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LIL Miss Ghoul


  On the night of Walpurgistnacht,
  Lil’ Miss Ghoul walks into her bedroom,
  She is deeply saddened after the break up with her latest man.
  Lil’ Miss Ghoul puts on her black Victorian dress,
  Softly weeping, she sits down at her Gothic, Victorian Vanity Mirror,
  She gets out her pure black lipstick and paints her lips black, 
  Her nails already painted black from this morning, 
  Lil’ Miss Ghoul walks to her window and slowly looks at the moon,
  Her sobs becoming stronger as she tilts her head at the full moon,
  She sings to herself a song of love as she begins to weeps hysterically,
  Lil’ Miss Ghoul returns to sit down at her Vanity Mirror desk,
  She looks at all the pictures of the men surrounding her mirror,
 The men who swore their love to her, used her and ditched her,
She slumps over her sobs uncontrollable. 
She looks at the Gothic switch blade knife and picks it up,
She looks at the men she thought loved her, 
One by one, they were only interested in her body,
Lil Miss Ghoul makes a hard, quick slash across her right wrist,
She looks at the moon, then, slashed her left wrist.
Lil’ Miss Ghoul stops crying, as she looks at the moon.
The blood from her wrists like a geyser, quickly spilling from her body,
She never takes her eyes off of the moon as her life slipped away,
Lil’ Miss Ghoul rises from her body, looks at the men she thought loved her,
She remained hovering in her room, till the next morning.
Momma came knocking, entered her room, and screamed,
Momma screaming, “Oh, my baby!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!”
Daddy came running to Momma’s screams,
Daddy falls to his knees as he begins to cry, “NOOOO!!!!!”
As the days passed till Lil’ Miss Ghoul’s funeral,
Lil Miss Ghoul in spirit form attended her own funeral.
At her own funeral, Lil Miss Ghoul looks around,
Her entire family was there, all her friends,
She watched as they all painfully weeps hysterically.
Lil Miss Ghoul realized she has made a mistake,
As she says, “Oh my God, what have I done? These people are the one’s that love me, why did I let these men get to me?” 

Copyright © Michael Fulkerson | Year Posted 2019

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Original Pitbull of the Gods


Original Pitbull of the Gods, I was sent for a reason/
To eliminate the politics, corruption, and treason/
I convert all music heads into metal heads/
I had my choices and chose to do this instead/
Verse One
Original Pitbull of the Gods, I am the chosen one/
The Holy one, they chose to lead this Nation and I’m holding them/
Down to the ground with this knowledge and power/
Second after second, and hour after hour/
Big headed and rowdy, I’m exuding my energy/
I get the crown bucked up and everyone feeling me/
I do what I do, the energy wallop me/
The truth lights the way so the metal heads follow me/
The cops try drilling me, and so do my enemies/
But I’m blessed by the fallen homies spirits that’s filling me/
And they still in me, everyone of their souls/
Like the Mississippi River, I flow and flow/
Like Flo I glow, this is progressive/
Life is all about fallen getting up and lessons/
So take these blessings, listen and come alive/
Follow my lead, take a ride to the other side/
Verse Two
I was sent here to bless, but I been tested/
With trials and tribulations, I can’t rest/
Until my duty is done, so I do what I gotta do/
To lead the next generation  and show them how to move/
I was blessed with this gift, that’s here in your presence/
Open up your ears and receive this message/
I got the knowledge from the Gods and I will lecture/
All the music heads refugee who’s running from disaster/
Call me your pastor, the original Pitbull/
If I give you anything, it’s gonna be a fistful/
Eat it and get full, my lyrics is flesh/
These other people doing it, is just doing their best/
I do it with no effort because my skills is divine/
My craft is divine that’s why you feel every line/
Every line every rhythm, is hard every time/
And time is of the essence, so I’m doing it now. 

Copyright © Michael Fulkerson | Year Posted 2021

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Metal Pitbull Thug


Metal Pitbull Thug, I’m a metal head rocker/
Metal Pitbull Thug, I got the Metal game locked up/
Verse One
Metal head rocker, I’m a head banging thug/
A mangy Pitbull in the streets with no love/
I roam by my lonesome, and happy as ever/
An antisocial freak don’t need a friend or a helper/
Bandana around my neck, and paws on the concrete/
Standing tall focus tail straighten behind me/
Looking for a come up, but food is scarce/
So I’m scavenging through other people property with force/
Not knowing what tomorrow bring, living for today/
Pushing through these obstacles blocking my way/
I fight, I struggle, but won’t be defeated/
I just keep pushing and refuse to be weaken/
Believe in myself, because nobody believe me/
Pinching every nickel but the pennies I’m squeezing/
I work my ass off and every year I get snubbed/
Constantly living life as a metal Pitbull thug/
Verse Two
The metal game is in a lockjaw , it’s easy to see/
Nobody in the game rocking metal like me/
I’m the number one request the metal thug they wanna hear/
I rock, I roll, I’m the dog with the vibes/
The dog with the ears and the eyes of a lion/
Like Covid nineteen they wanted me to disappear/
Abracadabra, poof I’m here/
The metal heads love me cause I’m changing the game/
Why these other metal stars still sounding the same/
I’m a metal Pitbull and I’m thugging so they like me/
I just do me and just do it like Nike/
I spit that type of metal that have dudes with their shirt off/
I’m in the club rocking and women take their skirt off/
Throwing panties on stage, that’s how they show me love/
And I show them love back, with kisses and hugs/ 

Copyright © Michael Fulkerson | Year Posted 2021