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Did I Remember To Tell You Daddy

Almost three years now Daddy
since you were taken away
I thank God you no longer suffer
but I had so much more to say

But you and I were always very close
and I know that we still are
So be free to enjoy family and friends
I know you'll never be far

Oh but  Daddy
Did I remember to thank you 
for coming to stay with the kids and I 
At times you thought you were a burden
but if anyone was it was I

And I want to tell you too Daddy
that you would be so proud of them all
Brandon's now a sergeant with a son on the way
Cam Jeremy is due early fall

And your little Sarah Daddy
you would be so very proud
She's a tiny little thing, still a great mom
and has the best boys in any crowd

And I'm sure you've been watching Curtis
So you know he's just like you
And he is living up to the promise he made
Yes Daddy I'm very proud too

Oh and one more thing 
before I lay down to rest
Did I remember to tell you and the world
 My Daddy's the best

Loving you and missing you always
Your baby girl

Copyright © J Dawn | Year Posted 2009

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My Best Friend

I remember the first time I saw him
He had just turned eight weeks old
His hair was a beautiful sable
But he looked much to small to hold

So I asked the man at the pet store 
and here's what he had to say
He's new with us and still shy around people
But I'll bring him out to see if he'll play

And as I sat in the playroom and waited 
I began to ask myself why
He's shy around people and he's very expensive
And he'll probably do nothing but cry

But to my suprise he ran right over 
And he jumped right in my lap
It was there there that all two pounds of him
Curled up to take a nap

So I held him there for a little while
Because he was much to cute to disturb
And when he awoke he kissed my hand 
And said Mommy that was superb

Copyright © J Dawn | Year Posted 2009

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My Chihuahua thinks he's a Dane

I know this story is silly
but it's really very true
I have a Chihuahua named Brutis
but for short I call him Bru

With him I'm never lonely
because he stays right by my side
No noise nor bad weather or anything
could make him run and hide

In fact he thinks he is my watchdog
though he stands only five inches high
His chest puffs up and his ears pull back
if a stranger comes nearby

Now I wouldn't say he's spoiled
okay maybe just a little bit
He dresses in the latest styles
some of them custom fit

Some folks say I've gone to far
that some thing is just not right
But all I know is that I've gotta go
because it's time to kiss him goodnight

Copyright © J Dawn | Year Posted 2009

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Old Jeans

I've been feeling funny about today
I'm going to peak behind the door
Im going to try on my favorite old jeans
the ones I cant wear anymore

I slowly remove them from the hanger
and then I decide to sit
I'm afraid to try them on now
because they probably just wont fit

Okay gave it a go 
and here's what I have to say

Well hello old jeans
 it's been a while
I'm  happy that you fit again
but are you still in style

I wanted to get back to you sooner
but I didn't get the chance
And I really don't have a good reason
so I'll blame it on circumstance

But that's all behind us now
and it feels great to be alive
I worried for a little while
that I'd be stuck in that damn size five

Copyright © J Dawn | Year Posted 2009

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S uch a beautiful young woman
A lways helping others
R arely thinking of her needs first
A lso a fantastic mother
H ow lucky we are to have you

With love to my beautiful daughter

Copyright © J Dawn | Year Posted 2009

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Maybe for some but not for me
At least that's the way it appears to be
Right or wrong that's what I see
Really isn't bad though being free
I never believed someone held the key
At least I'm sure it wasn't he
Going to be happy is what say she
Even if there will never be a we

Copyright © J Dawn | Year Posted 2009

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Soul mate

So much love
Only you two
Around you 

Copyright © J Dawn | Year Posted 2009

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Help me understand

In the quiet of the night I pause for a moment
I reflect on our relationship
My heart doesn't want to let you go
so I hold on tight
But I have my doubts

I wonder if you ever stop what your doing
to think about us too
and if so,do you feel the same way I do

Are we just going through the motions of the day
are there times when you feel 
you have so much to say

What is it that holds us here
our lives our at a standstill
I tell myself if you don't speak soon 
I will
But I don't

Can you help me to understand why
or is it easier that I lay in bed and cry
Because I do
I do

Copyright © J Dawn | Year Posted 2009

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I transfer pain to paper
though lately it seems to much

When the only thing I ask of you 
is a smile or a now and then touch

You act as if I harass you
when wanting to talk about us

Seeing me as a drama queen
feeling I do nothing but fuss

Though I'm sorry that you see it that way
I must this once disagree

My heart and soul are there for you
It's never been just about me

Copyright © J Dawn | Year Posted 2009

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To Long

I close my eyes and I think of you
I miss you when we must be apart

I miss the touch of your hand upon mine
and I long for your slow sweet kisses

I wait anxiously for you to return
I'm excited for you to make love to me
the way you do

Hours feel like days and 
I cant see you fast enough

Soon I open my eyes
I don't like what I must see
The cold reality
My reality

The fact is
you are here
at home now
With me

But not really

And yet you are so far gone
But not quite

It's been this way to long
So I ask of you

Come to stay
Or stay away

Copyright © J Dawn | Year Posted 2009