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Seeing the Brunfelsia
My gaze seemingly infinite
Trying very hard
To fathom the message
She has for me!

The yellow and the purple
Apparently different clans
But from one family tree
Their yesterdays, todays and tomorrows
All dynamic like mine!

The baby bud like clotted cream
Changing into a buttercup yellow
Darkening into a sunbeam gold
Before folding into russet
All the colours of joy!
The dark knotted purple
Slowly diffusing to lavender
Allowing itself to settle
Into a cool white
The varied shades of anger!
I say a silent prayer
In gratitude
For this moment of connectedness!

Copyright © Sita Bala | Year Posted 2021

Details | Sita Bala Poem

A school of thought

A bright morning in school

shouts of ‘Hey, video show

on the Black Hole! Assemble

in the auditorium’ greet                

the air!

Wow! No boring lectures today!

another video; another learning

doors close, blinds slide

the show begins- the black hole

dark energy

dark matter

dark speed


Sudden shouts, the teacher

‘quickly all of you

under the tables

lie still, don’t move

don’t breathe!

a shocked soul

stuffing a tie into his mouth

to stop that fearful scream

the black boots of death

approaching, ever nearing

the mindless staccato of deadly shots

piercing screams, then

unnatural silence

the boy lying ‘like dead’                                            

the black boots pumping lead.

every nerve screaming

silently in intense agony

Whirling thoughts-

is the black hole up there

or down here!

who is the thinker

who is the doer

in this swirling vortex of hate!

dark energy

dark thoughts

dark actions!

Returning to school after

an extended winter break

completely renovated buildings

all traces of the gruesome attack

seemingly wiped out

greetings of ‘hey, you are alive’

fill the air!

A lonesome soul

sitting forlorn in an empty class

head on the desk, eyes

tightly shut, fists clenched

uncontrolled tears

thirty winsome faces

refusing to go away

 the silent scream

always returning


Can the ‘new look’

ever erase images

in the mind’s eye?

what is the solace?

this heart will seek?

will this tender bud

ever understand the

terrible fragility of 

this thing called life?

that every action has a reaction

of value in hindsight!


The CCTVs, the whirring cameras

capturing moments

for another video

for another learning

for whom?

for what?

 From the annals of a school anywhere in the world!

Copyright © Sita Bala | Year Posted 2021