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Running from an economy full of hate
hunger will place him behind bars unless he relocates
war and crisis lingering with the hope to end soon
have pocketed young lives since five bloody Junes
a new home is the dream where kindness isn’t dormant
and challenges of life, soft and not adamant
reality of a visa will be in the next September
a time, the grave will add him to its number
the territories of the waters have no love
risk is never straight, always a painful curve
a space in the traveler’s harbor, sent is the request
paying in full, survival by all means, a conquest
every wave of the ocean, death teases
tossing the fragile boat as it pleases,
risk is watered, its grasses are green
a hundred and seventy four displayed on its screen
landing at the border, safe and unscratched
his painful stories on his head attach
moving into camps, acceptance is not immediate
not a problem, since from hell, he has learnt to integrate.



Copyright © NABASA JONATHAN | Year Posted 2021

Details | Nabasa Jonathan Poem

Success at last

Success in Vain
They say,that,it was a great day,
Friends were busy,with a kind of play.
Only Maa was in great pain;
But,she said it was in no vain.
My parents held me in their hands,
In the oblivion,the fate stands.

They say I'm an answer to their prayer,
But,somewhere was smiling the mankind slayer.

I was the apple of their eyes.

Beautiful was the place,I borned:
Ugly was soon to be dawned.
My sire' s lap was a place dear,
Who knew that soon it will disappear.
The dawn chorus soon turned;
My beautiful place was burned.

Sitting in the refugee camp
And looking at the burning lamp,
Wondering where is my sire' s lap;
Where I used to sit with crowned cap.
Maa once more keep your balmier hand,
That held me for a dauntless stand.

I lost my family and existence to the slayer,
Tell me what was our fault?you bloody destroyer.
The fountain and the bed of roses,
Is now a place where my family blood oozes.

The oblivious fate has arrived on date,
Only to take away all,and nothing is left.
Slayer fought,destroyer fought
But why? My everything was lost!

Do they really know why are they slaying?
Because,I only see the innocent mankind dying.
The beautiful family photo was framed,
But you ugly destroyer got it maimed.

Maa for you no vain was that labor pain.
But,for me,without my family this life is in Vain.
You win!slayer,at the cost of inflicted pain,
But,alas!your success is totally in Vain.

And,I was the apple of their eyes.

Copyright © NABASA JONATHAN | Year Posted 2021