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A time when I was

It was a long time ago, 
ten thousand years or so, 
when magic and crows, 
held  premium pose 
and place among many untold. 
It mattered not if there was heat or cold, 
all the people sang my praise in rowse. 
That day's victory will go down in history, 
and I had been the hero in that story. 
There was a time when a mighty army marched across the seven seas 
and along came Thynus, the crooked wizard.
Bizzare in appearance and manner of enchantment, 
striking terror in the camp of my people, 
sending shivers to their very spine. 
They stood aloof and goofed around, 
knowing of nothing to do but prayed aloud
to gods who barely stuck around.
The army did come to battle but not with arms of flesh. 
For they did not set in array as it is accustomed of war. 
They merely camped around many days, 
waiting till we die away
from famine thirst and decay; 
for Thynus the fierced and crooked, 
stood at a mountain just a stone throw from our gate, 
that to our very gate we stood away.
The evil Thynus kept howling and growling 
and they all howled at the moon, 
praying to gods too afraid to aid.
Then I arose, 
a small way pass infant or so, 
as the people did described me.
Looking away from the gods 
to view the other side of the coin, 
I felt myself mightier sub rosa than any god, 
in contrast to the small cog in a large wheel as they saw me.
But my heart was purer than Nemesis, 
nobler than Zeus,
and lofty as Odin. 
So I refused to pay them back in their own coin
Moving swifter than the cockney sparrow 
yet silent as the owl approaching his prey, 
I sprinted to the gate 
and found an escape 
and to their camp I came. 
The  night was cold and tedious to my feet,
but I vowed to stay the course.
I truly had no plan but a firm resolve 
to bring salvation to my people, the land of my birth.
I could not explain then nor now at all, 
how my bravery came to be. 
All I know is that as I went along the side of the mount, 
Odin's strength came rushing,
Athena's wisdom came pouring, 
as if I were a mortal son of the gods I greatly despised.
"Thynus must die", I said to myself. 
For all of a sudden, I knew what to do. 
He is the fret of my people, 
the pause to their bravery, 
the end of their wit,
the crippling of their arms.

~ To be continued

Copyright © Ovie Omokefe | Year Posted 2021

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A time when I was Cont'd

So I came nigh with my eyes so bright, 
in search of him as a brute beast hungry for its prey. 
With eagle's eyes I saw him afar off, 
lying loosely atop the mountain.
"There lies my prey, the heinous venom."
His sense was far gone 
as he laid as a bow stretched by an archer;
with seven guards beneath the mount 
that no one trespassed.
I stole my way past the guard 
and borrowed a spear for my execute. 
I climbed up the mount while none cared about me. 
"For twas impossible,"
 they did whispered,
"to think anyone crossed to this side."
Stones fell as I climbed 
but none could be charmed
''He is making enchantment,'' 
they whispered away.
Now I stood face to face with him - Thynus, 
the great wizard of Thame 
and I had passed the stage of playing game, 
for  by Athena's wisdom, 
I knew that Thynus' death was the road to our freedom. 
Hence without a sweat 
and with Odin's strength, 
I pinned down the fiend 
in his very temple.
The mountain answered back by splitting in two; 
the earth trembled,
and by its tremors carried the rumors 
of my mighty valor, even of Thynus end.
I heard the ground resounding the feet of my army, 
as they gave a victory cry in response to the tremors; 
For a tremor was an omen of victory amongst my tribe.
When our adversary heard the quakes 
and saw the mountain split, 
they took to their heels, 
even more so as they saw an infant with Thynus head. 
Their spirit melted like wax, 
for to die at the hands of an infant,
is to close vahala's gate to your departing soul.
But something was more and a little bit odd,
it was the grin and grim they saw in my face.
They mistook me for a god 
and had no spirit to wait nor fight.
When my people arrived, 
they saw no soul,
save a young me with Thynus' head.
They stood amaze, 
to see who they'd disdained,
the hero of the day, who was none yesterday.
Years became decades,
and decades, centuries,
and century, millennia. 
And here I am still,
telling you of the dream, 
I had a night ago

~ A time when I was

Copyright © Ovie Omokefe | Year Posted 2021

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I'll raise on Ode for you
Oh struggling strength of prime
In the far southside of Asia
In the bustling crowd of your kind
In the midst of social rivalry
Your neck sticks out well up high

I'll sing an ode for you
Oh struggling strength of prime
For each and everyday you strive
To create for yourself a life
With little before you, and untold against you
You'd never take a hopeless bow

I'll chant an ode for you
Oh trembling strength of prime
Against the turbulent strength of norms,
That shortens the sight of visions;
You stirred up the hornet's nest
And burnt your bridges amidst friction

I'll roar an ode to you
Oh enthralling strength of prime
You have showed the world a beautiful story
Of courage, faith and love sublime
And now they clearly see the glory
Of the true tale of mother Indian's prime

~ Struggles

Copyright © Ovie Omokefe | Year Posted 2021

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Raise an anthem to them
Who shouts Mumbai Mumbai
Those in the first flush of life
Mother Indian's pride,
With all of its ache and gain;
Of its viles and sublimes.

