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a sane dizain whose strain is Pain in rain

"nobody can Rationally explain why anybody needs a pet or a toy or a baby."
                                                  --a somebody Rational attending a rebuttal 

                                               *   *   *

                                               no gain
                                              e'er plain
                                               or vain
                                              no mirth
                                            though girth
                                               it earth
                                               a brain
                                               at birth
                                               in pain
                                              is worth

                                              *   *   *

                                  in dedication of Respect
                                          born at birth

                                                                 a "helios" sonnet
                                               march, 2022 -- birthdays old and new, 
                                            the celebrations of needless Pains being born
                                                           "Document On Clarity"

                     P   U   P
        "Prevent Unnecessary Pain"
       to all conscious, feeling beings
          by first not breeding any

                                                                 G   R   O   G
                                                         the new and improved
                                                     "Golden Rule On Goodness"
                                                               with the motto
                                                             "get drunk on it!"
                                                     instead of on a pet or a toy --
                                                         like a baby, for example


                                              the doctor is in

* nobody needs a human species to continue--with the exception of particular
   humans who continue to love themselves to death.

* the universe needs no human to idolize it--nor shall it need a tissue when
   the last human is dead.

* a 'god'--whatever that is--needs nothing if it be perfect--not even a perfect 
   sinner--or another facelift.

* offer a clear definition of the word "god" prior to any declaration concerning
   a "god," remembering in your clear definition not to resort to any unclear
   words or phrases, such as "supernatural," "supreme being," "creator of 
   the universe," "divine mystery," "spirit," "soul," "ghost," "goblin," or 
   "tinkerbell"--or "something invisible that talks to me if i kneel to it 
   whenever i wish to live happily ever after or want to know if anybody needs

* no unseeking seekers need offer a rebuttal, each having been programmed
  when a child incapable of Logical thinking to see a nothing in anything--or
  hear a music in a little girl slowly burning to death.
* no egg in an ovary is fearful of a toilet--or tampon.  

* nobody shall need to cure a cancer in a century or so if nobody breeds a 
   cancer beginning today.

* nobody shall need to prevent a childhood leukemia if nobody spawns a child
   beginning now--so get a teddy bear if you need a toy--or a teddy if you 
   need a boy toy. 

* the evolutional function of every brain is to detect one Pain after another in
   a fretful attempt to reduce a few--very often unsuccessfully.

* pleasure is merely a decrease in Pain--explaining why everybody unthinking
   is happy.

* to strut into a paradise of unbelievable pleasure, prior to using a toilet, hold
   your diarrhea for a full year.

* the human species, like every other, shall eventually die--either quickly and
   painlessly, or less quickly and painlessly.

* no space cadet shall ever be trekking with princess leia to another galaxy
   far, far away on the uss enterprise, for in less than three seconds, an 
   untold number of quantum energy and matter particles everywhere in 
   space shall pulverize the millennium falcon at "warp speed"--along with
   annihilating every scientific fantasy and mixed allusion.

                                       the rebuttals to yours
                               a physicist-philosopher-maximist
              having done the homework while you were catching a ball
                       or scribbling a poem on the beauty of nature--
                               a something or other's "creation"                                    

Copyright © James Starkey III | Year Posted 2022

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full of beans

"the scientific law of causality states every effect (such as a fart) has a 
 cause (such as beans for supper)."
       --a scientific poet who subscribes to the Truth beyond all Rational 
          doubt beans are generally good for the digestive system, though 
          in some folks, beans may cause stomach pain, bloating, and/or

"according to the Logical axiom of the excluded middle, every fart either has 
 a cause (for example, your purposely farting due to a causal desire
 to prove me wrong) or does not have a cause (for example, your 
 randomly farting due to no cause whatsoever).   In either case, you are
 not free to to fart or not to fart."
        --the philosophical dilemma known as "the hard-determined fart"

"no derriere can thus be held responsible for farting."
                              --though one may causally choose not to invite
                                 a farting derriere out to a romantic dinner for two

*   *   *

in a world hard determined alas
every rump is unfree passing gas
still it yet is a fact
though i say it with tact
every as*h*le alas is an a*s

*   *   *

a dedication of Respect
the Pain
every as*hol* unfreely causes

a helios sonnet
april, 2022 -- the smell of a*shol*s in the spring air

"Document On Clarity"
the enemy of any will "free" of Reason

P   U   P
"Prevent Unnecessary Pain"
to all conscious, feeling beings,
even ***holes,
for Pain in and of itself is bad,
and thus to needlessly cause Pain is irrational;
as well as unethical

