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Best Poems Written by Adeola Abimbola

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What is this coming like the flood of Noah?
A strange wind blowing from the East with all fury
Before it goes fear and panicking,
And behind it comes crying and weeping.
This is definitely beyond science and money,
“Lockdown, enter my ark” Jesus keeps warning
What a noisome pandemic is this?
The strongest of men go hiding.
The high and mighty suddenly become helpless in the face of COVID-19.
Hopelessness has led to suicide of many,
But His Spirit keeps speaking to my heart
“Lockdown but not closed heaven”

Where are your idols and star gazers?
Your soothsayers are again in darkness and confusion.
They can’t keep wondering why?
They have failed again like magicians in Pharaoh’s court.
But the One who lives in heaven and rules in the affairs of men says,
“Lockdown until my mission is accomplished”

Copyright © Adeola Abimbola | Year Posted 2020

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Whose voice is this?
Crying from the dark abyss
With an agonizing performance with a reprise
To the One who does not judge amiss
Calling for a speedy vengeance
On his brother saying 
“You know the Truth but never told me
Know the Way but refused to show me
Know the Life yet did not point Him to me
Privileged but forgot me
Positioned but refused to help me”
It is the voice of the blood of your brother
Your confessed “LOVED” but now eternally lost brother

Copyright © Adeola Abimbola | Year Posted 2020

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If Jesus Had Not Risen

If Jesus had not risen
We would have been hopeless sinners
Sentenced to eternal destruction
Condemned and lost forever

If Jesus had not risen
His death on the cross would have been useless
Eternal life wouldn’t have been certain
His mission on earth would have been defeated

Thank God He rose from the dead
It was suffering and agony on Friday
Silence and humiliation on Saturday
But Sunday was glorious as He rose back to life
© Adeola Abimbola

Copyright © Adeola Abimbola | Year Posted 2020

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My Burden Bearer

Constantly living with a heavy heart  

Travelling helplessly on earth’s lonely and weary path  

With the memory of my past tearing me apart 

Each morning I wish my world could restart 

And with each night the fear of tomorrow tempts my heart to depart  

This is just beyond me I say as my life seems to fall apart 

In my struggle to head start 

I played like others but not so smart 

I experienced betrayal instead of trust 

Thought I had a friend to lean on not knowing he was a dart 

But then I met a friend before it all fall apart 

 The Saviour with a loving heart 

Who gave my life a meaning and restart 

He took my burden and set me apart 

Yes! He is Jesus.

Copyright © Adeola Abimbola | Year Posted 2020

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Your Pain My Gain

It was on a cloudy morning
The sun restrained from bursting forth
The hordes of hell were let loosed
And the battle lines eventually drawn
The lamb that was slain
Before the foundation of the earth appeared
Being led to be slaughtered
Thirty nine cruel lashes was he given
With deep wounds and blood all over Him
A thorn of sin on His head like a crown
All for my gain
There was nothing majestic about Him
Nothing to really attract us to Him
Yet it was this pain that liberated us
From bondage to bondship with Christ
Hell to co- heirs with Christ
It was indeed your pain my gain

© Adeola Abimbola

Copyright © Adeola Abimbola | Year Posted 2020