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On The Cross

( On The Cross ) 

                                            Jesus died on 
                                            the cross, his
                                            hands a pileth
                                            and to his feet
      He was stripped of his clothes, and was offered wine mixed with gall
       after saying I am thirsty. He was then hung between two convicted
       thieves, and died six hours later. During this time soldiers affixed a
                                            sign to the top
                                            of the big cross
                                            stating Jesus of
                                            Nazareth "king"
                                            of the Jews. He
                                            then with all of
                                            garments went
                                            divided among
                                            themselves and
                                            casts lots foreth
                                            his to seamless
                                            robe, according
                                            to the gospel of
                                            John in the bible

© Gregory Paul 12/07/2019

Copyright © Gregory Paul | Year Posted 2019

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The Old School House

( The Old School House )

It sits out in the open country, far from any town or noise
The wood is old and broken, but the bell has charm and poise
The windows are glassless, the desks are worn and plain
The paint has deteriorated, from years of wind and rain

its been years since its seen life, the school books still exist
They are nestled in the little desk, with nothing still at risk
Theres pencils scattered on the floor, no paper to use lead
The story says a tornado came, and left all thirteen dead

I walk inside this little school, as I think about its past
Teachers writing on the board, kids raising their hands fast
A globe still sits on the floor, and a sign that says no blacks
My mind cannot conceive the hurt, the way it was way back

Shards of glass still remain, as I kick it with my shoes
The pledge of allegiance on the wall, at least they had vertues
I was surprised a lot remained, but they were in a hurry
I think about them running out, it must of been real blurry

The old school house had charm, its frame a little weak
A place for all the kids to go, of learning they would seek
Its sad only some could go, depending on your race
I look at it now closing my eyes, I hope it did have grace

Tattered from the weather, this abode stood so strong
God put it there for a reason, so in God it did belong
As I walked away slowly, I admired this houses strength
It was built in 1855, and since then its gone the length

© Gregory Paul 11/14/2019

Copyright © Gregory Paul | Year Posted 2019

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Tongue Twister

( Tongue Twister )

Sleepless Sally served sardines, sleepwalking Sunday night
She didnt understand why, that nobody wanted a bite
Drowned in vodka the sardines, were dripping on the floor
All the people at the party, could barely make it to the door

Tiny Tim took tangled tinker toys, and trapped them on the table
He built them high and they tumbled down, I guess he wasnt able
Syrup on the table was maple, so the toys were a sticky mess
Tiny Tim admitted eagerly, I`m not worthy I must confess

Belinda borrowed brown blankets, because it was chilly indeed
Her skin was cold and clammy, so it was a must and a need
Her body always had goosebumps, her skin was cold as ice
Cuddling up with lots of blankets, made her feel real nice

Mike made more mini muffins, desserts were his passion
Cooking in the kitchen every night, was his ideal fashion
A mixer in his right hand, a frying pan by his side
Food always entered his mind, it truly was his pride

© Gregory Paul 11/10/2019

Copyright © Gregory Paul | Year Posted 2019

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Have You Ever Been Told

( Have You Ever Been Told )

Have you ever been told you`re beautiful, one of only dreams
You put a smile upon your face, and imagine solemn streams
Have you ever been told you`re sexy, sweet steamy surprise
You go out and wear a bikini, to show off to all the guys

Have you been told you`re wonderful, a charismatic heart
You go out of your way for anyone, just to fit the part
Have you ever been told you`re sensitive, delicate to the touch
You draw whats on your faithful mind, of butterflies and such

Have you ever been told you`re handy, useful in reguards
You never show a pokerface, whenever your playing cards
Have you ever been told you`re perfect, an element of desire
You make sure all needs are meant, igniting by the fire

Have you ever been told you`re brilliant, wisdom within reach
You go back to school to learn it all, practice what you preach
Have you ever been told you`re amazing, a silent attraction
You never give up on recieving this, simple satisfaction

© Gregory Paul 12/02/2019

Copyright © Gregory Paul | Year Posted 2019

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A Cup Of Poetry Soup M M Good

( A Cup Of Poetry Soup ) MM Good 

Its been 25 days since I joined, it really feels like home
110 poems later, and my mind still continues to roam
I really enjoy writing, each day there is something new
I`m glad I came to Poetry Soup instead of Poetry Stew

I`ve met some real nice people, each one a huge surprise
Some are quite charming, and they opened up my eyes
Sandra so charming, she`s polite to say the least
Gina I`m so proud of you, for your christian belief

Gregory Barden your amazing, with your poetry at heart
Lonna she knows her fashion, and butterflies to the part
Evelyn to talented, you were graced at a young age
Victor so sincere and dedicated, all parts of the stage

Carol Connell an inspiration, you use the pen with ease
Chantel your a pro at free verse, and its so easy to see
Tom I enjoy your insight, your Limericks are so fun
Andrea so versatile, all your works are great under the sun

Jack the Limerick man, your great with each little verse
Ann Foster a heart of gold, each poem I get immersed
Line a poet of many talents, incredible with the ink
Caren always helping, you`ve made my stay here mink