G   R   O   G
the new and improved 
"Golden Rule On Goodness"
with the motto
"get drunk on it!"
rather than the belief in a "free soul" -- whatever the he*l that might be, and the existence for which, beyond all Intelligent doubt, only a fart supports


the doctor is in
and full of energy,
being full of beans

in not being free to choose, the serial killer is not responsible.

thus, a society should permit the serial killer to run free--unless not 
permitting the serial killer to run free might prevent needless Pain to
conscious, feeling beings; or might deter the potential serial killer from
causing needless Pain to conscious, feeling beings; or both.

in conclusion, a society can causally choose to be either irrational (by 
possibly not Preventing Unnecessary Pain) or Rational (by possibly Preventing
Unnecessary Pain). 

a political poet of Reality with a Reasonable need for a majority  
"To Rationally Unite and Stand for Truth"
T   R   U   S   T


a brian strand premiere choice poetry contest
sponsor brian strand





Copyright © James Starkey III | Year Posted 2022

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the egg hunter

or "the music in the molestation"

"give me a child till he is seven, and i will show you an irrational man."
                               --the religious saint of loyala, the irrational founder of
                                  the society of irrational men
"from an Ethics vile, in the porches of my ears did pour the religious
           --which is mass produced and bottled as "holy water"

"the more religious a society is, the more social problems a society has, not 
  to mention the more bibles unread--let alone reread--much less analyzed."
                                   --a sunday-school graduate and valedictorian  

                                                  *   *   * 
                                                  *        *
                                                  *   *   *
                                              dead or risen
                                              the molester 
                                        of an underaged virgin
                           abused and impregnated through the ear
                                                 the rapist
                                                 last seen
                                                  a cave
                                           whispering wings
        any unseeking seeker apprehending said felon shall receive a brain  

   a dedication of deep despair
       the cracked easter egg
      and the life it never lived
                            a "helios" ekphrastic concrete free verse
       irony, symbolism, allusions, connotation, enjambment, puns, and so on
            strong words and graphic imagery for a Rational audience only
                      march, 2022 -- the perp on high still at large
                                     "Document On Clarity"
       the enemy of "the supernatural"--whatever that could possibly be 

                         P   U   P
            "Prevent Unnecessary Pain"
           to all conscious, feeling beings
  the poetess-child abused through the ear
 and thus hearing music in a cliterdectomy

                                                               G   R   O   G
                                                        the new and improved 
                                                    "Golden Rule On Goodness"
                                                            with the motto
                                                          "get drunk on it!"
                                                       instead of a tear drop

                                            the doctor is in
* an ekphrastic poem is a vivid, often dramatic, verbal description of a visual
   work of art, either real or imagined--similar to a graven image of a "god" 
   in the image of a man and imagined as real.

* a concrete poem is a graphic arrangement of letters, words, or symbols on
   the page to present a visual image conveying the poet's meaning, such as 
   a visual image of a cross conveying the meaning "the bastard of the
   bastard that raped a minor is a bastard."

* in not having a fully developed brain, a child is generally incapable of 
   sound Reasoning, and thus Rationally unable to consent to a sexual 
   activity with an adult "deity" or an orgy with a "godhead"--not even if 
   a christian sinner wishes the child-virgin to get laid.

* a grown up "god" engaging in any sexual activity with a child is performing
   a Rationally unethical act, which, if a "god" be "all-knowing," is punishable 
   by eternal damnation in hellfire without parole.

* knowledge is information acquired; thus anybody "all-knowing" previously
   was not a know-it-all.                                              

                          a Rational scientist-philosopher-artist
                     knowing merely that which is worth knowing
easter poetry contest
regina mcintosh

Copyright © James Starkey III | Year Posted 2022

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A Truth, a Whole Truth, and Nothing but a Truth

                                 A Paragon of Modesty am I--
                            for mirrors never either laugh or lie. 

                                  Dedicated with Modesty
                                     the Nonpareil of Wit 

February 4, 2022
L Milton Hankins

Copyright © James Starkey III | Year Posted 2022

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A Poet of Reason

                                      "A Paean to Wisdom"

                                                *   *   *

                                 Of an Angel a Tune shall I sing,
                               though a halo no brow ever ring,
                                      or in saying good night,
                                       any spirit take flight
                               to a tune on a whispering wing.

