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Fallacy of Originality

Fleeting notions of grandeur
flaring up intermittently
facilitating imaginative construction
feeding building blocks into cognitive designs
Previously dormant ideation
Arbitrarily forcing its way into consciousness
Reinvigorating long lost neural pathways
Resulting in a ripple effect that
creates and reconfigures chemical connections
The dawn of an ideology
Spawned from the reanimation
of historically prevailing perspectives
Re-branded substantively to fit context
The dismal derivative
of foregone philosophy
theatrically posing as genuine
but with a poorly drawn mask to cover its expression

Copyright © Sean Nielsen | Year Posted 2019

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Limited Shelf Life

Contemporary hunters wielding 21st century weapons of influence

Firing indiscreetly upon blindfolded hostages that double as their clients

Mutilating their customer case before gutting them with ease

once they're expendable

Feasting upon the impoverished entrails

until there is not a shred of identifiable human flesh

Disturbingly convenient as it is prevalent

Once the remains cannot be recognized as human,

there is no chance, not even a miniscule possibily, of retribution

There is no face and no conscious voice

to  demand justice for countless grievances

The corpses sink into the Earth where they

are subjected to further degradation

Posthumously polluted with the toxicity emanating from murderous mouths

Copyright © Sean Nielsen | Year Posted 2019

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The Fight That Changed The World

Satan licked his chops in perverse anticipation
His excitement reached an unprecedented level
culminating in a deranged euphoria
that invigorated the evil energies within

He smiled in an unnervingly sinister manner
as he stepped forward into the darkness
He had been waiting for this opportunity
since, essentially, the beginning of time

As Satan moved forward,
he saw a figure huddling and shivering
in the furthest corner of the room, apparently frightened
It was God.

As he advanced upon the figure,
Satan felt immensely empowered
As he gravitated toward his nemesis,
The Devil could sense the fear that now saturated the atmosphere
As each second passed, the figure on the ground
appeared to grow weaker----
as if every step that Satan took was another wound
inflicted upon God's frail body

After yet another step forward,
Satan withdrew his whip
and began to viciously attack God
kicking him in the face and throat
and every time the Lord screamed in agony from the lashings
After what seemed like an eternity, Satan put down his whip
and began to admire what he considered his greatest achievement

But before he could fully appreciate what he had done,
he suddenly experienced a terrifyingly foreign emotion,
setting off a physiological reaction that consumed his entire being...
for the first time in existence, Satan was remorseful

He quickly bent down to tend to God's wounds
which had become quite extensive in nature
The Lord's face, for example,
was bloodied beyond recognition
But before Satan could reach the Lord,
God astonishingly sprung to his feet and
stabbed the Devil through the heart
As the dagger pierced Satan's heart,
God looked into the Devil's eyes
and saw that Satan had felt remorse for his viciousness
before being abruptly murdered

If God had faith in his own ability
to convert sinners into agents of virtue
(even Satan, the embodiment of pure evil)
then he would not have stabbed the Devil
and consequently, Satan's transformation of conscience would have been complete
due to his sudden remorse and implicit compassion
Such an event would've, inevitably, eliminated the concept of evil
from the collective consciousness of humanity

Realizing his grave and untimely error,
God turned the knife on himself
with one swift stroke across the neck
As he fell to the ground,
the world collapsed into a state of mass ambiguity
where good and evil were intertwined, convoluted and unclear
It has remained the same ever since..

Copyright © Sean Nielsen | Year Posted 2020

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Self Destructive Self-Defense Mechanism

Gorging upon self-indulgence
while your soul lies starving in the corner
Dissociatively liberated from consequence
as the host endures accountability

Psychotically clinging to a desirable fiction
(an accessible and depraved fantasy)
and basking in its soothing narratives
whenever the tangible becomes inconvenient

Dipping sporadically into a permeable
realm of artificial favorability
Detaching yourself from that which exists
to experience that which is merely theoretical

Copyright © Sean Nielsen | Year Posted 2020

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Capability of Collective Consciousness

The imagination was giddy with fervent anticipation

A beautifully comforting breeze

soothed the mind from every conceivable direction

while also invigorating the playfulness associated with imminent invention

Another day provides additional time

for the creation and nourishment of an idea

Another opportunity to relentlessly explore

previously unvisited dimensions of consciousness

And not only to explore them

with an approach solely confined to basic curiosity

But also to understand,  experience and ultimately

integrate the information into a system

in dire need of transformation

There is,  within the collective imagination,

the capacity to forever alter the world

in ways that enhance the human condition

The existence of a social paradigm

that empowers the impoverished is NOT a fiction

It always has been and always will be

a possible manifestation of the collective consciousness---

so long as that consciousness develops the fortitude and dedication

to combat the systematic degradation of much of humanity

Copyright © Sean Nielsen | Year Posted 2019

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Increasingly isolated amid dreadful psychological scenery
Socially discarded and culturally abused 
Exasperated loneliness coupled with vengeful anger 
against those deemed the unapologetic perpetrators 

Lacerations upon the mind 
beginning to become infected 
Irreparably scarring perspective 
as well as poisoning the stream of consciousness 

Stagnant and listless 
despite writhing in existential pain
May as well be catatonic 
when inaction becomes the only response 

Healing requires painful recognition 
Not the acknowledgment that society is the aggressor 
But the assessment that I am my greatest detriment 
And that I projected my depravity onto others who were innocent of such egregious allegations

Copyright © Sean Nielsen | Year Posted 2020

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America the Shameful

The statement that stands

upon an amputated narrative

A brand name theory

that sells more than generic truth

Written histories more legendary than the commonplace occurrences they are derived from

Epiphanies of egregious behavior

attributable to the highly revered

A parallel universe where scoundrels

are no longer hidden under layers of

conveniently contrived heroism and courage

Exposed and repulsive, covered in the blood

of centuries of redacted hypocrisy

Copyright © Sean Nielsen | Year Posted 2019

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Nefarious Neurology

The dopamine seductress
Invigorating your animal instinct
Revitalizing your susceptibility to pleasure
and inclination towards familiarity
It is the most diabolical influence
Acting with no regard for psychological longevity
Torturing the pathways into surrendering
to an influx of degenerative saturation
Fulfillment falters
and self actualization settles prematurely
As the mind disintegrates
before it reaches the point of becoming whole

Copyright © Sean Nielsen | Year Posted 2019

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Psychological Indefinite Detention

The perverse acceptance of dehumanization
coincides with the illusion of vulnerability
Degradation underlies the prolonged process
systematically re-wiring a once skeptical public

Manufacturing receptiveness to a diminished existence
is the prevailing goal
The need for coercion dissipates as resistance vanishes
Turning imprisonment into an implied circumstance

Copyright © Sean Nielsen | Year Posted 2020

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Elitist Objective

Impenetrable collectives of treasonous scum
Thirsting upon the blood
and powerless state
of innocent bystanders

Empowered  by delusions of grandeur
and disinterested in notions of compassion
Forming an intricate web of exploitation
and unwarranted influence

Perusing the globe with a concealed firearm
and a volatile disposition disguised by a smile
Ultimately intent on strengthening the force
of an omnipotent grip

Copyright © Sean Nielsen | Year Posted 2020