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Would it be hard to do what she wants?
Can anyone weaken her to the core?
For some people will make her feel haunted
But nothing can stop her to thrive for more

She is one of her kind
She got the aim of her solo flight
No one got the power to dethrone her
Cause she is the queen bee of her hive

Amidst the sea, through the strom
From the darkness towards the ray of hope
She wandered into the wilderness for sure
But the lost ship finally got its shore...

Copyright © Asmi Sharma | Year Posted 2020

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My little brother

I wondered all my life
If am destined to be alone
Even cried a few times
On my hopeless fortune

Surely I was an aimless wanderer
Always thinking if I deserve you
But all my doubts got cleared
When my dream came true

The world which had been black and white 
Suddenly became colorful
The desert which had seen only cacti
Suddenly there, the flowers bloomed

You are my ray of shine
You are my reason to smile
For God knows it's true
My little brother it's none other than you...

P.S. I had my brother when I was 16. A blessing indeed:)

Copyright © Asmi Sharma | Year Posted 2020

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The Dark Knight

Everything was slow and steady
Sure it wasn't rainbows and sunshine
Clearly I was fine with my monotonous life
But then enters the Dark Knight

Did hear about everything going upside down
Ever thought of experiencing, not for sure
But does fate listens to you at all
Cause he unnerved me to the core
Pages turned and so did my life
Something changed but my sanity had died
He who was just a word turned into a whole book
Brought those tingles along with the herd of butterflies

I am wrecked yeah, in hell I know
I am in his clutches now
How sorry I feel for my heart
Cause it's going towards the wrong path
But can I blame it for this happening
For I am equally at fault for it

It's complicated, they used to say
Still I am untangling my way
My mind is bickering for my state
But who am I fooling
When I myself enjoying it's every second...

Copyright © Asmi Sharma | Year Posted 2020

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The Innocent One

I was walking down a narrow lane 
But then I saw something strange 
Into the water crystal clear
Was someone with a daunting gaze

Well i thought it's me who's thinking weird
For sure my mind is not in right state
No matter how many excuses I made
I couldn't ignore that piercing stare

She was beautiful with a calm face
Curiosity filled big black eyes
Though I knew it would be lame
Still I waved at her anyway

Now you'll wondering what happened next
Well she just mirrored my every movement
The atmosphere oozed with certain tension
And yeah, it was my own reflection

My foggy sight due to world's hardships and games
Is to be blamed for tricking me again
Cause the girl I saw in the water
Was pure inside without any stains

It's true I am free in the open sky
But I am limited with infinite chains
Though god gave me wings to fly
But they trapped me in the cage

Looks like I lost her in the crowd
Hidden somewhere in my brain
Although she looks safe and sound
I wonder when I'll meet her again...

Copyright © Asmi Sharma | Year Posted 2020

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The Heart's desire

Is it too much to ask to be under the sky
To watch the stars shine while the time flies

For my heart yearns to fantasize
But the truth of reality fights all my desires

The little me used to think childhood is hollow
But to be an adult is agony to follow

All I am asking is for little time
To stop for a moment, to pause your life...

Copyright © Asmi Sharma | Year Posted 2020

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Importance of beauty
Well, what should I say
A despondent heart knows it well
It's power to make your survival easy

Lips, nose and two eyes it takes
To change your destiny, to change your fate
And if you are bestowed to the dark shade
All you'll see is the world's cruel face

Harrasments, chuckles and countless stares
All you can do is to refrain
Though such people can't be blamed
Their only possession is their pea sized brain

So don't you worry you little sunshine
Time knows best, everything will be fine
Well, your heart knows you are pristine
And it's enough to leave all the nitwits behind

Just remember, nobody is inferior
What matters the most are the virtues of the soul
Every shade has it's own beauty, it's own role
To make the canvas perfect to the core...

Copyright © Asmi Sharma | Year Posted 2020

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A four lettered word love it is
But do we know it's true essence
It's a pious feeling which breaks all the fence
The love a Mom has is immense

The way she nurtures us in her womb
The smile she gives us in our gloom
She makes our life cheerful and steady
She is our personal iron lady

The best creation of God, sure she is
Her blessings are like infinite rays
She kisses our boobos, she braids our hair
We love you Mamma every single day...

Copyright © Asmi Sharma | Year Posted 2020

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Forever together

The day we met
Frozen I had my breath
No ocean so deep 
Could contain the serenity I felt

They say love is in the air 
But it's running in my veins
Well I know it's little cliche
Yet you made me what I am today

Now it may be dark
But honey just wait for the stars
The horizon will kiss the breaking dawn
There wil be our forever no matter how far...

Copyright © Asmi Sharma | Year Posted 2020

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Lost girl

She was scrounging for something
I thought I should ask
But the answer she gave me 
Shocked my heart

She said she was looking for her dignity
Which had been snatched by some men
She said she was looking for herself 
For she had lost it at that very moment

Suddenly I realised my cheeks were wet
Her face gave chills to my spine
But she didn't tense or even cry
As she had learnt to say "I am Fine"

Copyright © Asmi Sharma | Year Posted 2020

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I know

I know, I did some bad things
But are they enough to judge me?

I know, I broke some rules
But am I born to follow anything?

I know, I told some lies
But the innocence never thought of the bee's sting

I know, I have a gray part in my life
But my sun will shine even in a moonless night...

Copyright © Asmi Sharma | Year Posted 2020