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This is Africa

This is Africa.
Where people are being judge by their past,
And our hearts are painted with black.
Youths are cuddled up in early relationship,
And their lives are like the speed of an airship.
Parents are not respected anymore,
And advices are ignore from the sun's core.

This is  Africa.
Where corruption is the order of the day,
and embezzlement of public funds is like the ocean's wave.
Politicians believe in solipsism, 
and their avidity for power have made them vile organism.
Children are being raped and murdered in every corner of the street.
Education site has been a place of wealth seeking.

This is Africa.
Where we have been strangulated by high cost of living,
and those who suffocate us are offered thanksgiving.
Health sectors are poor,
 and illnesses on our continent are dressed up in strong armour.
Our rights are infringed by evil perpetrators,
and our hearts are broken by these penetrators.

This is Africa.
Where the less privilege are fed with grieves and pains,
And government officials are out there popping champagne.
Scholarships are given based on mutual affiliation,
And scholars are offered abnegation.
Jobs are being given base on political affiliation and party sentiment,
And those who are qualified are left with predicament.

This is Africa.
 Where people are being murdered for ritualistic purposes,
And the police are their accomplices.
People worship god that doesn't speak nor move,
and the real God has been disprove.
Politicians only come around as election time draw closer,
 and after election their family members are the ones on their roster.

This is Africa.
Where Politicians don't have time for the abnegated masses,
and we are referred to as asses.
Brutal men abandon their children for no reason,
and mothers are left in bleak season.
Single parents strive hard to send their kids to school
 And Those who speak the truth are rejected and considered fools.

This is Africa.
Where Politicians insult each other like kids, and citizens are left with dark moments they can't face.
Those who exploit our resources 
and give us hot flames are hail as King,
And we reject and curse those considered  our  kin.
Westerners feed us with arm to annihilate our own kind,
and envy is what we incline in our minds.

Copyright © William Tubman | Year Posted 2020

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Blithesome Placental Liberation

It was Long ago.
From the break of dawn
July 23,2003.
To the plenilune of the moon,
After the bullets have surceased.
The cry of a neonate hearkened through out the waves of the sea.

The gelid breeze alleviated my stress with a smile;
From a million mile.
Dancing to the rhythm of my heart
And the luscious smell of July.
My mom gave birth to a solicitous heart.
Her smile lights me life;
For I am her King.

At that sweet moment,
Flowers blossomed,
Birds vocalized my birthday song,
Trees beckoned their branches,
Kids frolic with aesthetic roses.

The waves of the oceans vociferated  my name.
To me, the age 17 came .
This day brings the new version of the old me.
It extirpates my antediluvian and juvenile demeanor.

 The ocean's tides fall.
 My name the mountains call.
The sound from the mountains enter my ears; 
With outstanding gears.
Reminiscing me of this grt day.
My mind ran with haste;
because it's my b day

The scene of this day was a happy one.
It was full of super fun.
All activities were put to a halt.
This day chockablocked my heart with love.
With great elation and euphoria,I am delighted to annunciate my umbilical cord emancipation day.

It's  not just a mere birthday.
It's one of the best day of my life.
With this day I can cross the blue sky.
This day fill my life with golden moments.
Far from my corporeality went all my ailments.
I feel so bless to descry this my 17th birthday.

On this day,some people said "It was the rebirth of the late president Tubman",
Some said "It was the birth of a scholar",
Some said "It was the birth of a liberator",
Some said "It was the apocalypse of the ancient coming to reality",
Some said "It was the birth of a great man".

Copyright © William Tubman | Year Posted 2020

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I am the son of the sun

I am the son of the sun. 

Bored in the inner space,where mere mortals don't exist;
And poetry is what I am fed with.
The sparkling light of the sun is beneath my skin;
And those who write are considered my kin.

I am the son of the sun.

I wear my heart as sleeves to face the worst.
In my world,poetry is the only thing I dream of.
Heaven bestowed me with the power of wielding the mighty pen.
And I was taught to write in the lion's den.

I am the son of the sun.

The song of poetry, I was taught to sing;
And the flag of poetry, I was taught to wing.
My everyday activity is cuddled up within the abyss of my soul;
And with my pen, I was taught to console.

I am the son of the sun.

My life is a mystery that mere mortal can't comprehend;
And those with the poetic light,I commend.
I belittle girls to embrace my education;
And when I am sick, poetry is my medication.

I am the son of the sun.

Who believes poetry is the best way to save the world;
And considers biology and chemistry to be the best in the world.
I hope to bring up millions of poetic light;
And they will shine bright like stars.

I am the son of the sun.

Who is ready to study neurology to save lives;
And do everything in my power to make things right.
I am meditating on making poetry sweeter than honey;
And with poetry,I hope to earn some money.

I am the son of the sun.

Studying Biology and Chemistry at Cuttington University inorder to transform the healthcare of Liberia;
And destroy the insurmountable bacteria.
Mama  Liberia is my greatest team;
And when I am doctor she will not be the same.

