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Best Poems Written by Daud Ismail Olakunle

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As the day is folded up like
An old woman's wrapper and

The sun in it has been blinded by
The orange clouds of heaven. As

The twilight starts playing with dusts 
But, fills  noses with the sweet fragrance
Of flourishing petals. The night will
Crawl in like a snail does on a wall

The stars will peep out to
adorn the boring sky; crickets will be 
praising thy mighty with
Their tiny tones, while frogs
Will be croaking in cursing the oppressors

The owl will perch on a dying tree; starring at
A soul dessolating a body, so that
At end of the people's sorrowful 
wailing, he will hoot in mockery to
Embrace their hot dropping tears

The crow will sit on a bench
of graveyards, looking 
At our undying dead walking 
around the woods and hoods;
mumbling the secrecy of their deaths

The mauraders: travellers of every 
nooks and crannies of the earth 
while silence walks the lands.

(c) D.O Isma'eel

Copyright © Daud Ismail Olakunle | Year Posted 2020

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Do not lament to your ward about
The dark cloud that blocks your sky,
Let them see it as a peg that draws you
Closer to the topmost of your victory. Never

Should you tell the tales of your tears
and angush to your child, for he is going
To see every shadows as an escape to death.

Do not show the scar of joy behind your hand
To your kid. He is going to build a wrong
Sense of every barking black dogs. Shall
He take them for monsters from the hell.

Sing your children the songs of humanity
Not the dirges of hatred that
erupt every single screeching of
the moon from mind.

Read the story of beautiful life to their ears
Let them feel the reliance breezes of the Eden
While they are alive.

Preach affection manuscript to their hearts,
and with wits of it, their hearts become more tender.

Show them the world where a sun
Radiate the lands than the one that
Burns your scalps and shrink you for sweats.

Teach them love and smile. 
Teach them to have both in their lives.

D.O Ismail

Copyright © Daud Ismail Olakunle | Year Posted 2020

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Fruit Of Womb

A precious flower that 
dazzles the eyes of mother

 Sweeter than the fruit on a pine tree;
Diamond ornament of human life

If you have a son like a sun
Who brightens your days with his smile,

Cherish him more than the gold
For he is priceless than itself

If yours is a moon in the body of a daughter
Who baths your nights with enormous lights of their dreams

Embrace them with your warm hearts;
Lead  them to the path of gratitude

They are the fruits sprouted from your wombs,
Preserve them from being pested by the society pests. 

D. O Ismail.

Copyright © Daud Ismail Olakunle | Year Posted 2020

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Stuns and brights like lights
Smile fills his mouth like
The rain does in the sky.

He stretches out his hand
To hook dearly to my mind;

Posing like a sheep but with 
the heart of a wolf. He

Lives in my world
To aid my wars; and a 

whale he is that usually
swallows his wards. 

I die at every shoot of his medium; the 
Venom that he feeds to my mouth 
In his horrible kingdom. 

(c) D.O Ismail

Copyright © Daud Ismail Olakunle | Year Posted 2020