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They may want to bring back,
the selective schools.
Simplify a complex reality, 
the underlying relationship of keenness, 
wherever it comes from.
portraying the label,
developed by power.

questioned as viable.
Symptoms worsening,
getting education right for the working class.

Their children remain a challenge,
the odds are stacked against.
Unstilling aspiration,
strive to create opportunities,
The gap in monetized literacy,
bright but poor.

Copyright © Yudho Sasongko | Year Posted 2022

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Conjuring Phantom

Anon! The shadow chilled, mimikri and frosted with domineering dogma.

Thou wast trying escape and melt with thy magna carta.

The shadow was asking thee about crossroad and miniatur epic.

Who always doth fighting versus tyrannical peasant of lingua sacra?

Nay! The shadow given the souls and was sparkling in purgatory, but the light is so poor.

Accepted the unfathomable ferocity, 
yearning all the while as patriacal era? 

Aberrant behavior is chalked forth to tradition by robbed some of its faith, aroint thee!

Canonized the triumphant for dram of science or saint paramilitia?

Neither of these seems as blurring and ambigu answer.

Why should not members of the holy 
suffering paranoia?

The shadow already blended patriach rebels, prithee!

His eyes twinkled criptically as luminated  magenta and elegia.

The shadow built antedates canonization and say, "God-den Padre, gramercy!"

He goes through on his hurlyburly journey and ever reflected pareidolia.

Five beldams ate many doits, flying in the dunnest sky.

The shadow was striking tabor, unyoke, hasta la vista!

Copyright © Yudho Sasongko | Year Posted 2020

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Litter Swept the Earth

The fall is being chased by the restless earth
Longing for self-destruct
Melting peat in soil melting contest
Bind the selected space guard
Carbon in the seepage of the earth

Mother Earth sincerely caressed him to death
His life for the carbon ascetics
To remain silent until the time comes
As the faithful lava flow in silence said
Until the time is over

Though litter embraces carbon
Lovebirds carve Indonesian forest dates
Grow all the roots to pierce
Grow a glorious tree
The sled fauna rejoices eternally
Until the virtual green flora

The greed of evil has arrived
Grind humus carbon hermit
Separate trash with iron claws
Stab until the last deep contest

Scattered swarms of carbon
Scattered with burning trash
Soaring high heats space
Forced to gather in the greenhouse
Until the threshold is hard

The heat wakes up the white hermit
The frozen one dwells at the poles of Mother Earth
Like the hell torn apart by the coldness of heaven
Melting white hermit stretches across the oceans
No need for a full moon anymore for the high seas

Where else can we knit peat?
Where else is the hornbill humming?
Where else can you make friends
Where else does the tree title point
Where else do the ants follow

Mother Earth's green carpet is uprooted
Moaning longing for the faithful
Only fog answers
Silencing forest telepathy
There is no distance between shattering and melting
Barbarism overturns manners
Unlicensed emission

Neat! Archaic anarchist party
Caress that are no longer effective
Rahara with money wins the ring
Like heaven that covers the candala
Persuade to crouch
Worship the forest eater

Neat! Rain is not fresh anymore
Slicing squat bones
Acid until the roots are sour
No more customizable blankets
What's missing are empty tones
Who leaves raindrops
Quietly bid farewell to the roar of the chainsaw

Net zero emissions?
On tons of carbon footprint
Return carbon fiber to earth's peat
Persuade again longing to fall to earth
The litter that used to be drifting slowly
Perched gently on the love of the earth
Accompany the carbon ascetic who doesn't keep his promise
I'm here

Wana Gosong, 24.10.2021

Copyright © Yudho Sasongko | Year Posted 2021

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Sardula Javan Leopard

Hot and wet as heaven pion
Rainfall scattered warm clarion, dropped some their leaves
Referred to evergreen rainforest

Girl starred being black, smiled for dark spots with silver-grey eyes
Kingdom animalia said: “Where is our crown?”
Heavy logging answered

Tilar wana memereng tepining tegil
Sardula, death.....

Bull coexist without competitive
No sanctuary in poverty
Human driven doomsday
Panthera pardus melas and the girl cried

Away from riverbanks, swamps and clearings
Where is Hillsides, mountains, mesas, and sunlight penetration?