                                               *   *   *

                                    A Dedication of Respect
                                       A Follower of Truth

                                      "The Tune to Croon"
                                       vivace di solennità

             By      a    moon    of     an      en-    vi-     ous     eye,
             F3     E3     D3      E3     F3      G3    A3      B3      G3

            for     an     An-    ge-      la     Tune    shall      I       sigh
            F3     E3     D3      E3      F3      G3       B3      A3      G3

                            in     a   tongue   sil-    ver   sweet
                            F3   E3     D3      E3     F3      G3

                           to       a      tong    and     a     beat
                           A3     B3      C4      E4     D4     C4

              air-    y     fair-   y    rings   swing    to      on    high. 
              E4    C4    D4    E4     F4       G4      A4     B4     C4


Paean On Poets Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Margarita Lillico
April 2, 2022

Copyright © James Starkey III | Year Posted 2022

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Not Any Other Name for a Rose Bowl


New Team, New Team Member

The following statistics are from the National SAFE KIDS Campaign and the American Academy of Pediatrics:

   More than 3 million children ages 14 and younger get hurt annually playing 

   The leading cause of death from a sports-related injury is a brain injury.

   Sports activities contribute to approximately 20 percent of all traumatic
   brain injuries among American children.

   More than 775,000 children, ages 14 and younger, are treated in hospital 
   emergency rooms for sports-related injuries each year. Most of the injuries 
   occurred as a result of falls, being struck by an object, collisions, or 
   overexertion during unorganized or informal sports activities.

   The highest rates of injury occur in sports that involve contact and 

   More severe injuries occur during individual sports.

   Hundreds of thousands of children ages 5 to 14 are treated in hospital 
   emergency rooms each year for basketball-, baseball-, softball-, football-, 
   ice hockey-, and soccer-related injuries.

                    *   *   *

With players being somewhat rough today,
Perhaps we might a baller full rename
By choosing from a rosy-sweet bouquet--
A blossom worthy of a baller's fame!
This Panther here a "Pretty Pansy" flag!
That Predator a "Peony" or "Pink"!
The Diamondback a "Dishy Daphne" tag!
Or still a "Lady's Mantle with a Wink"!
This Lion "Dandelion Soft" but cheer!
That Tiger straight turn "Tiger Lily Gay"!
Let "Brewski Golden Dewdrop" guzzle beer!
Then baptize every Padre "Poppy Fay"!
   While branding each fanatic "Flower Head"--
   With you "The Rose for Little Leaguers Dead"!
                                       *   *   *
                                                     Dedicated with Respect
                                              Every Rational New Team Member

                          "Hyperion" Sonnet
                          February 12, 2002
               "A Strand (1072)" Poetry Contest
                              Brian Strand 

                                                          The Rational Activist-Poet
                                                  The "Prevention of Unnecessary Pain"
                                                        All Conscious, Sentient Beings

                                                P   U   P

Copyright © James Starkey III | Year Posted 2022

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The April Primed


The Child of Spring Condemned to the Sweat Shop

"Who would fardels bear to grunt and sweat under a weary life?"
                    --a noble prince who never in his entire life has grunted once
                       or broken a sweat, save on his throne every day sh*tting
"Approximately 88 percent of the wealth created last year went to the one 
 percent rich as opposed to half the world’s poor (3.7 billion people), who saw 
 no increase in their income. . . . This is an economy for the one percent at
 the cost of the 99 percent. . . ."
                                            --The International News

"The gross federal debt of the United States has surpassed 
                               --The Peter G. Peterson Foundation

"My, how I love all your new granite counter tops!  Why, never have I seen so
 many walk-in closets stacked with shoes!   Sigh, I wish I had an SUV like 
        --one of your countless admirers

                                                *   *   *

                              Oh, there yet is a clique in a niche
                             Here entitled "The One Percent Rich"
                                    Which enslaves every child
                                       Either docile or mild
                               To a credit card you fail to pitch

                                               *   *   *

                                   Dedicated with Respect 
                            the children of today and tomorrow 
                       who according to the Theory of Probability 
                                       shall waste a lifetime
                        in an effort to never pay off the global debt 
                                    ever possessed by the rich 
                                who own practically everything
                                   including the United States
                                            all of you
               who occasionally retaliate by calling the top one percent 
                                          a dirty name
                                            in reality
                               you much prefer the rich as 
                                The Gods of Your Idolatry 

                                       February 9, 2022
                           "The Sweat Shop" Poetry Contest
                                     Kai Michael Neumann

Copyright © James Starkey III | Year Posted 2022

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Believe in the Worst of All Four-Letter Words

Believe in Love, for Love can conquer all--
Excepting, to be sure, all biases,
Since you love your own baby more than mine,
While loving more your furry baby still;
Believe in Love, though Love is prejudiced,
As you prefer your spouse to each best friend,
The sex you are "inside," its leanings yet,
Together with your hundred shades of grey;
Believe in Love, in spite of Love's false face,
For ever Love's true heart desires its skin,
Its Brother Klan, its Father--land and god--
With too, of course, its one true faith, football;
Believe in Love, that genocidist fine,
Who bacon loves as much as its own kind,
And Love, no hypocrite, takes here this knife
To slice each pig itself or any kin.

