth,
Her wealth is her girth,
Not of this earth,
A birth from above,
She is love,
Within your relieve,

She is your power,
By which you build your tower,
By the hour,
In earth,
Love is her girth,
Not of this earth,
So let her love give birth,
In earth,

Particles of pure light,
Your lady is a holy sight,
Not a cat's fight,
In repute’s night,
She is your mold,
For your life’s unfold,
Unfold, your gold,

Let the outer unfold,
Be the center mold,
Of the Godly Gold!!


Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2009

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"Sacred Season"

A dream

To hear the whippoorwills' sad urgent  call
I was very glad when I was a lad
But now twilight nearing new season's fall
My Essence of truth my consciousness calls

My tears being not of my former years
For sake of humans I now turn my cares
As compassion of true identity
From sacred place calls from infinity
Within unlimited aspects' of me
A great white throne in the distance I see
Around sacred bend a familiar friend
Silhouette of me as my God I see

No more desirous of earth's vain glory
The mind's wilderness of exploratory
History recedes illusions of me
My ego thoughts I just had to be

Totality of Love I see as me
Enter into God's synchronicity
I now see my God as I now see me
As sacredness of the reality
As Sacredness calls a new season's fall
Recesses the former whippoorwills' call
As new life calls I now realize it all
New life is in the  Sacred Season's Fall

Mystified as I liquefied I cry
As in spirit of love quite high I fly
Above consequences life's  densities
As spiritual tears replace human fears


Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2010

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We Will Know As We Are Known

Love substance seems to be twain by the natural human brain and will always remain the same as thinking remains on a natural plane When human concepts we clip beginning to touch angel wing tips arising from lies, earthly disguise realizing demise, as an angel wing flies Agape returns, precept we learn we’ll know what we’ve missed by heavenly love we’ll be kissed we’ll know as we’re known, for by love we’ll be honed All life is love in action diminished in earth by human faction perfection by heaven, loves action diminishes human plane diffraction

Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2012

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The Pearl Of Great Price

My pearl of great price,
Will not be a sacrifice,
The love of my life,
My sacred wife,
Her named is Pearl,
She will have nothing to do with Earl,
Of the carnal world,
For she is strictly, My Pearl!
She is my wife ,
The wife of my life,
I married her when I divorced my youthful wife,
Of my mind’s strife!

She is the wife of my old age,
She has let my soul out of mind’s cage,
I didn’t meet her in my tender age,
I was not ready to hear her page! 

When you personally find,
One of this kind,
A pearl of great price,
Pursue her for your wife,
By giving up your mind’s strife!

For she will not mate,
With an ego's persona of hate,
Neither will you enter into her narrow gate!
She is preserved,
For love, that deserves,
A husband named Freddy,
A soul in love that is ready,

So sweep your floor,
And weep no more,
Your pearl will open her door,
When she is totally shore,
You’re not looking back,
Toward the sack,
Of the mind’s scarlet,

Personally, I’ll do my part,
From my heart,
From the inner world,
Of my pearl,
For she is my Girl!

For the outer girl,
Of the world,
Is no pearl,
For she is a pigeon pouter,
Of the outer,
And thinks she is stouter,
In the outer,
World with Earl!

While the pearl of great price,
Has no vice
And she is meek,
But certainly not weak,
Very able to keep,
The soul of her man,
Within God’s plan!

Pearl’s inner meekness,
Does not mean weakness,
For it is the band,
without which a man,
Would not have substance of love,
From above!

Now when the mind learns to be meek,
Within his soul, he will seek,
Inner world!
Time will,
Stand still,
Inside Pearl's real,
And love will be fulfilled,
Within my Pearl’s inner world!


Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2009

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Life Mission

once upon a time was babbling babe and frolicking lamb now a soldier of grace seeking destiny in the great I am… of age, I turned the page, my girdled mission is of He “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” For Rick And contest: Your Life "Mission Statement"

Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2011

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a satin veneer

                         ~the satin doll~
               had voluptuous curves, grandeur, 
                        ~the satin doll~
                  with sultry voice and a sweet smile,
                  moved a president, it is clear,
                   Marilyn was childlike veneer,    
                         ~the satin doll.~

                      Weave a RONDOLET 
                              For Nette
                    By John Moses Freeman

Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2011

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Sorrowful unto death

Sorrowful unto death
(Ecclesiastes 1:18 KJV)

He that increases true wisdom increases grief...
exposing that the knowledge of serpent did not instruct the dove,
and to know serpent knowledge is to know,
how the house of Love  was divided, that sorrow is in learning,
how many there are deceived of themselves….

To be harmless as a dove is to be love,
to be of a serpentine jester is to pester,
to pester life as a jester of strife...
is to be twain in total vain.
Love is oneness of twain in a wedding garment…

The trinity of infinity is the beginning of thee,
opening the sacred heart gives one options to see,
the beauty you see inside is the essence of thee,
tis also the beauty in the nature of a tree…
the nature of life’s tree eternally… 

To be is, to be, of the nature of life’s tree,
not to be, is to be, of  thine own ciestrine… 

Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2012