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Today's Sounds -- Music

Today's Sounds

Music rolls off the banjo, bluegrass
Active cheery sound, gland it’s around,
Folk music in little town passed down by word of mouth;
Family remembers and other people too, and songs abound.

Symphony sounds dynamic notes through the grand hall,
Aria Nessun Dorma rapturous great joy emotion,
Opera transports to a lofty feeling, heavenly classical,
Piano music and classical guitar uplifting feeling locomotion.

Listen, echoing 14th century chant cathedral music,
Hymn captivating, baroque music alive to this day,
History’s not historical, it’s not even past; and organ rolls on,
Waltz smoothly wafts across the air through the dance hall bay.

Ice cream parlor music cheerful tunes with hot fudge sundae,
Oldies music reminiscence rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, country and western feeling,
Big band dance music, rhythm and blues, brass band thrill,
Gospel music, spirituals, and blues, highland healing.

Motion picture music score jumps high fidelity positive
Enjoyment, touching stereo button to instrumental music roll,
Relax in the day, easy listening music comfortable rest,
Sound waves motions ear drums, people listen alive soul.

Copyright © John Washburn | Year Posted 2020

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For the Love of People

People living, feeling, caring bring comfort,
City people or country folk both enjoy strawberries,
Hick town people have plenty of space,
Suburban people new to earth’s cities draw dairies.

My people can contact your people who are beautiful people,
International people serve dessert people in sweet way,
People who need people, loving people, Christian people beautiful sway,
Peoplehood one united voice and service nationality pay in sun’s ray.

Queen’s people smile in Victorian delight,
Youth builders of nation – college people enthusiasm flow,
Music people brighten royalty people and the populace,
Humans voice people power, citizens of prosperity aglow.

Comfortable down-to-earth wholesome people smile,
Heaven’s rays touching caring people with serene comfort and peace,
Farm people grow wheat to bake spice cakes for sharing,
Mountain people and desert people shine using life’s lease.

Professional people helping working people with thoughtful consideration,
Traveling people hop on the people mover enjoying the ride,
Rodeo time in town welcomes western people on horses,
Family, relatives, ancestors bring tide of love far and wide.

Copyright © John Washburn | Year Posted 2020

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Sunshine rose earlier today, season of warmer weather
Rain and sun tempo touching soil and earth,
Vernal equinox weeks ago bring time of growth and renewal
Spring alive plants, flowers, trees, and live birth.

Life breathing into lungs and soul March, April, and May
Plants revive and people do too, Saint Patrick’s Day green
Shamrock pretty clover, tender and fair, a better indication
Groundhog Day may be getting it right as Punxsutawney Phil no shadow seen.

Laughter for fun in popular legend brings a bit of spice in life
Springtime bright yellow, red, orange, blue, and violet,
Enjoying spring showers on porch sipping pink lemonade
Early planting and harvesting spring crops, grateful to pile it.

Easter arrives in a beam of morning light
Christians rejoice everywhere deep gratitude,
Touching human souls tears stream down cheeks
Love gives peace, and we live the golden rule in attitude.

New life pauses for Memorial Day
Members of the Armed Forces killed in war,
Never to be forgotten, freedom and life they granted
Infusing patriotic loyalty, and patriotism roar forever more.

Copyright © John Washburn | Year Posted 2020

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A New Soccer Ball

Soccer ball made from granola, dried grapes
Honey, brown sugar, oats, sunflower seeds
Almonds and chocolate chips form the ball that is fun to
Play the soccer game where everyone wins and the goalie eats the ball.

Eleven comedic players on each team want that
Soccer ball running after the tasty round thing, number 19 gets a Red card
Before the lemming, marmot, and prairie dog run
Biting a tasty crunch out of that flavorful round sphere.

Chocolatier is in competition for profit and prize with
Granolatier who in rivalry selling those two color round
Yummy soccer balls hoping the malamute doggie and
Spiky Yorkshire terrier stay off the game field and don’t eat the ball.

Soccer mom enjoys getting lots of granola soccer balls at the
Local grocery store every Saturday keeping one for herself,
One fun granola soccer ball lasts a week for driving and munching,
Accordion playing cheering moods for all biting that new soccer ball.

Copyright © John Washburn | Year Posted 2020

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Childhood and Youth Hikes with Dad

Sit down here on this mountain pine covered ridge
Wait for the mid-morning sun, about ten o’clock,
See now Blue Point canyon and air turn thick blue
“Look!  Look Mom!  It’s blue.”, the whole air and canyon of rock.

Hike in the San Francisco Peaks wintertime shadows
Fluffy snow heavily falling peaceful feeling to know,
Deep snow, I see a male mule deer five point running towards us
Buck tries to stop, slides, entangles antlers in brush and snow.

Hike all day, fresh spring rain, seeing wash, and Arizona mountains
Red velvet mites, birds, rabbits, spring flowers, desert trees,
Hop in truck and go to Circle-K buy Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Little cups package of forty, and I eat 28 with taste bud tasty breeze.

Desert hike in Indian reservation meeting warm hospitable natives
I like their colors and turquoise blue jewelry culture,
Friends always hiking with us in Arizona desert sun
Spring runoff shows gold dust glitter in the sand and in the sky a vulture.

God Almighty created all this beautiful country of ours
Giving sun and rain, life and spring rain breath,
Then it was Dad that showed Arizona all to me in slow hikes
My eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin, mind, and spirit soak up in depth.

