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l'enfant l'oie revision

Goose and purple i saw it strung up in a window in chicago
I saw factories written in your eyelashes and hair and industrialization vomited 
Limp and edible bruised and calling
Geese sing every morning and they glare through 
They go to venitian parties and clocks strike but i am in France a burglar 
I am at the ballet and the sun is rising on my face my short eyelashes my cloth
Greek dancers hang from cyprus trees and eat helios for small prices persimmon cream they pick the sun out of groves and pull salty fish from the river grinning 
 tail bone in throat choking/swift passages
It’s throat is staring at me and i am called to dinner 
You pull the neck off with one tug and it falls to the floor it stares carving stone and
Fish eggs 
Singing knives/ brutalist still life concrete grapes 
The geese flew to the meditarenian that morning but one was left behind, they are at the bacchanal but we have our own drunkenness that I almost felt wine in the tablecloth that infernal smell and people who have seen galvanization! 
She talks about anatomy and veins and capillaries she cuts her bread he carves the bird he slavers at the blood our guests are dripping and apparitions 
I dream of the ballet the conductor wore a suit made out of feathers that he stole from a bird 
That bird has been plucked and left 
you can see it’s parasites dance across open skin it gets sun burnt on unforgiving beaches 
I can cry for something dead and hurting but i’ll gag when you stuff it’s fluffing grayed neck down my throat
It’s bill scraping my teeth
It’s pearly lesions white collar crime 
Eyes like silver marbles like fish eggs bite down fish eggs this little bit of caviar 
And eat this dead uncooked bird?
  You’re crazy!

Copyright © gillian perry | Year Posted 2020