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A pursuer at an precocious age,
Instantly able to set the stage.
Unaware of the glare from a piercing stare,
Calculated thoughts and moments planned; the prey would be snared. 

Indulging in oratory flights of beautiful language,
Enticed by a venomous tongue the prey languished.
Striking the first note of genuine eloquence,
The Huntress pillaged without rendering an element of forbearance.

The impending execution of the venom ignited an explosion,
That there was an instant expulsion.
From the impending death,
The prey took a long deep breath.

The craving of the Huntress had grown,
The prey subsided with a shuddering moan.
Towered by the Huntress’s shadowing eclipse,
Impetuous feeling the softness of her kiss.


@  Tunisia Torres

Copyright © Nacita Torres | Year Posted 2009

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A name became famous and so did attention it brought to a race, 
A quotable slogan was formed speaking of political changes at haste.

From opposing sides as running mates they developed a relationship speaking of 
Sending our Nations currency to foreign lands,
Take a moment off the Hill, look in your back yard to see our empty hands. 

This political mumble jumble as our children bellies rumble.

Shipping off our sisters and brothers to the battle fields,
Where fearlessly they fight and sadly some are killed,
They pray and wait to come home...come on now just sign a new Bill.

This political mumble jumble as our children bellies rumble.

Here is an idea! Give more of our taxpayer dollars to the trouble banks; they make no 
While thousands of Americans lose homes, cars, jobs, and watch their life savings sank.

This political mumble jumble as our children bellies rumble.

The parties, the parades, the chicken, lobster, and veal,
The Senate, The Congress, The White House, and the Capital on the Hill,
The time has come to strengthen a nation of humankind on our own playing field.
From the view of the common man, it is ‘We The People’ that should be kept in mind, 
Every time approval is given to spend another dime.

This political mumble jumble as our children bellies rumble.

@ Tunisia Torres

Copyright © Nacita Torres | Year Posted 2009

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The risk added excitement at the time, 
Admittedly a conscious decision was made to commit a crime.
Not yielding to ethical thought, 
Reluctant to believe that the transgression would be caught.
Self-assured I say ....weep not.

Disjoining, conviction, and separation of family,
Sustaining the ability to hold on to sanity.
Not inclined to allow the flowage to over run, 
Conceding to the occurrence; as the moon to the sun.
Ambiguously I say ...weep not.

Stepping into a cement six by six,
The grey and white walls suffocating, as my eyes become fixed.
Stretching out on a narrow bank, hands cradling my head,
Paralyzed with deep immersed reflection of pending dread.
Actuality I say ...weep not. 

Releasing feelings of being maltreated after death,
The seasonal matter has been put to rest.
A moral discretion occurred but I am still alive,
To conquer over an erroneous deviation, I thrive. 
Subsequently I say ...weep not. 

 @ Tunisia Torres

Copyright © Nacita Torres | Year Posted 2009

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Today once again we did not agree,
Utterances of emotional anger exchanged between you and me.
Once again the reason ‘why’ escapes logical thinking,
Drowning in confusion - sinking.
Flowage of streams attempts to come to my eyes,
I say to myself- You promised not to cry.

I feel that I am treated more like a stranger than your lover,
I observe the differences when you are entertained by another.
I regret allowing the grief of what you bring,
I am so depleted of you as I wear this ring.

I believe that my feelings you must devour,
When to your commands and will; I do not cower.
Once again you apologize as I look in your eyes and ponder the question, Can this be?
With tears in my eye I know that there is no more you and me.

@ Tunisia Torres

Copyright © Nacita Torres | Year Posted 2009

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Sitting in a reserved preoccupation,
Counting down the hours until the bus pulls into the station.
Consumed with an agonizing anticipation,
To once again be flooded with green fields of consumption.

The smell of a scent that is intoxicating,
The taste of sweet cream that is exhilarating.
The sight of flesh that is an art of perfection,
The sound of a voice that has lustful articulation.

Getting harder to think of nothing more,
Than seeing you come through the door.
To see you in your lingerie,
The way you move; the way you sway.

All the senses are restrained no more as my body flinches,
Gripped in your soft caressing clinches.
To have waited for that which was temporarily postponed,
Exhaustively releasing a moan. 

@  Tunisia Torres

Copyright © Nacita Torres | Year Posted 2009

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It is said there’s two sides to every story,
I decided to tell mine so you do not have all the glory.
In the beginning it is was love at first sight,
Until the your infidelity started the fights.

It is said that life challenges become worst before they can be better,
I can not believe that is true of you and I together.
You are damaged to the core,
I have tried to love you but I can not fight this losing battle of love anymore.

Your tongue drains blood from my veins with every noun and verb,
Your behavior and character has become absurd.

I used to believe the words you said as you put me down,
I now see my reflection and prefer to smile and not frown.
I vowed my heart to you in a forever promise,
Not knowing I would become lost in your world without a compass.

Like a knight in shining armor I gave you a shield,
Like a scarecrow you left me in an empty field.
In my heart there is still love inside,
As I will always hold memories of us in my mind.
To always rewind and remind why I turned from you and left,
While in my life there is still breath.

@  Tunisia Torres

Copyright © Nacita Torres | Year Posted 2009