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Best Poems Written by Anitha Jayasankar

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Can You Imagine

Can You Imagine

In Our Planet

If one fine day..
All trees are given a chance to speak-
What will they speak to us?:
'What have you EGOISTIC humans 
Caused to our ENVIRONMENT?'

If one fine day..
Mother Earth is given a voice
What will She say? 
Her thunderous voice will echo
From her outer atmosphere:
'Stop polluting me NOW or

If one fine day..
All the money in the world is
Equally distributed
Amongst everyone
Then there will be:

If one fine day..
Our planet follows this rule:
Total darkness henceforth. 
But only those that show humanity
Be blessed to see radiance of light:
'There will be NO INHUMANITY'

If one fine day..
All employers take this decision-
The only qualification needed 
To acquire a job is-
'Good Character':
'Then parents will NEVER FAIL
Into their children'

If one fine day..
The infinite universe stoops down 
To say something to us from above
What would that be?: 
'To every human being out there
Prancing with pride:
You are NOTHING but
In an ENDLESS desert. 
So, stop being ARROGANT!'

Date: 01/21/2021
Submitted For: Can You Imagine - Any Form Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Constance La France

Copyright © Anitha Jayasankar | Year Posted 2021

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Soup - The Garden of Love and Peace

This is my humble dedication to the PoetrySoup family. I have tried to use the 'Pantoum' form for this poem. 

This is a Garden of Love and Peace, Each bloom, plant unique, radiates with vibrance; Tranquility to prevail; hostility to cease, Enriching this place with sweet fragrance.
Each bloom, plant unique, radiates with vibrance, Each flower special, yet shares a bond; Enriching this place with sweet fragrance, Message of peace - spread, to stimuli - respond.
Each flower special, yet shares a bond, A biodiversity in a serene habitat where Message of peace - spread, to stimuli - respond, A wilting, fading plant is nurtured with care.
A biodiversity in a serene habitat where Tranquility to prevail; hostility to cease, A wilting, fading plant is nurtured with care, This is a Garden of Love and Peace.

Copyright © Anitha Jayasankar | Year Posted 2020

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The Beauty of Butterflies

Blooms and butterflies are a poet's delight, 
For his sore eyes so soothing a sight, 
Like mellifluous music melting his restless mind. 

The brilliant blend of yellow and orange, 
Brightens the day and lightens the mood. 
They dance delicate on dainty dandelions, 
Wings with patterns of pink and purple, 
And with colours of crimson and white. 

Those little luminous iridescent blue ones
Found on tree tops and tree stumps -
To a child's eyes they look like
Winged blue blooms of Morning Glory. 
And the ones that flutter their freckled wings, 
Black with tints of gorgeous golden green, 
Are the perfect pictures of a pleasant day. 

They bask in the sun spreading their wings, 
And their radiance kindles grace and peace.

Copyright © Anitha Jayasankar | Year Posted 2020

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Soul Sisters

Love and Peace met on the beach for a walk. Peace looked at Love and asked: "Are you not my soul sister?"
Love smiled and replied "Wherever I bloom, you too blossom in the glorious garden of life side by side to be forever"
"I agree" said Peace. "If only your purity is preserved in its true essence by mankind." And they continued their long walk.
Date: 01/09/2021 Submitted for: Trinet Poetry Contest Sponsor: Joseph May

Copyright © Anitha Jayasankar | Year Posted 2021

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Is There a Star in my Name

A three year old dreamy child lying down beside his dad at night on the open terrace eyes wide open gazing at the sky asked him the following question:
"Dad what are those bright white speckles above?"
"They are stars", dad replied.
"Will they fall down on me?"
"No. They will not".
"They are so bright and shiny. I wish to go up there and play with them".
Dad laughed at his little one's innocence and said:
"My dear, they are huge glowing balls of gases in the universe. Our sun is also a star. There are trillions of stars in the universe".
The child was silent for some time.
He stared gape-mouthed at the black canvas of the night sky sprinkled with silvery dots guided by the glorious full moon for some time and asked his dad:
"Do they have names?"
"Yes. Some have names we give to them but most of them do not"
"Is there a star in my name?", the child asked with sparkling eyes.
His dad replied:
"If you grow up to shine bright to eliminate the darkness of ignorance..."
"If you share your love impartial to all, just like the stars sharing their energy..."
"If you are steadfast in carrying out your responsibilities to make the world a better place..."
"Then there sure will be a Star in your Name!"
The child gave a bright smile as if satisfied with his dad's answer.
Date: 11/11/2020 Submitted for 'There Is A Star With My Name On It Poetry Contest' Sponsored by: Silent One Second Place

Copyright © Anitha Jayasankar | Year Posted 2020

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In old rags
Biting cold winter night
Sleeping in footpath
Under open sky
Uncared for
No emotions ~
Only Silence

Date: 01/15/2021
Submitted for: 20-Word Max - Do It With Feeling Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Line Gauthier

Copyright © Anitha Jayasankar | Year Posted 2021

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At Random

At times,
When my mind looks for a reason, 
To stop reasoning and be free, 
From the clutches of
Mindful and meticulous decision making
Of everyday life, 
It feels great and relaxing, 
To be carefree and 
To randomly pick and muse
On these two words:
'At Random'.