Lady Labyrinth a star by far, your knowledge is beyond
Bobby May extremely nice, a quality that i do fond
Maureen your poems have grace, I like how you write
Brenda a nurturer, you create poetry that in sight

Panagiota Romios a poetess, with a burning flame
Eve so charismatic, poetry that has a lot of fame
Heidi Sands enjoyable, you write beautiful rhymes
Anne-Lise an artist, I enjoy your poetry times

Demetrios a caring guy, that gets down to the point
Winged Warrior a wise one, who could fill a poetry joint
Sandra Weiss I enjoy our time, blessed to be your friend
Constance so courteous, someone I would recommend

Maria Williams so nice, your poetry is on fire
Gershon a wonderful poet, thats easy to desire
Indiana and Tania good hearts, poetry by design
Chris you are the romeo, of poetry that writes fine

Beth Evans a sweetheart that writes poetry of gold
Shirley Hawkins a gentle soul, and tells it like its told
Maurice an inspiration, your ink is so eccentric
Ilene a masterpiece, poetry that sticks

Jenish you are a dear one, you let everyone know you care
Thats my list of soupers, that I wanted to share
If I left you out its cause I dont know you to well
Time will change all of that, The next poem I wont dwell 

Each person is unique, and I`m glad to meet each face
The friendships that Ive got, I will never ever replace
You have made me feel at home, I knew that you would
What a place to be, a cup of poetry soup M M good

© Gregory Paul 11/28/2019

Copyright © Gregory Paul | Year Posted 2019

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Black Friday

( Black Friday )

Here it comes again, grab your grocery carts and run
They scam your mind, before you even see the sun
Each year it seems too early, Thanksgiving they ignore
All they care about is money, cause all they want is more

Good deals in all the isles, a flat screen for your brother
The lines are always long, as they push against your mother
Its hard to find a parking spot, they will kill for just a buck
You get lost in all the mazes, and the traffic you`ll get stuck

All the stores they follow suit, they want you to spend cash
They all use fancy words, like price reduction or just slash
You stand in lines a mile long, to find out your gift is gone
All you get is stressed out, its the same old dance and song

By the time you get back home, you accomplished not a thing
You spent 8 hours at the mall, with a headache on a string
I`ll give you some advice, this black Friday do not roam
Spend Thanksgiving with your family, and do it at your home

© Gregory Paul 11/15/2019

Copyright © Gregory Paul | Year Posted 2019

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Christmas Cookies

( Christmas Cookies )

Wonderfully scrumptious, in the oven as they bake
If your not careful and eat too many, the tummy will ache
Chocolate chip to macadamia, you`ll get a sugar rush
Peanut butter alamode, taste good when you crunch

Cookies for rudolph, they make his nose brighter
Cookies for santa, so he can do an all nighter
The elves love those cookies, walnut and mint
They will make lots of toys, if you get the hint

Most cookies are round, but some resemble a square
Thats the ones that are unique, and you`ll want to share
Eat them with family, or on a trip with your friends
Oatmeal cookies for breakfast, is the new trends

Hide them under the covers, behind a pillow on the couch
In a box in the attic, or somwhere in the garage under a pouch
Enjoy them all day into the night, with maybe some rookies
There just isn`t anything better than, ole Christmas cookies

© Gregory Paul 11/30/2019

Copyright © Gregory Paul | Year Posted 2019

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elephant hunted
ivory tusk for money-
population gone

Sponsored by: Tania Kitchin
A Nature Themed Haiku Poetry Contest
One NEW nature themed haiku, No human emotions.

5 7 5 syllable counts only

Copyright © Gregory Paul | Year Posted 2019

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Line Gauthier Limerick

( Line Gauthier Limerick )

There once was a girl with no gall
she like to post poems on her wall
in the pursuit
of a 21 gun salute
She was inspired of someone standing tall

© Gregory Paul 12/08/2019

Copyright © Gregory Paul | Year Posted 2019

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Poetry Soup

( Poetry Soup )

P-oetry Soup welcomed me with open arms, I`m here to stay
the people in this little group, are commited in every way
O-bvious they have a passion, its illuminated very bright
each poem that is written, is deep within them day and night
E-very person shows diginity, they make you feel at ease
and if have to achoo, they say bless you when you sneeze
T-eaching others on how to write, while your read their gift
bringing smiles upon your face, when you need a lift
R-esponding to the poems you write, explaining how they feel
providing poetry contest, for the ones that can congeal
Y-oung or old their interesting, a group thats truly gifted
some are really courageous, and others a little twisted
S-urely a place thats really fun, thats peaceful and content
a spot I share my inner thoughts, of where and why I went
O-nly here I feel at home, where I can spill my guts
i can write a romantic piece, even if it sounds nuts
U-se my mind and soul real deep, capture all its glory
tell each and everyone about, the reason for my story
P-ractice writing every day, get to know the group
i found a place that I call home, here at Poetry Soup

© Gregory Paul 11/14/2019

Copyright © Gregory Paul | Year Posted 2019