January 8, 2022
Blank Verse (Iambic Pentameter)

Copyright © James Starkey III | Year Posted 2022

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The Sheep Here Flock to Hear My Tale While Going to the Fair -- Slice One, A Portion of Pie


"Simple" Simon: A Nursery Rhyme for "Children" 

"Most prospective parents are unable to count up to ten birth defects on a
 baby's little piggy toes--let alone pronounce 'anencephaly' or 'glossoptosis.'"
                             --the Poet who mastered his numbers as well as ABC's 

"The estimated incidence of Down syndrome is between 1 in 1,000 to 1 in
 1,100 live births worldwide."
                                      --The World Health Organization 

"Trisomy 13 [Patau syndrome] . . . affects approximately one in every 8,000
 to 12,000 live births."
"Trisomy 18 [Edwards' syndrome] affects one in 3,000 to 11,000 newborns."
                                                             --Birth Defect Research for Children

"[O]ne in every 200,000 live twin births worldwide are conjoined. . . ."
                                                  --The University of Maryland Medical Center

"Globally, an estimated 8 million newborns are born with a birth defect every 
      --The World Health Organization

"Worldwide, an estimated 3.3 million children under the age of 5 die each 
 year from serious birth defects. . . ."

"Every 4 1/2 minutes, a baby is born with a birth defect in the United
 States. Birth defects affect 1 in every 33 babies born in the United
 States each year. That translates into about 120,000 babies."
                                          --The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

"O!  'Simple' Simon born with Down, alas, is somewhat 'slow,'
 And with his Down but down is 'Simple' Simon bound to go--
 Along with his Cyclopia, cleft palate, and cleft lip--
 Together with displasia, a 'disadvantaged' hip--
 'Displacement' of the tongue, leukemia, and 'lazy' eye--
 'Obesity,' a 'missing' thumb, and hatred deep for pie;

 Though every Sunday morning Simon 'hobbles' to the fair,
 Delighting with a 'pieman' there to share a 'pie' most rare--
 Although the 'pieman' has Patau with anencephaly--
 Pneumonia, glossoptosis, AIDS, and polydactyly--
 Plus 'undescended' 'test*cles' of one 'enormous' size--
 An 'undeveloped' nose, and an aversion to all pies;
 Howbeit, Simon and the 'pieman' 'tarte aux pêches' yet 'eat,'
 For 'Sad' Simone de 'Simple' ever offers each a 'treat'--
 Regardless of her being birthed with Trisomy 18--
 Conjoined a twin who born again turned faithless libertine--
 With 'small' and 'large' intestines on the outside, heart disease--
 'Abnormally' 'wee' head, and feral 'pussies' 'Siamese';
 Since e'er Catholicism 'freely willed' to not abort,
 Or 'Sad' Simone or 'Poor' Paulette of several digits 'short'--
 The latter twin with Trisomy 13 'sans' intellect--
 With eyes 'set close,' an 'incapacity' to genuflect--
 The bowels on the far side of Simone's enteric chain--  
 An 'undeveloped' nostril, and a face a little 'plain';

 While Simon and the 'pieman' 'eating' 'pie' with 'pêches et crème,'
 Remind the fine observer of the pithy apothegm--
 'A pair of tongues "displaced" are better certes than simply one'--
 While even 'b**bies' here recall 'One  "eats" to live, not pun'--
 As Miss de 'Simple' sharing 'pie' and Miss de 'Simple' yet
 In alleys sing this tragic triolet in a duet:
 The "Tragical" Song of "Sad" Simone and "Poor" Paulette
               "Just Do It!  To Hell with 'Love'!"
            (En Franglais, a "tongue" "corrupt")

     'Aie, "m*rde"!  Paulette!  Ma "tarte"!  Si sore!'

           'Et la mienne, Simone!  O!  Oui!
           "Puta*n"!  Chacune de nos une "wh*re"!'
     'Aie, "m*rde"!  Paulette!  Ma "tarte"!  Si sore!'
           'Et la mienne!  With forty score--
           Of STD's!  De ces "pen*s"!'
     'Aie, "m*rde"!  Paulette!  Ma "tarte"!  Si sore!'
           'Et la mienne, Simone!  O!  Oui!'  