Date: 10/02/2020
The five words I picked: 'from', 'and', 'reason', 'to', 'great'

Mystery Word Find Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Caren Krutsinger

Copyright © Anitha Jayasankar | Year Posted 2020

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After a Summer Rain

dark detaching with
bright sunlit parts
multihued emerging with
magical glorious glow
Originally Written Date: 09/22/2020 Now Submitted Date: 11/28/2020 Submitted For: On Your Marks Naturally Poetry Contest Sponsor: Julia Wards

Copyright © Anitha Jayasankar | Year Posted 2020

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My mind is a dreamy river, 
that flows untiring - smooth and rapid, 
murmuring the words it adores, 
the burbles of its ponderings.

These burbles of my musings
are simple little things I admire, 
that capture my imagination
and get bottled up in my mind, 
waiting impatiently to escape and sprinkle
in fragments of letters and scribblings. 

When creative instinct is aroused, 
the poet's eloquent pen dances to the
tunes of his chords of inspiration, 
soothing and healing a wounded soul. 

Words that splash from a poetic mind, 
brightens the inner vision of the blind. 
They relate to the listener's heart, 
Calming his wavering mind. 

A poet's gifted verses
dig out those untold secrets, 
from the innermost cores of unknown minds
that connect to those lines of rhythm. 

This dreamy river still high in the hills, 
just begun its course of word flow. 
Narrow at times and abrupt, 
with changes of direction - zig-zag. 
Yet to develop substantial features, 
to mature, illuminate, and inspire. 

Gently will it swirl and flow, 
to become wider - carrying loads of insights. 
Ceaseless will it continue its course
until it reaches the end of its journey. 
May weaken then, but would not stop, 
creating valuable thoughts of wisdom, 
in the fertile deltas it creates, 
before it becomes one with the ocean. 

Submitted for: Where Do We Poets Go Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Silent One
Dated: 11/27/2020
First Place TOP Win

Copyright © Anitha Jayasankar | Year Posted 2020

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Impatient floodwaters at dams
Waiting for shutters to open, 
A hodgepodge of puppets
Excited to perform: at deep slumber, 
Waiting for my eyes to close, 
The naughty byproducts of my brain!

I fly, glide: liberating!
I sing with a celebrity: enthralling!
I reach a different galaxy: wondering!
I flow with a river: murmering!
I see the illusory Utopia: interesting!
I meet a hero of a great epic: marvelling!
I chat with my childhood friend: giggling!
Also I get  to see and feel 
The serenity and purity of Heaven: glorifying!

I find myself lost in a maze: panicking!
I reach late to office: frustrating!
I see hideous monsters: quivering!
I get my opinions rejected: estranging!
I get chased by a stranger: panting!
I feel frozen and unable to move: benumbing!
Also I see vortex of smoke spiralling 
At the centre of time and space: terrifying!

A mishmash of baffling events, 
A drama with no sequence, 
Trains take turns unexpected 
At the criss-cross tracks; characters arrive:
Some much awaited; some not so,
To enact - breaking all logic.

Sometimes in the middle of sleep
I romance the vivid archipelagoes, 
The stunning reefs, turquoise lagoons, 
And the distant palm-fringed bays;
I wake up with a start and see darkness
Engulfing pitch black dark: despairing, 
As opposed to splendid landscape: hitherto
Soothed my senses unbeknownst to me!
Striking contrast - seize my joy! 
My eyelids droop and my eyes again
Succumb to slumber gracefully.
As sleep flows once more,
smoothly, gently and rapidly,
My fav sceneries reappear nimbly:
The archipelagoes, reefs, and lagoons, 
Back from where they left me;
Broken threads fixed, my spirit revives! 
A lost child finding his way
Reaching his mother's arms overjoyed!

Desires and wishes unconscious, 
Experiences frightening and disturbing, 
Pop up as dreams: the craftwork of brain.
Amidst mixed emotions I float, drown,
And as alarm bell rouses me
To meet the new dawn, I wake up:
Refreshed, peaceful, and content, 
A sound sleep I did get. 
Also reminding myself that
Its time to enact now:
The Drama of Life!
The drama with sequences, of course!

Copyright © Anitha Jayasankar | Year Posted 2020