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Best Poems Written by Keith Linton

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No title for it

I believe love is the only possession
that we are allowed to leave Earth with, 
so a hoarder I have become. 

There is
bliss in boxes built like Babel 
without the dialect changing for its different forms
to converse to continue construction.

With the firmament under foot
galaxies become stepping stones of fruition 
towards the summit of this matter.

I have seen Love's facial features 
chiseled through its work, and its smile 
when hate dissipate.

I glance back at its conception, Its birth, 
and watched it crawl into trust. Trust taught
it to walk, and when walking became balanced
it morphed into shoulders that carry, 
to become eyes that witness the ghosts of memories.

I've assisted the muliebrity and virile traits 
to breed this passion in litters of purity 
for forgiveness.

I've honed its humility to become bolder
for when I'm no longer in presence
it will impart through essence.

Copyright © Keith Linton | Year Posted 2020

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He Tricked Us

He said, "I'm not going to church until I'm 50...
and i want everybody to come with me, CUZZ!"

He died from complications due to a bullet
in the head, ten years later,  at age 49...
but, he got all of us to go to church.

Copyright © Keith Linton | Year Posted 2020

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Highly Favored

The Lord walks his garden and pluck roses,
sometimes they belong to us

Copyright © Keith Linton | Year Posted 2020

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From the inside looking out

Cities give unwilling offerings to takers,
while police and national guardsmen expose
their playing cards on a mirrored table; not enough
of them against a rainbow people, the pawns of prophecy.

Tired awoke well rested full of fuel of flames
burning fire proofed laws. 

Quarantine cleared the consciousness of lambs. The alter
was constructed to hold only one, and us animals realize
that. The task is snatching the next sacrifice as the blade
is lifted by those who protect and serve. They were once
animals until they were hand fed oppression with expectations
of defecating on our rights.

Copyright © Keith Linton | Year Posted 2020