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Details | Vidhi Gupta Poem

boys dont cry

why are they always asked to be though?
and not cry when they feel low?
world will laugh they say.
and thats why they are asked to not show.

they never express how they really feel
but trust me even boys weep alone at night.
tears are not gender specific,
even he needs his space to feel light.

not just me and you,
but every human has their own thing.
boys are emotionless,
is what this world thinks.

its just he’s good at hiding his pain
but that doesn’t mean his heart don’t ache.
even boys shatter, even boys suffer
even boys cry when they break.

when he is  asked to take all the load
why is he not allowed to even weep?
why do we ignore him when he express?
when he’s the one sacrificing his sleep.

don’t ignore them be their shoulder when they need. 
yes, boys do cry when they broke apart.
they are human after all.
and every human has a heart.

Copyright © vidhi gupta | Year Posted 2021

Details | Vidhi Gupta Poem

i crave for your warmth

(A)fter a cheer-full day full of smiles,
my nights crave for  warmth of the moon,
my soul feels incomplete sometimes,
my heart looks for you in that soothing tune.

(L)eave me on my own I scream!
but my silences asks to search your clone.
I know you will never text me back,
but my eyes still, constantly stare at  phone.

(O)f-course, I am happy on my own.
my heart weepingly lied.
I pretend I don’t need you,
but trust me my soul’s dying for you inside.

(N)othing feels good, nothing feels right,
my silent screams are saying your name aloud,
I want your support, I want your love
I want you to be the silver lining
of this imperfect cloud.

(E)very single emotion is burning in me,
those flames need you, to calm.
my mind already knows you will never come.
but my heart still wants you in my arms.

Copyright © vidhi gupta | Year Posted 2021

Details | Vidhi Gupta Poem

when you fall for your best friend

i don’t know how to confess
this feeling is strange,
friends or lover?
this puzzle is hard to arrange

i am afraid, we might end up
if i tell you what i feel,
i am confused what to do,
this story is getting harder to reveal.

i cannot let you go,
this friendship matters a-lot,
 but how do i burry my feelings inside?
also i cannot break the knot.

i am tired of pretending,
every bit of me craves for you,
i am stuck between love and friendship.
i don’t know what to do.

i cannot make my heart suffer,
i am in a situation of either do or die,
friends or lovers heart asked?
“him” i replied.

Copyright © vidhi gupta | Year Posted 2021

Details | Vidhi Gupta Poem


i opened it yesterday,
those things made me cry so bad,
letters, roses, poetries, pieces of heart,
and memories of all we had.

those pictures were staring at me,
like if they wanted to cry like an insane.
many things to ask, but sitting quite in the corner
as if they were afraid of breaking again.

crumbled sheets is what i found next,
with broken lines and tear stain,
i used to pour my love for you on it,
but now i write those tears and pain.

the flowers i found were wither,
they doesn’t smell the same,
the fragrance of love was lost,
or was i lost in the game?

the tales, the stories, the poetries.
were silent, and bought you back,
took me to the time when i wrote for you about you,
the time that will never come back.

at last i found some pieces,
the pieces of my broken heart,
they were numb, quite and shivering,
trying to revive my every part.

i opened it yesterday for the last time,
letters, roses ,poetries made me weep so bad,
i thought it was a forever and ever.
but everything ended, everything we had.

Copyright © vidhi gupta | Year Posted 2021