Bombay Bombay
Every young Indian, of you bethink,
To take the pains of height attained, 
By many a man gone back a time
Tis the young Indian's dream,
             The very gleams
As to reach the height of fate
Indian's call to fame, Lovers flight to flame
Beauty seen in every late night show

From the cradling arms
Of a mother's love,
The eyes though dim
 Are set afoot to fly.
Against the high and stormy gale,
The young Indian set his course t'assail
Always standing tall, with every fall so low

I'm not a young Indian
But I have heard of tales,
Of so great a people,
Full of strength and avarice
To take their fate in hands;
Bite off more that they can chew;
Yet for life and Mumbai,
They'd gladly never take a bow

~ Pursuit

Copyright © Ovie Omokefe | Year Posted 2021

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Today I made a converse with the universe
I stared at her beauty and felt guilty 
That I'd never had told 
Of how beautiful you are
The grandeur of the universe 
reminded me of your resplendence

The universe said,
"Who is the fairest of them all?"
I smiled with so great a sense of humor
Cos in that very instance
Your name came calling;
Someone who was more splendid
Than mother earth herself

The universe objected:
"My sun lighten up the world"
I objected and said
"But not as much as her smiles does my heart"
Her smile can lighten an empire
Casting no shadows along its path

"What about sky, the blueness thereof?"
I simply reply of your shiny bright eyes
Told her of the white bright clearness 
That no crystal in all the universe
Can nearly compare

The universe kept on her nags:
You can not compare her to the stars of the sky.
Oh she glows in the dark
Like stars of the night
But all your stars combined
Could not so brighten your world
As this single star doth lighten mine

"Only an angel can befit your description"
The universe said, completely daunted
I humbly riposte
That no angel above was endowed like thee
That If you were one
Then you the queen of them all

~ Acme

Copyright © Ovie Omokefe | Year Posted 2021

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Naivety of Passion

She grew insane
Calling his name
He wonder how she came to know
His home, when He had not told
He stood out the window
To see her face so pale

Oh no, she's a nightmare of wilt and mildew, 
And full of disdain
She screamed even more
"kill me kill me, you soul stealer"
Now she did had said, 
what he was afraid
to hear at any day

"I've come to die in the flesh
cos you've taken my soul already from me"
Indeed I recall 
the night before
That he had flirt with her
In disguise of love

She opened herself so full and free
Cos in his deep dark eyes
She thought to had found
love and candor
And a bit of adore
But he had no strand a love
For any part of her being
Save the passion of prurience and ardor

A fur ball of sanity
The irony of pleasure
That blinds the mind to reason,
To sense for a season
Now he stands at his window
To see a woman
Bereaved of present joy
If not forever

~ naivety of passion

Copyright © Ovie Omokefe | Year Posted 2021

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They said I'm a chip off the old block, but I'd never budge an inch
For it is of nature to bear the semblance of the one from whom you proceed
For it is blood to blood, nothing escaping
 For that's nature's will
All we can do is to chop off the externals that does not augur well with the times we are
And that's if that semblance is an Ogre to modernity

~ semblance

Copyright © Ovie Omokefe | Year Posted 2021

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Raise an anthem to them
The torrentuos folks in their prime
Take your pen in hands
Let it flow freely on a book
Write of the bliss and diss
Of youthful ardour for piety

Amidst the daily hectic hustle
In the bustling scuffling heat of day
There lies an inner eager yearns
In every true born Indian yauvan
Gayatri Mantri, Gayatri Mantri
They head straight to their daily prayers

Though the heart do slide (a vile) at time,
The bonds of home do guide it back
With words to remind of karma's pine
And Brahma's doctrine of Samara
The heart again is set aright
The prime of life is set to lie

Om Bhur bhuva swaha
They chant so well their prayers
In all the many lofty hankerings
The youthful yen for love and life,
And the longings of a sense of belonging
Can never with its seeming grandeur 
Stray the Indian's prime from faith

~ Faith

Copyright © Ovie Omokefe | Year Posted 2021