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What is love

What is love?
A rhetorical question!
An art movie  I want to watch without an intervention.

What is love?
An amusing venture!
If taken too seriously may turn into a dicey adventure.

What is love?
A companionship for lifelong!
An emotion so mighty and fiercely strong.

What is love?
A luxury not everyone can afford,
a beauty not everyone can behold.

What is love?
Love is a journey not a destination,
love is a feeling you can't possess with lack of compassion.
Love is a cure to jealousy,
a power mightier than any prophecy.
Love is an emotion which can't be expressed with actions alone,
it is a fragrance stronger than any cologne.
Love is pure in all forms,
love is accepted in all norms.

Love is selfless,
love is never helpless.
Love is felt not seen,
love is reality not a movie on screen.
True love is unrefined,
love best is undefined.

Love is Love.

Copyright © Garima Dubey | Year Posted 2021

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Rise again

Wandering in the woods,I had an epiphany.
My life right now is an opera without a symphony.
The plans I made turned futile,
now my body is  exhausted and my spirit has turned immotile.
Dreams sometimes can become your greatest source of misery,
Broken dreams create scars and invisible injury.
My ship of hope has lost its sailor,
it's heading forward in the storm without caring about success or failure.

It happens to all once in a lifetime,
when the decisions of past seem like a crime.
Bawling over what is lost is unavailing,
fruitless is the action of wailing.
Pick up the pieces and join them all,
gather all your strength and rise from the fall.

Life is full of miracles and magic,
it is a tale both happy and tragic.
You are the protagonist of your story,
the pen is in your hand,
make it a dreary yarn or an anecdote full of glory.

Date unknown
Contest name:Your Personal Favourite poetry contest

Copyright © Garima Dubey | Year Posted 2020

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Coming back home

C-ircumstances were 
M-y life turned upside down
I-mperilled lives gripped with fear
N-o fancy tale this is ,its my
G-rievous story
B-rutal and horrifying memories
A-mbiguous future without any hope 
C-asted out of our homes and land
K-ids and families separated
H-omeless and hungry
O-verthrown from our
E-mbattled , this is my refugee story

Written for : Coming back home poetry contest
Sponsor:John Hamilton

Copyright © Garima Dubey | Year Posted 2021

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The last embrace

As a child ,
I believed 
everything and everyone is forever,
for me there was no death no fear.

As I grew up
I learnt the truth the hard way,
My world changed within few seconds
when the doctor said my mother was suffering from cancer.

Days turned into weeks,
weeks turned into months,
I saw her beautiful skin turn pale in colour,
as the days passed by she looked more and more weak.
I kept reminding her my childhood antiques,
she smiled as a drop of tear rolled down her cheeks.
There was no good news ,
with every passing second I thought I was losing my mom,
my dearest mother.

I planned  my future with so much certainty,
but forgot that life doesn't follow rules.
I held her hand and kissed her  eyes,
that moment is forever etched in my memory.

I asked her one day,
if she wanted anything?
laying on the hospital bed ,
she asked me if I could give her a little bit of heaven,
seeing my puzzled face 
she hid her smile .
I had no idea what she was talking about,
I hugged her ,
then  she felt asleep forever.

I saw a photo  kept beside the bed,
it was a photo of my mom ,
holding baby  me in her arms .
Her smile was pure,
her eyes were beaming with happiness ,
as I turned the photo around,
something was written in my mom's handwriting,
Happy birthday my dear, 
you are my little bit of heaven

Copyright © Garima Dubey | Year Posted 2020

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Pitter patter raindrops fall on the ground ,
the moist soil exuding the sweet redolence make me astound.
The raindrops touch my cheek,
I have never felt so chic.
I am swathed  in a mystical ensemble created by nature.
I feel like an art queen in a crowded theatre.
All eyes are on me,
but I have never felt so free.
I am wet and muddy yet no mirror can make me feel shoddy.
I am covered with nature's scent .
A fragrance so powerful and elegant.
The breeze that touches my face,
imprints a memory I can never erase.
The raindrops dripping from my hair are touching my lips.
I try to wipe it away with my fingertips.
This scent has made me a pluviophile,
I don't need no lover to smile.
It's an epitome of nature's alchemy,
I don't need to hide under a canopy.
A smell so riveting and tender,
Its no ordinary scent,

Copyright © Garima Dubey | Year Posted 2021

Details | Garima Dubey Poem

Not all Stones are Diamonds

Sunday morning up with the lark,
I went jogging in the park.
Suddenly I felt pain in my sides,
soon I started taking long strides.

