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The Big, Fat Fairy

Fairies are beautiful, right
Small and cute and sweet
Well, meet the big, fat fairy
with size 9 feet

The others all make fun of me
they glide where i stomp
they twirl and flit and glide away
and all I do is klomp

They wear such pretty dresses
all glittery and bright
I make mind from parachutes
to help me when I fly

Glitter trails follow fairies
all shiny and petite
mine is so big
I fall over it with my big feet

The others fly so prettily
they glide through the skies
I struggle to get off the floor
just battle to even rise

The others laugh and jeer
as I try to swirl and fly
but my bust is so big
I end up with two black eyes

So if you see a trail of glitter
don't think it's just a slug
it could be the big, fat fairy
so be kind and give me a hug.

Copyright © Helen Roberts | Year Posted 2021

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There was a fat baker called Bill
whose store stood high on a hill
he lived down below
and when it would snow
he slid on a tray for a thrill.

Copyright © Helen Roberts | Year Posted 2021

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The Fae's Great Battle

Across the glowing lake of night
To the stone rings of Telemador
There lived a fiery angel
Who took the Fae to war

She stood so tall and strong
and powerful was she
she set across some tall, dark beasts
as she led them to Taionwe

The mountains purple and huge
where the clippers lived aloft
Their talons sharp as knives
As at the Fae they scoffed

These ugly creatures thought they were best
their cruelty was well known
Their crunches could be heard from far
as they ate their enemies bones

The Fae stood strong, their bows in hand
as they faced this horrible foe
as the first arrow shot
it stood in the head clippers toe

They roared with rage
as they ran down to battle
the girl stepped forward to face
as the ground shook and rattled

The arrows flew as the girl shouted 'Fire!'
the clippers nearing more
the arrows hitting their marks every time
the clippers letting out giant roars

The Fae dodged around
shouting all the time
she used magic
to stop the clippers crime

They fell but more trampled over
their anger growing with every step
the girl shouted on the Fae
as forward they crept

The Fae's arrows in a crowd flew
hitting the clippers everywhere
they couldn't get close enough
as the Fae fought towards the enemies lair

The clippers saw no win was able
they wondered whether to run
They knew the Fae would never stop
that the battle was already won

They turned and fled towards their caves
as the Fae cheered with joy
they ran after the enemy
ready to destroy

They pushed giant rocks
to cover the clippers caves
so none escaped at all
and cheered as so brave

The Fae had won this gallant fight
their land again was free
They had shown their might
now danced all night with glee.

Copyright © Helen Roberts | Year Posted 2021

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Book Cover

The person you see
that's not really her
you need to take time
she's not so demur

She might seem quiet
look boring and old
but take the time
because she's solid gold

Get to know her
see the person inside
outside is scars
the past that cried

Wild at heart
so happy and free
funny and clever
and full of glee

Her heart is so bold
she'll help you along
anything you need
she'll always be strong

Don't judge by looks
that's just a cover
the person inside
the one to discover.

Copyright © Helen Roberts | Year Posted 2021

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Where did she go

Used to be when I was really me
She would leap out alive
so full of life and cockiness
the time I really thrived

Then told it's not allowed anymore
it's no good for your health
so back inside she hid away
no more my confident self

She fights to come back out again
I can feel her deep inside
pushing against the cage bars
desperate to feel alive

At times she escapes out here again
ready to dance and play
I need to help her be free
to finally have her way

Remember when you raced away
with a handsome man aside
music belting out so loud
your smile so wild and wide

Dancing down the street with glee
in stockings and heels so high
only had to choose and point
to find with whom to lie

That seems so long and far away
lost in the mists of time
that dancing girl so long gone now
let her out to shine

Copyright © Helen Roberts | Year Posted 2021

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Are You Really Alive

  Are you really alive?
  Are your passions being fulfilled?
  Is your life full of joy?
  Are your dreams being thrilled?

  Do you wonder about life?
  Have awe and love?
  Is your happiness complete?
  Given negativity the shove?
  Grab every happy moment
  fulfil every dream
  live your life completely
  go for the extreme

  Make sure your life is happy
  don't let it be pulled down
  remember you're truly wonderful
  and always wear your crown

Copyright © Helen Roberts | Year Posted 2021

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If money didn't exist
how would the world change?
would everybody cope?
Would we come up with an exchange?

All the money men disappear
all the banks shut down
could we come up with a fair scheme?
or would everyone have a meltdown

We could find an impartial plan
where everyone is the same
where people swap like for like
it's run like a fair game

let's stop all the people
who grab and take without a care
they keep getting richer
and it's just so unfair

Copyright © Helen Roberts | Year Posted 2021

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To Love

To feel your arms around me
to skip down the road hand in hand
to laugh and smile like you made me
to have you finally understand

To hear the roar as you return
to adventure like we did 
to know you're there only for me
to times when the two of us hid

To know that you've searched for me everywhere
to feel that you love only me
to finally be together again
to have our love be set free

Copyright © Helen Roberts | Year Posted 2021

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Break Free

Break free
live well
push yourself
give life hell

Live it to the fullest
do all the things that scare
don't let things stop you
don't just sit and stare

Go out there and play
enjoy your life complete
break away from limits
don't stay in the back seat

Grab every opportunity
turn away from strife
run into excitement
and lead an adventurous life!

Copyright © Helen Roberts | Year Posted 2021

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Jekyl and Hyde

I first met Jekyl
so sweet and funny
made me laugh and smile
you made life sunny

You helped me out
you gave me life
you made things better
took away my strife

But then things changed
a potion you drank
you became Hyde
no one else to thank

You turned into him
the one from before
the one I'd escaped
I couldn't take more

The man I loved
he'd disappeared
gone forever
as I'd always feared

No more laughs
only had tears
what happened to Jekyl
after so many years?

You split in two
only loved the first
didn't know Hyde
he was all your worst

Copyright © Helen Roberts | Year Posted 2021