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It's Okay to be not Okay

If you remember anything melancholic
If you feel broken from inside
Don't worry, there is nothing to hide
If you are feeling down
Relax, take your time
For a while escape this town,
With a mixture of joy and sorrow
Our whole life is like a play
Its okay to be not okay

Situations pass by a go like clouds
So, its okay to feel the pain
You don't need to hide your tears in the rain,
Yes the situation is insane
Its only because you are human
Life is a journey, not a destination
Nothing lasts forever, its only a station
All you need is someone to say
Its okay to be not okay

We all are Obidient fools
Caring about those ty rules
Its okay to feel sad for a while
Take a break, learn
Then go ahead with a smile
Life is like a unmoulded clay
Its Okay to be not okay

Its the situation that made you numb
Don't assume that you are dumb
To get affected is normal
You always don't need to be formal
Don't fight with yourself
For finding a way
Its okay to be not okay

Its never too late
To write your own story
You can't control your fate
And everything is not about glory
There is nothing to gain, nothing to loose
Its all about what we choose
Life always doesn't gift you a bouquet
Its okay to be not okay

                                      - Arup Pramanik

Copyright © ARUP Pramanik | Year Posted 2021