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Caribbean Dream

Caribbean Dream....

A schooner swoons over sapphire sea,
Eager the look in your eye, 
She leans to the wind as you lean to me,
There are no dark clouds in the sky,
     Oh the easy breezes gentling skin
     Tomorrow moves like the horizon
     The warm deep blue invites you in
     And your beauty fills my eyes,  On
The helm your hand and the other in mine,
I see your face full of wonder,
Neath spreading sails she moves so fine
You ask me where shall we wander?
     There's an island new for you every day,
     There's coves and reefs for exploring,
     The under-scenes take our breath away
     And there's peace with every mooring,
There's a warm wind waiting to take us there,
The pliant palms are beckoning,
Their blessing for lovers everywhere
And the end of our dead reckoning,
     If cosmic voyages have no end
     And we set sail together,
     If you're my love, and too, my friend,
     Then this must be forever...............

Copyright © Christopher Murphy | Year Posted 2021

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The Vision

The Vision

All that I asked was to see it again,   the Vision I had of the All,
It was crystalline clear and filled up my soul,   but now it’s beyond my recall,
A melee of wonder and exquisite scenes,   beyond what the mind could suppose,
It needed a well that was deeper than mine,  for it knew how the Cosmos arose.
Beings there were both fierce and benign,   in forms you could never believe
They looked at our thoughts in gentle resign,   could anyone be so naïve?

Dimensions of glory and limitless realms,   so faraway seemed to entice,
Were all within sight of the innermost eye, beheld in less than a trice.
But when I returned and made my appeal,   denial was answer to plea,
Merely a glimpse is a blessing for now,   your mission is simply to be…..
So what does it mean to the castaway here,   so eager to grapple control?
The secret, they said, is to cast away fear,   surrendering all to the All.

The fearless live in a whirling of joy,   expanding outside of the mound
Of termitic life we call living down here,  anxiety seen all around.
If in miracle forced from the root of a rose a trillion atoms combine
Ten zillion more in my physical form, what limits constrain the Divine?
If I could see myself from beyond,   exploring this magical realm—
A seafarer set on mysterious voyage with Certainty’s hand on the helm,

	I wouldn’t ask for anything more, rejoicing in all that I’m shown,
	And the vision was simply a navigate star, a knowing there’s more than       the Known.
	The celebrant roots for the truffles of joy in the mess of duality’s loam,
	A liver of life, a lover of love, the heart forever the home….

Copyright © Christopher Murphy | Year Posted 2020

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Song of the Crop Circles

Song of the Circles				

Teasing are the secrets in the golden summer grain,
No manual to tell us what they mean,
Hasty follows harvest, only pixels now remain,
Of mandalas in meadowlands serene.

While the cynics turned away or treated them with scorn
And the pundits ruled them best to be ignored--
What was there to see in the curling of the corn?
Yet others gazed and found their spirits soared

It’s a banner from beyond, they said, there’s nothing left to fear
It’s not about surviving till we die,
Simply stare and humbly, the message will be clear,
It’s a blessing from the Universal “I”.

	Mystic Circle Makers, we thank you for the call,
	Your messages from Godly far domains,   
	That till everything’s let go, Love cannot conquer all
	But when everything’s let go,    Love remains….

Mystery Circle Makers, your etchings tell us all,
To kindle back the kindness in mankind, 
To celebrate in Eden, not the garden of The Fall,
And leave the myths and legends far behind.    

This the final clarion that all the world should heal,
That paradise within is to explore,
This is what the circles have gently to reveal,
That living is for giving, more and more.

After centuries of yearning, is it what we long to hear
That all is well, no matter how it seems,
That Love’s the only constant in the fleeting of the years,
And Time itself another of our dreams....

	Mystic Circle Makers, we thank you for the call,
	Your messages from Godly far domains,   
	That till everything’s let go, Love cannot conquer all
	But when everything’s let go,    Love remains….

© Christopher Murphy

Copyright © Christopher Murphy | Year Posted 2020

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Single Note

Single Note     					©   Christopher Murphy

There’s a single note in a symphony
Without which the music has no sound,
Yearning for harmony, that special tune,
But do you think it knows its way around?

Like a single drop in the ocean of desire,
Without me the tides can’t ebb and flow,
Can it be the wave and the rain and the river
And still believe it knows just where to go?

	Mysteries are not for knowing
	Who knows where the tides are flowing
	Who knows where the notes are going?
	Only Knowing knows…

I am a single blade in the prairies of the All
And yet what is it makes the meadow green?
If beauty’s in the eye, this I could never die—
Without the seer what is ever seen?

I am a single gleam in the crystal of Aware
With All-that-Is reflected here within.
With everything in sight dependent on the light,
I’m wondering just how did “I” get in?!

	Mysteries are not for knowing
	Who knows where the gleams are glowing
	Who knows why the grass is growing,
	Only Knowing knows…    
I am a single note in the Symphony of Time
Without me the music cannot play,
If there’s only harmony when I am in tune—
Maybe I should practice every day……..Every day!

Copyright © Christopher Murphy | Year Posted 2020

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Curtain call

T0 Spencer Snyder, age 80

		Curtain Call    
He signed you for a starring role, with no time to rehearse,
None had played the part before, so no-one better or worse,
Been a long run and the folks keep coming, your lines change like your sox,
Director nods up in the Gods, no prompter in the box,
	And every time you looked to Him, He’d smile and say Well Done,
	Despite your wild unscripted words, you could do no wrong
	Though critics voiced opinions, you know what worth they are,
	Mostly orificial, mostly rated R!
		Curtain Call! 		You’re on again today
		You can prance and sing and pirouette or sulk the night away
		Curtain Call! 		Delight with what you’ve got,
		When you act on inspiration, you can’t be what you’re not.

Well, all runs have their ups and downs, you faltered there sometimes
And scowled at other actors for their excrementary lines,
Complaints they won you nothing but laughter from the crew
But now you know they’re there to show the very best in you!
	One day you’ll hear a casting-call, Director’s words are spare:
	“The part you played was perfect, I’ve another one to share,
	But because you did amuse me with your foibles, funks and fears,
	I’ll let you practice this one for another 20 years!”
Curtain Call!   You get…. no stand-in for your role
		You signed for the duration when you were just a soul
		Curtain Call!   When you grasp a life, there’s no-one here to blame,
		And how much you enlighten us your only claim to fame!

You pondered long life’s meaning, but the guru’s words rang true,
That it don’t mean a goldarn thing but what it means to you,
It’s meant to be a mystery, of that you can be sure,
And for your play, if we had our way, we’d implore Encore!
	And at your final curtain, kindly exit with a smile,
	To let us know you loved the part for just a little while,
	We’ll stand for your ovation if we’re not all in the ground,
	It’s a goodly bet that’s all you get for having us around!
		Curtain Call! (It sounds) every morning when you rise,
		The stage has made you large as life, regardless of your size,
		Curtain Call! 	We love you,	 please curtsey to acclaim,
		An arch-angelic Oscar has been chiseled with your name!

Copyright © Christopher Murphy | Year Posted 2021