Copyright © William Tubman | Year Posted 2020

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Broken Vessel

Woke up were us from our slumbers 
And destiny brought us together.
We were far apart from time to time;
but as the time flew to the moon,
Came her with a happy heart.

At times, I retrospect on the moments of the past.
Those happy moments a second didn't last
And now I am thrown into an abyss of a sorrowful life.

Some times, I wonder where is she.
No more I can't see my queen.
The one that has an irreplaceable place in my heart.
The one that brought a new meaning to my life.

O my sweet Glo!!
You have made me a broken vessel 
abandoned by the seashore.
Whose heart is no more.
My pain is like a crying wolf left in the desert to die.
Life without you is all but an empty life

O my Glo,bring back my heart.
For you are all I wish for in this life.
As long there is no you.
There will be no me, my queen.
Please stay with me. 
Don't go and leave me a broken piece.

Copyright © William Tubman | Year Posted 2020

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Black is me

Black is me.
Black is the color of my lineage.
I celebrate my self not because of me.
I celebrate myself because of my african Gene.

Black I came and black I shall return.
If you kill my flesh and lock me in your cell.

My soul shall rest in my african heritage
and my spirit shall sink in my african legacy.

Forever I am an african 
and black is always me.

Copyright © William Tubman | Year Posted 2020

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Daddy neglected me and went to a place I knoweth not

Desolate moments,full of dark days.
Those moments,  I can't face.
I cry with haste.

O Daddy, why have you forsaken thee?

Why have you thrown my sweet moments far away from me?
O Daddy, why?
I can't see beyond this dolefullness.

What have I done?

You  took away my happiness.
O Daddy!!
I wish to be like other kids with dad;but at this moment,
No Dad to lean on,
No Dad to sing my song.
My strength depreciates;I am not strong
Now I sing excruciating songs .

It's now full of pain and agony.
Why did you leave me,Dad?
Is it because I have been a fool?
Is it because I have not been cool?
Is it because I don't behave good?

O Daddy, my heart has been set ablaze.
The flame is extravagant;I can't take anymore.
Everyday I cry.
I now live a crazy life.

O Dad,why?

You have made me sad.
Sad beyond what mere mortal can bear.
The more I hide my feelings; the more I tear.
My tears cover me like a mother bleeding tears for her child.

I don't know what to do.
These moments can't see me through.
My weather is now stormy;full of thunderstorms and lightning.
My tears is fill with blood;that reds like a ripe tomato.
Dad left me with cold and desolate load.

O Dad!!!

No one to call my own.
You left me alone in my room.
I have been lured into great travail

Copyright © William Tubman | Year Posted 2020

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Wake me up

Lost within my dream.
For great things I could see,
but wake me up.
If dead am I.
Let me  travel the skies 
and see beyond mortals sight.

Wake me up.
If my feelings are not like before.
For beautiful things I want to see for evermore.
Heaven was I when I behold you
and happy was I when I hear your beautiful tune.

Wake me up because
My love for you is engulf with infinity.
I wish to be with you till eternity.
Sometimes I try to picture our joyful moments.
It all but brings me unending torment.

Wake me up before my
Memories fade.
Even my inner man couldn't say.
Paradise seeks you and I.
Please come back and make things right.

Wake me up.
Just like before.
When you adore.
Don't leave me a broken soul.
Come back my love please don't ignore.

Wake me up.
For I am a broken piece;
waiting for you my queen.
To make me whole again
and Emotional was I being with you my queen.
Wake me up .
For when I look into the mirror.
I wish you could be a bit nearer.
I don't see the happy me.
All I see is the broken me.

Wake me up.
before the heavens fall
and my heart and memories brawl.
Let my heart be be fill with joy 
and never let my painful memories deploy.

Copyright © William Tubman | Year Posted 2020

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Lonely heart

In the whirling waves of the Atlantic,stands my heart.
Seeking refuge from the sheet of sky,but it's like the stars are falling leaving me on a lonely path.
I was told there's no mountain too high  to climb nor an ocean too deep to swim, but  everything seems different as it stands.

It feels like tomorrow might be a different day,for my heart is now a ghost land,fill with songs of sorrow as my heart sinks, each time I travel to the past.
My heart is now a mere organ for yesterday betrayed it's beholder. Sometimes,flying above stars is what I crave, As I seek to find a brighter day.
Today,the wind blows from the far east while my heart try to find another queen that no one will ever come between.

I wish to fall beyond the face of that maiden I always see in my dreams, for lonely lonely is the song I sing unto thee. Though my heart was thrown in lost but today might set me on a sail of eternity. They say imperfection makes perfection,so give me that heart of gold and make me a laughing whole . Day by day I dream about the future , hoping to have you cuddled up within in my arms and whispering the tunes of love for you are sun I see shining in my world.

Copyright © William Tubman | Year Posted 2021