I went to the doctor immediately,
I needed help desperately.
The doctor smiled and wrote me some tests.
Clinic visits I always detest.

The doctor told me I had crystals,
no not diamonds the oxalic one.
The doctor said wrly "don't worry my son."
"I can turn them into small pieces by surgical procedure",
the doctor said proudly giving my brain untimely seizures.

How was he going to break them small?
how were they going to pass?
Never could I imagine that such tiny stones could also harass. 

Not all stones are diamonds,
some are kidney stones,
The pain these  tiny crystals  inflict can make you simply atone.

Passing these tiny stones was no easy task,
no better punishment for all my sins I could ever ask.
Finally the stones departed,
passing them was not for the softhearted.

Don't underestimate these tiny stones,
they can make grown ups moan.
Eat healthy ,stay fresh and take care of your each bone
please beware of the kidney stones.

Contest: Stones Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Anthony Biaanco

Copyright © Garima Dubey | Year Posted 2021

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Challenging Times

God not again!
Amidst this pandemic I will go insane
All of us have seen the news
Restless world everyone is confused.
It has taken new form
Media will convince us this is the new norm
And this "Kent Covid Variant" will swipe away our sanity that I 
   can conform.

Deadly virus and political imbalance is a dreadful combination
Uncanny is the situation 
Backing away is not the option
Ending this pandemic is our task
You just have to wear a mask .

Written for: Capture The Essence Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Margarita Lillico

Copyright © Garima Dubey | Year Posted 2021

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Shiva my saviour

    I close my eyes to see his face,
    I bow my head to feel his grace.
    He holds my hand when times are tough,
    To give me strength that's enough.
    My Shiva lives inside me,
    Guides me and chides me.
    He's my protector and my friend.
    He's the light of my tunnel's end.
    He is naive like a child ,
    sometimes harsh mostly mild.
    Lover of milk and wood apple.
    His aura can make anybody bedazzle.
    He is like you and me,
    Nothing grand just ordinary.
    He's a paradox and a hyperbole.
    His existence is simply exemplary.

   Deep in depression when I felt,
   I just closed my eyes and knelt.
   He was there in my mind,
   how could I be so bilnd?
   The step I wanted to take was so wrong,
   how could I not see , this is where I truly    
    He truly touches my heart and soul,
    He is the one who makes me whole.
    My Shiva lives in my heart,
    I know for sure that we will never be apart .

    Date: 19/07/21
    Contest: Touch My Heart
    Sponsor:Regina McIntosh

Copyright © Garima Dubey | Year Posted 2021

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An unusual experience

Wales to me is gloriously enchanting,
filled with history and nature's mystery.
Gifted by heavenly father,
the beauty of wales is unending just like it's rugged coastline.
Full of culture and tradition,
you will get the best crawl here I can say with conviction.
Majestic castles stand aloof,
presenting the Victorian history with proof.
Wales to me is serene and surreal,
makes me wonder what's untrue and real?
Oh! the atmosphere here is so jolly
I feel awe and golly.
There is something different in air!
amicability is filled in this soil even though nowadays it's so rare.

Copyright © Garima Dubey | Year Posted 2020

Details | Garima Dubey Poem

A letter from beyond

To my dearest daughter,
 I have so much to say.
I had never imagined that this hapless time would make us part our ways.
I might not be there when that mean girl in your school won't let you get in the bus,
but you know what?
you are brave enough to face her all by your own.
Just believe in your self and remain upright,
you will always win your fight.

I am writing this letter to tell you how much I love you now and will love you forever ,
but remember my little angel that your life is like a  never-ending journey, enjoy every route and  learn to rise from every fall .
Take a deep breath and face your fears.
Don't shy away from your failures.
Relationships will teach you a lot ,
be sure to make a lot of friends and love them all.

Show kindness to the weak .
Show empathy to the less fortunate.
Don't let money break your principles,
don't let power shape your character.
Have compassion for all.
Learn to live in solitude.
Don't ever underestimate gratitude.
You are the captain of your ship,
don't let the tides deviate you from your destination.
Don't let the worldly malice taint your heart,
don't ever let anyone disrespect you my sweetheart.

I won't be there when you will walk down the aisle,
but I will be looking from up ,
Stepping on a new journey holding your beloved's hand.
You will have my blessings ,
and don't you dare miss me at all,
don't let our best memories bring you sorrow and tears.
I will always be there watching your back from the beyond.

Copyright © Garima Dubey | Year Posted 2021