Say sorry to piphytic plants 
No attached anymore to trunks and branches, trees felt down
Suck to obtain rainwater
Fallen trees create scary gaps
Said goodbye to Pleistocene refugia
The rest only empty liturgia 

Tilar wana memereng tepining tegil
Sardula, death....

Melanistic leopards coaxed black panthers
The guardian solitary and territorial lover
Sang a love songs and passed away
Growls, snarls, meows and purrs

From dusk till dawn, defending territories from intruder clown
Farmlands weighing hundreds of kilograms bombs

Away from riverbanks, swamps and clearings
Where is hillsides, mountains, mesas, and sunlight penetration?

Tilar wana memereng tepining tegil
Sardula, death......

Copyright © Yudho Sasongko | Year Posted 2020

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The Air We Breathe

Inhabitants are real
Facing great threats
Weighing on mother earth's future
Its effects and consequences
Even better halt it
Consume more, always more

The detriment of nature
Destroyed as an easy option 
The soil is poisoned
Lands are sliding
Rain forests are reduced 
Drastic effects for dims
Contagion of air

Exhaust fumes from arrogant holes
The burning of fossil fuels sings along
Harmful and deadly acid rain
Radiation spills and drills
Nuclear accidents such sudden
The air flares corpses
Photochemical smog dances

Water droplets
They mandate tears
Say sad to aerosols
Beloved refrigerants
Sincere solvents
And majesty burning fossil fuel

Copyright © Yudho Sasongko | Year Posted 2021

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Drops From Mobs

Loss of awareness,I forgot my ambience.
Expansions in floral exuberance,
and exhibits unique ecological trance.
As my veins they come from silence.
Owning a mount is quite a feat of dance.

Concert of sounds, the spectacle of colour.
As a different type of raw contour.
It transmutes the tour.
Their imbuing weapons and armor.
The black empowerments, 
illegal logging and states of loor.

Copyright © Yudho Sasongko | Year Posted 2022

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Homo Ludens From Within

As a play, 
life moments and experiences,
antithetical to lore and summons.

Visiting the world by smiling and laughing.
All classrooms become living rooms.
Far from censorship, 
the political narrow-minded.
A sizeable sanctuary serves as a library,
the school's wings swing.

Jews cling to jewelry,
Moslem clutches the monsoon,
heartfelt and engaged.
Bnei Yisrael comes after Bani Israel?
Salam comes after shalom?
Homo Ludens dances,
Homo Faber flaps.

Copyright © Yudho Sasongko | Year Posted 2022

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The Martapuran

Rest from world-wild gentrification,
city by citation, 
never honking hurt inhabitants.

Armoured by cultural displacement,
no fraught with controversy, 
peace and ceasing.

Landlords raising, 
no ethnic minorities, 
landlording themselves.

Potholes might get filled,
but the heart line might not appear.
Nothing happens along racial lines,
glorifying the guests is mandatory.

Graciously, without feeling offense,
No subjecting to extensive questioning:

"What is your religion?"

Copyright © Yudho Sasongko | Year Posted 2022

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Sekumpul Altruist

The gate made me rush,
my destination was plunder.

I saw them jeopardizing themselves,
helping others.

Unselfish concern for other people,
in the face of scarcity, risky, 
without any reward.

Prosocial behavior, 
born with a natural tendency,
helping others, forefront of thoughts.

Neural evidence, pure altruism,
against violence, inequality, and oppression.
Nurture the seeds of change,
respect for human life.

When they fragmented, 
and socially atomized,
they shape beauty identities.

Copyright © Yudho Sasongko | Year Posted 2022

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Dewdrops, appears, its drops are myopic, 
no blame angel falls,
convenience, not the hardships.

Dripping without mercy, 
cracked ribs.
Move anticlockwise,
Learn to be wise,
set and rise.

Seeing them lined up,
in the courtyard of Hyperpolitan,
bear provisions for their destiny.
Saying the odd, asking blessings

The lucky one is the drum of worship.
Not Ghazal, the love poem,
wisdom of the hall, resident of embers.
For haters, winning alone is enough.

Copyright © Yudho Sasongko | Year Posted 2022


Book: Shattered Sighs