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I want to do what is right, so why do I cling to what is wrong?
I keep giving into temptation and now I don’t feel so strong.
I will my thoughts to honor you, but I just fall astray.
Yet on the outside I appear as if everything is okay
I seek to satisfy my soul with things that will all pass away
And the truth is God I’m hopeless and a sinner in every way.

Lord will you break down the chains and shackles from my sin?
Forgive me and free me to be your child again.
Wipe away the guilt and wipe away the shame
I long to be renewed in You every single day.
I want to run as fast as I can into Your arms again.
You my father, you my lover, you my caring friend.

Every change I undergo seems to break me even more
The ones I love have hurt me like I’ve never been hurt before.
But you my God have promised you will never leave me
No matter how many times I sin you take me and make me clean
And  by your blood and sacrifice I know your word is true
And  for this reason I know I can always put my hope in you.

Copyright © Amy Stanley | Year Posted 2009

Details | Amy Stanley Poem



If love is blind,
How can I see your face again?
Through the shadows in my mind
Can I hear the voice of my long lost  friend?

A thousand times, I’ve hoped to see you one more time
And hold your hands gently between the two of mine
But sadly it seems
You’re only real, inside my dreams.

One glimpse of you is all I really need
To end this deep hollow feeling inside of me,
But pictures of the past are all I can see
And nothing is real but the memories.

Patience is a virtue so they say
But sometimes I think I can’t wait another day
To hear your laugh, to feel your touch
To know that you love me. Can’t you grant me that much?
When the world comes to an end and I see your shining face
I’ll believe there’s happiness on earth and that heaven is a perfect place

Copyright © Amy Stanley | Year Posted 2010