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Best Poems Written by Anjali Singh

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Seek Not

The sudden shift of power from the space

To the space between our feet;

The energy which you made propagate

Through your pleasing hoarse voice

To my heart strings;

I miss all those words that were

Never bestowed the right to speak.

I crave for the uncut acts of our play

And the efforts our audience might anticipate too.

The spark you wore was enough for my

Meandering five senses to assemble.

The chemistry of the reaction, you too noticed,

Did you not? For our pearly white reactants,

There was no need of a catalyst.

But the shame of it all being in my head,

Drapes my untouched body everyday under the soothing sun.

The moment has gone. I am not your pilgrimage.

And my now is filled with the same

Tempting yet elusive dreams.

Copyright © Anjali Singh | Year Posted 2021

Details | Anjali Singh Poem

Reflection In Water

Thy embrace was like sleep,
I could easily fall in trust.

Materials displaced
The warmth of thy womb.

Miraging truth inside
The labyrinth of lies.

I'm troubled by the overlapping
Planes of right and wrongdoing.

Aroused is the numb mind
By the worldly possessions offered.
Had me ping-ponged until
My connection to faith broke.

Surreal dreams that exhibit
Potential of a blackhole horizon-make.

Arrested by mistrust and misshapen,
Euthymia brings me barred light.

I'm troubled by the overlapping
Planes of true and false.

Oh, I'm guilty of diving into blue.
My limbs, flailing in passion.

I'm guilty of stomping the walls red.
My vision clouded under the depth of ego.

I'm guilty of swerving in green.
My limp body, sinking into agony.

Thou gave me the sky and I chose Well.

Copyright © Anjali Singh | Year Posted 2022