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A Rebel

Somewhere in the wilderness,
Among the barren deserts,
And under the swarthy clouds
Lie the dilapidated destination
Of a poor homeless rebel,
Victimized unmercifully to fall
Like a drop of rain waited long!

There is a burning sand, 
Perforating his bootless heels
With each prick eat up and engulf
The rest of blood from his dry veins
And does challenge his undanted will
Not to subdue and fall in subjugation
Before the sway of mighty domination.

He stays unabated in his determination,
With every sigh sobbed and blubbered,
Every sweat evaporated from his flesh
And every voice raised like Rustum's war cry 
That shall crumble down powerfull states
And teaches the lessons of sufference to the foe.

Copyright © Sahil Mudasir | Year Posted 2020

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From the broken strings I compose
Lyrics of thy song
And from the sullen vales
Of thy art do I endure
struggle  through the doorsteps
Of  another world of praises
And ruin down my history 
For the tales of a common man.

I was neither heavy to poke
At the realms of life
Nor do I sign to make wonders
For wonders are miracles of Divine
And Divine is a miracle Himself
To confirm the merits of being one.

All those doubts shall pass beyond
And shall mark a hermit's word
Written like fables of a gloomy life
And all those objects shall succumb
And fall prey to the ultimate reality,
From one lonely person shall I rise
Like a scary poet of my era
In the dark secrets of a troublesome life
Only to incarcerate our unborn tale.

Copyright © Sahil Mudasir | Year Posted 2020

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Quaratine centre

It is strange to visit a quarantine centre
Where you see men in uniform
With the ultimate impression of 'Doctors'
And others mask up their buckles
To escape even from the waves pass by !

People live together but separate 
Like they smile at you but at distance
Like they know you for today or tomorrow
'For men may come and men may go'
And the wait continues and continues forever.

Sahil Mudasir

Copyright © Sahil Mudasir | Year Posted 2020