           The Malodious Tune sans "Defect"  

 A3     A3     A3     D4     A3     B3     A3     D3
    A3     A3     A3     D4     A3     C4#   B3     B3
       A3     A3     A3     E4     A3      B3     A3     E3
          A3     A3     A3     E4     A3      A3     A3     E4
             A3     A3     A3     E4     A3      A3     A3     E4
 A3     A3     A3     E4     A3      E4     D4     D4
    A3     A3     A3     E4     A3      A3     A3     E4
       A3     A3     A3     E4     A3      E4     D4     D4

Dedicated with Respect for Julia W--, yet another Victim of spamming

Poets in the Soup who are interested in learning more concerning the problem of spamming may wish to either refer to the following article by Elizabeth Gravier posted online or contact the Evil Empire known as "Google" to voice a rational complaint--or both: 

                   "Spam Texts and Phone Scams Are on the Rise"
                                       Elizabeth Gravier
                        Updated Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Nursery Rhyme/Triolet/Song/Music
January 27, 2022

Copyright © James Starkey III | Year Posted 2022

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alice or alas

"Reality is closed to interpretation; your reality, however, is open wide."
                                               --if i may say so, in staying fully on theme

"a True work of art is a Document On Clarity open to your analytical skills,
 which suck."
             --if i may say so, in staying fully on theme

"human genetics determine the color of one's eyes; humans determine the
 color of one's character.  thus, the majority of eyes are brown, the majority
 of characters black."
                    --if i may say so, in staying fully on theme

"most never awake from wonderland."
                                             --if i may say so, in staying fully on theme

"the unprincipled are offended by a dirty word."
                                           --if i may say so, in staying fully on theme

"a poet need resort to the asterisk -- or star key -- in writing for the 
 the unethical reader."
                        --if i may say so, in staying fully on theme

           *   *   *

"you're nothing but a pack of cards!"
                                   --a Rational alice, at the moment of her awakening 
                                      from wonderland and returning to wonderland

             but hop to wonderland by any hole
                                      and plop your bunny buns at "who are you?" 
                           a duchess bored of tw*t on birth control
                 the peppered pig she sh*t into the loo
                                         a tweedledo*che to tweedleb*g attached
                the squ*rted squ*rt a tweedledo*cheb*g tw*t
                             an itty mouse a wh*re mouse swift dispatched
             the t*tty louse nymph*t a kitty sl*t
                                   a f*tty cat scat mockingbirdies glocks
                            a hatter mad in padded pad and pate
                                              a crotchety croquet que*n lopping c*cks
                      a rabbit rabid eating ta*ls it ate
                                          a lass whose p*ssy grins in picture books
                        an alice who through Thinking glasses looks

                                                              *   *   *

                                                   a dedication of Respect
                                                        my looking glass

                       a helios sonnet
  april, 2022 -- bunnies in wonderland littering
                                                           "Document On Clarity" --
                                                        the enemy of bunny littering

                         P   U   P
            "Prevent Unnecessary Pain"
           all conscious, feeling beings
   by f*cking like rabbits on birth control 

                                                                       G   R   O   G
                                                               the new and improved
                                                           "Golden Rule On Goodness"
                                                                     with the motto
                                                                   "get drunk on it!"
                                                            and rabbit h*les on the pill


                                          the doctor is in

"the rabbit test became a widely used animal-based test for pregnancy. 
 the term "rabbit test" was first recorded in 1949, and was the origin of a
 common euphemism, "the rabbit died," for a positive pregnancy test.  
 the phrase was, in fact, based on a common misconception about the test.
 while many people assumed that the injected rabbit would die only if the 
 woman was pregnant, in fact all rabbits used for the test died, as they 
 had to be surgically opened in order to examine the ovaries."
                                            --wikipedia, wishing all humans who exploit 
                                               conscious, feeling beings like themselves 
                                               a happy easter

                           the rabbit died, you p*nty h*mster

                             the rabbit died, you m*ssy cl*ft

                              the rabbit died, you po*ntang

                            the rabbit died, you me*t sle*ve

                              the rabbit died, you ha*r p*e

                               the rabbit died, you be*ver

                             the rabbit died, you fr*nt  b*tt
                             the rabbit died, you c*ck p*uch 

                              the rabbit died, you f*r b*rger

                                 the rabbit died, you c*nt

                       a Rational clean code, clean conscience 


Copyright © James Starkey III | Year Posted 2022