Copyright © John Washburn | Year Posted 2020

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Ocean Selected

Softly blows the sea breeze floating on Maine coast
Lobster rests near seashell colorful pretty
Marine life oceanography exploration for
Sea grant college young students welcoming Oceania.

Sea horse small marine fish floats near
Sea butterfly marine mollusk nestling in aquarium
Oceanarium on seashore warm seas giving a
Reflection sea conveying oceangoing voyages sea bird schooner.

Loved one touches sandy beach viewing sea holly
Blue leaves accent blue flowers together for 
Couple tasting lobster thermidor weathered restaurant
Craggy wood pier constructed for people use for good feelings.

Spinnaker sails into the sun warm wind blowing
Oceanfront colors under soaring sea eagle looking
Eyes cheerful happiness rests in heart grateful
Our Creator fashioned earth with ocean life.

Copyright © John Washburn | Year Posted 2020

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Lands and Empires

Kingdoms and countries fill the earth,
King and Queen, Prince and Princess wisely
Reign empire with providence sovereignty,
Royal rank, authority, and power with ties key.

Ancient Egyptian Empire also Hittite and Babylonian
Large empires Assyrian, Persian, and Median realms prong,
World of Roman Empire ruled for centuries long,
Carolingian Empire reigning in the old-world throng.

New world Incan and Mayan Empire taken over
Spanish Empire liked the gold and shipped to their king,
British Empire the sun never set grew far and wide
Austria-Hungary large European kingdom covering wing.

American and Canada countries in growth
Switzerland selling Swiss chocolate welcome sweet tooth,
Israel, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania independent
Australia, Portugal, Italy countries display the voting booth.

Copyright © John Washburn | Year Posted 2020

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Feeling inside soul of time and weather change
Colder weather arriving and autumn harvest,
Full natural growth and the autumnal equinox glows
Wonderful time for a football game, hometown competitions are best.

Gnomon of the sundial projects a shadow, Harvest Days are here
Garden full of ripe fruit, colors red, rust, orange, and yellow,
Autumn crops sun ripened grateful feelings, gratitude and thanks
Raised to Heaven where the LORD of the Harvest reigns with love mellow.

Thanksgiving Day family gathers together, golden baked turkey
Aroma fills the home, Norman Rockwell nostalgic real view,
American life fourth Thursday in November true, autumn foliage and maturity
Fall September, October, November, rich and soft dew.

Fully grown hemisphere, earth giving all fully developed,
State Fair displays 1,007 pound orange pumpkin brings
Great Pumpkin to new life, candy and chocolate bars to munch,
Rodeo cowboy ropes the calf in 5.9 seconds flat, hearing the banjo band strings.

Fully grown hemisphere, earth giving all fully developed,
Remembering State Fair, glib gladness now 31st October jack-o’-lantern fun,
Corn shocks in the field and candy in the pocket sweet flavor
Rodeo time, cowboy ropes calf quickly, hands in air and won!

Copyright © John Washburn | Year Posted 2020

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Summer In The Sun

Yesterday the sun rose slowly
Over the lake glimmering glistening, quietly,
The calm wind took a wink at the blue jay softly
Flying over the fragrant pine trees and allowed the sun to
Burn in the summer morning, whispering, recreation sport, let’s play today.

The clicking of the gentle waves ruffle the boat’s port side,
Loading onto the vessel from the warm wooden dock,
Launched us slowly into the azure blue water,
With sleepy dreaming heads bobbing above color splashing
Forward, outward red, yellow, blue life jackets; and hats.

Slow no-wake quietly moving past the watcher,
Into the blue water beyond where fish jump,
Engine throttling up the only sound, shooting
Faster further, the red and yellow tent camp under our
Flag beacons, I’ll be here upon your return.

Sun water skis upon the feet water underneath motion moving
Forward the rope pulls and the boat goes in the 
Directed direction; yesterday.

Summer in the sun thrilling eyes
Going to amusement parks hosting family
Son, daughter, wife, relative, park comfort
Blasting sparks sphere circle color 4th of July
Big bangs and our little one’s hands on ears
With a smile.

Going west State Fair where monster size slide
Striped color hosts gunny sack riders
With sweetheart and daughter zipping down
Together on hills zipping sliding, little one says
Some screams on each crest all the way down
To waiting loved ones, daddy, who hear from a little mouth
Let’s go again.
Laughing, wow, the slide is one that’s liked; yesterday.

Today the sun rose slowly
Beaming another summer morning
On the green grass lush and tall stepping with the mower,
Rays filtering through the solarium
And a new solar month shoots forth a solar flare.

Today the sun rose slowly
Over the majestic rugged mountains to shine a
Summer welcome and to say, come on recreation sport, you’re
Still never too old to play, today.

Copyright © John Washburn | Year Posted 2020

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Music From The Soul

Traveling over an ocean to the
New world a symphony slowly grew and
Burst upon America as the New World,
Composer left an imprint quality new volume
Anton or Antonín or perhaps Anthony Dvorák.

Pen smoothing ink gliding over paper
Nine symphonies moved musical instruments
With voices soft loud high low,
Impression held eyes to see and ears verify
Ludwig van Beethoven work that’s loved.

Piano bouncing concerto
Orchestra looking at notes to keep up.
Was Russia to give this music?
For difficult key touch streams electrify
Mom loves Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff.

Symphony seems to flow towards stage,
Forty first put to paper in a minute
Seems to be unreal, who Heavenly gave this?
One glances back to see civilization for family
Oh my Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  Edifying joy.

Copyright © John Washburn | Year Posted 2020